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Janell Davis-Mack Bio, Age, Job, IG, Eric Adjepong Wife

After having premiered on Discovery Plus in November 2021 The Great Soul Food Cook-Off aired on OWN Network on 6 May 2022 and got noticed even more than it already was. And while elated fans are busy wondering if there will be a Season 2 as well, let us take you through this writing about one of its fan-favorite judges, Eric Adjepong’s wife Janell Davis-Mack.

Viewers since realizing the culinary & public health nutrition professional is married to a beautiful wife have been wondering who she is. Turns out, she is Janell Davis-Mack and she has been married to Eric as of 2016. For more, read through this ‘Janell Davis-Mack Bio’.

Meet Janell Davis-Mack, Eric Adjepong Wife

Eric Adjepong put a ring from local custom jeweler Heidi Gibson on Janell Davis-Mack’s hand around November of 2015. Eventually, they exchanged vows over an elegant Ghanaian wedding at the Downtown Club in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 21 May 2017. Before that, in September 2016, the couple already had gotten married once in Columbia, Maryland in a traditional Ghanaian wedding.

Speaking of how they met, Janell tells the story in this way. She had just moved to New York from DC when she spotted Eric at a house party. She thought he was handsome, and we were even introduced. But she says Eric does not remember meeting her. And so a few days later Eric spotted her on Facebook and send her a message without ever knowing their first real encounter. Anyway, they exchanged numbers and hit it off. They had their first date at Café Lalo. The following year, Eric decided to ask her to marry him, outside of that same cafe.

Since the marriage and they seemed to have had a happy relationship. Often Eric can be seen gushing about Janell and her role in his life. This one time, he thanked her for reminding him not to get too big for his britches and instead respect the process.

Eric Adjepong as seen with his daughter Lennox in July 2021 (PIC: Instagram)

Last but not the least, we see Eric also often thank Janell for being the mother of his child. Yes. They have a daughter named Lennox who came into the world on 6 September 2018.

Janell Davis-Mack Age

Because Janell Davis-Mack was born in 1984, she reached the age of 37 in 2021. Eric, on the other hand, was born on 5 August 1987. So, he turned 34 in 2021.

Janell Davis-Mack Job

Like Eric, Janell is a tough sell and creative in her own right. On top of a career in business consulting, she ran a private interior-design firm (as of 2022). Then, there is Pinch & Plate too, which she co-founded with her husband. It is as they put it a startup that brings expertly curated and catered dining experiences to people’s homes, just for one night.

When asked in an interview if their relationship impacts their business partnership in any way, they instead replied that they have so much fun with it, and how effortless everything is. Janell Mack is responsible for designing and place-setting the meals and also handling most of the correspondence and booking. Eric, on the other hand, gets to work in the kitchen, pinching and customizing every meal to suit every client. Janell calls herself the organized half and Eric, the creative type.

Also so you know, back when Janell was 32 and was getting married, she was a human resources specialist and décor consultant.

Is Janell Davis-Mack On Instagram?

Janell Davis-Mack could be found on Instagram at @janell.monique. But, the account with 32 posts and 5,376 followers (as of 7 May 2022) was set to private.

Janell, however, shared a few glimpses of her life publicly on ‘Janell Monique’ Facebook as of this time.

Janell Davis-Mack Family

Janell’s dad is William Mack of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Active on Facebook, he familiarized himself as a god-fearing, hard working, family loving, and blessed man of God. And most recent picture shared by him on this platform was of his daughter Janell and her kid. He called them his “tribe”. Originally a Columbia, Maryland native, it was not clear if Janell’s dad was still married to her mum.

Also, the only one more people we know in Janell’s family, other than her in-laws, is her cousin Rhonda Harrison of Philadelphia who is professionally a secretary at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

As for Janell’s in-laws, they are Benjamin Adjepong and Abena Agyeman, who immigrated to New York in 1984. The folks have three more children other than Eric.

Janell Davis-Mack Height

Janell Davis-Mack stands below 5’3” tall in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Janell Davis-Mack From?

Beautiful Janell Davis-Mack hails from her hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Has Janell Davis-Mack Appeared On TV?

As of the time of this writing, it was not made known of Janell Davis also appears on TV. As far as we knew, IMDB had not any evidence of her being seen on one. And she once said, had her husband not been in her life, her life would not be as action-packed. What she implied was she is more of a calm one and not really out there. She lovingly said that all of the attention they have been getting is because of Eric.

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