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Kaila Cumings Bio, Age, Husband, Job, N*ked & Afraid

Meet Kaila Cumings of N*ked & Afraid. Discovery’s N*ked & Afraid first premiered in 2013 and has given viewers a glimpse of how treacherous it is to survive in the wild. Of course, the ones who took on challenges over the years were professionals but they have to survive on the skills which they had honed over the years. The catch is they are n*ked and no doubt afraid of the terrains they were left to survive.

In 2023, the spin-off N*ked & Afraid (solo) is back for a new season, and one of the survivalists that we meet this time is named Kaila Cumings. N*ked and Afraid survivalists have braved the most arduous situations on the planet for 15 seasons and counting, proving the benefits of teamwork in conquering harsh conditions. As the title suggests, eight of the franchise’s most battle-tested survivalists will strive to survive 21 days completely alone in this all-new series.

Is she married in 2023? Who was her husband? Does she have any children? Who are her parents? This article contains all the answers below.

Kaila Cumings On Discovery’s N*ked & Afraid: Solo

According to the official synopsis of N*ked & Afraid: Solo, the Discovery series will feature interconnected storylines set in some of the world’s most isolated and unforgiving situations — and in locales spanning three continents. Each episode follows multiple survivalists as they face the most challenging task of their lives, whether it’s a bug-infested South American rainforest, freezing African shrubland, or a searing Mexican desert.

With no one to rely on for assistance, their survival is entirely dependent on their own resourcefulness, abilities, and drive to live. It’s difficult enough to endure 21 days n*ked with a lover. Surviving 21 days alone will put even the most seasoned survivalists to the test, and will send many to their knees.

Per Kaila’s bio, she is a “bladesmith and avid bowhunter who seeks redemption from a previous early tap-out in her XL Next Level challenge in the Amazon. Prior to that, Kaila completed a 21-day challenge in Colombia and a 40-day challenge in South Africa.”

Her heartbreak was the initial reason for her to join the show. “So I was in a really bad place,” she said. “It was the lowest part of my life. I was so heartbroken, I thought the only way to heal was to literally leave the country and run away into the woods and that was not a good idea for me. I was just a basket case the whole time I was out there, I was just crying.”

Her first challenge on the show was in 2015, when she spent 21 days in the jungles of Columbia. Producers approached her because she is a member of multiple survivalist Facebook groups and is active in that community. “It was good. It was super fun,” Kaila said of the first challenge. “My partner was super awkward but other than that, it was great.” She said the experience was “amazing” and “life-changing for her.”

“It really teaches you how to be patient, how to be present and be in the moment,” she said. “I just think that everything is so at your fingertips. You don’t really have a chance to be present because if you get bored, you can just flip to the next thing or watch TV or play on your phone or watch TikToks.”

Kaila Cumings Age

Kaila Cumings was born on 23 February 1988. He was 35 years old.

Who Are Kaila Cumings Parents?

Kaila Cumings is the daughter of Carol and Doug Cumings. Her parents have been married since 30 August 1987 and happily married for 35 years as of this article. Doug attended Monadnock Regional High School, Swanzey, NH. He attended Franklin Pierce University and retired from BAE Systems, Inc.

Born on 26 September 1950, Doug is currently 72 years old.

Kaila credits him with being “the one who got me into everything and taught me everything.” “My dad’s the coolest,” she said. “I owe everything to my dad. I’m passing that all along to my daughter now.”

Did You Know? Kaila’s paternal grandmother Rita Cumings was born in Sheffield, England on 8 November 1922. She was married to her husband of 53 years Fred T. Cumings, Jr who died on 4 May 1998.

Kaila Cumings Husband

Kaila Cumings was previously married to her husband Kyle Farace. The exes owned and worked at a blacksmith shop in Bellows Falls together for two years. Farace began his craft simply as a hobby, with Kaila helping to teach him the finer points of the trade from her shop in Troy, N.H. in 2018.

“I first became interested in bladesmithing when I met my wife a little over two years ago,” Kyle said in the interview from 2020. “Kaila has been a bladesmith for about eight years, and she invited me out to her shop to teach me how to make my first blade. Not only did I fall in love with bladesmithing, but I also fell in love with her. I’ve been crafting knives ever since, for about a year and a half.”

Growing up, Farace was always an artistic guy, and although he is still building confidence as a bladesmith, it was his wife who felt he had what it required to compete and encouraged him to seek being on the show. Farace came to Connecticut to tape the one-episode show after a successful Skype interview.

“Kaila was the one who signed me up to compete on ‘Forged In Fire’ last February, and about nine months later I got the call to compete. Filming took two weeks to create the episode, which ran on episode two of season eight.”

However, they are now divorced. They were together at least until the end of 2020. It remains unclear why and when they finalized their divorce.

Kyle is currently based in Jamaica, Vermont. He is still involved in making blades. But, he has moved on from his divorce and is now in a relationship.

Likewise, Kaila is also in a relationship. Her boyfriend’s name is Justin Taylor. He lives in Brattleboro, Vermont, and owns ESK Productions & Design.

Kaila Cumings Job

Kaila Cumings owns a blacksmith shop in Putney, Vermont. She is a self-taught custom knife maker from the backwoods of New Hampshire. She started off doing a YouTube channel. After doing reviews for a couple of years she decided she wanted to try making her own knives instead of reviewing them.

She taught herself how to make them from scratch. Each knife is handmade. You can visit her shop here.

As for her passion for hunting, Kaila grew up hunting with her father which paved her path to survivalism.

How Tall Is Kaila Cumings?

Gorgeous Kaila Cumings’s height measures under 5 feet 3 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Is Kaila Cumings On Instagram?

Yes, Kaila Cumings is on Instagram (@kailacumings), Twitter (@kailacumings), and TikTok (@knifequeenkaila).

  • Where Is Kaila Cumings From?

Kaila Cuming sic currently based in Brattleboro, Vermont.

  • When Is Kaila Cumings Birthday?

Kaila Cumings celebrates her birthday on 23 February.

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