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Margaret Ratliff Bio, Today, Biological Father, Husband

Margaret Ratliff is the adopted daughter of Michael Peterson. Michael and his wife Patricia were in Germany when they met Margaret’s parents. Patricia was close with Margaret’s mother Elizabeth McKee Ratliff as they both taught elementary school at Rhein-Main Air Force Base. Elizabeth grew up with two sisters in Rhode, Island.

Elizaberh was described as a serious and artistic child. She reportedly sang and played an acoustic guitar, and spoke French and German. Also, she taught the children of military families for 17 years.

According to her obituary, Elizabeth was born on 3 November 1942. Sadly she died on 25 November 1985, she was found dead which was initially ruled out as a natural cause, spontaneous intracranial hemorrhages. The night before she was found dead, Elizabeth had dinner with Petersons.

And the last person who Elizabeth reportedly saw was Michael because he went to drop her off.

After, Elizabeth’s death, Michael and Patricia became the legal guardian of her two daughters: Margaret and Martha. According to the obituary, in Elizabeth’s will, she named Michael Peterson and his wife the legal guardians of her daughters and directed that her $44,000 estate go to their support and education.

Below you’ll learn where she is today, her age, her job, and details related to her husband.

Meet Margaret Ratliff, Michael Peterson Daughter

After the divorce of Michael and Patricia, the children went to live with Michael. However, after Kathleen’s death, Elizabeth’s story was brought up. Her corpse was exhumed from a Texas grave in the murder investigation of Mike Peterson concluded that her death in 1985 in Germany as a result of a “homicidal assault” and not an accident as authorities had previously determined. The autopsy was done upon the request of Durham District Attorney Jim Hardin.

The result showed that Elizabeth’s death was “inconsistent with a fall down a set of stairs” because of the severity and number of lacerations — seven — found on her head. Later in court, prosecutor Freda Black pointed out the similarity between the two deaths.

But, despite all of this, Margaret maintained in court that her father Michael was innocent. “We just looked at Dad and said ‘we know you didn’t do it.’ He said, ‘of course, I didn’t do it,’ and I have never had a doubt. They just loved each other so much,” Margaret said.

She and her sister also wrote a letter to Jim Hardin. In the letter, they wrote, “We are horrified by your choice of action and utter disregard for the deceased. We want to convey our feelings of distress in this matter. We merely ask for your respect… However, seeing that you have no compassion for the memory of our mother, we reluctantly agree to consent in regards to your request to exhume our mother’s body. The pain and anguish that you are causing our father and us are beyond comprehension because even you know it is a futile cause …. Even so, you may proceed in the desecration of our mother’s grave.”

“I know my father. I know he is innocent in both cases. Obviously, I wasn’t in Durham at the time, but I’ve lived with my father all my life. There’s no motive. There’s no weapon. They don’t have anything.” Margaret said while defending her father Michael.

Margaret Ratliff Biological Father

Margaret Ratcliff’s biological father was Captain George Ernest Ratcliff. George was born on 15 October 1949 in Fort Bend County, Texas, USA. He was the son of Martha Jett Dowdell and George Ernest Ratliff Sr. He died on 21 October 1983 at the age of 34 in a non-hostile incident in Classified Location, according to his obituary.

George was an air force navigator who married Elizabeth in 1981. Sadly, George died under mysterious and unknown circumstances in 1983. As reported by Charlotte Observer, George died of a heart attack during the U.S. invasion of Grenada in 1983.

Where Is Margaret Ratliff Today?

As of May 2022, Margaret Ratliff is today living in Playa del Rey, California.

Margaret Ratliff Age Now

Born on 10 December 1981, Margaret Ratliff turned 40 years in 2021.

Margaret Ratliff Job

Margaret Ratliff was working in Dollar Shave Club. She has worked as an Executive Assistant in the company. The organization was founded in 2011 and headquartered in Marina del Rey, California, manufactures and sells blades, shave butter, aftershave solutions, wipes, hair and skin care products, oral care products, and gift cards.

Her company was listed as one of the donors for Safe Place For Youth. Her name was also listed among the donors. She is also affiliated with @runinrabbit, a California brand.

Besides that, Margaret also delved into the entertainment industry. She served as an actress in A Minority Report (2013), Piranha-Man vs. Werewolf Man: Howl of the Piranha (2010), and Kill Yr TV (2009). She has also worked in various departments of the film production team, according to her IMDB.

Who Is Margaret Ratliff Husband?

Margaret Ratliff is married to her husband Gregory J Blakemore.

Born in February 1977, Gregory is 45 years old. According to LinkedIn, Gregory is working as an Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy at Portland State University since 2016. He is also working as support staff (Direct Care Team) at United Cerebral Palsy of Oregon & SW Washington.

Gregory attended Portland State University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in 2013. Previously, he had attended Indiana University Bloomington and earned his BA degree in Communication and Media Studies. Moreover, he graduated with MA in Philosophy from Georgia State University.

Surprisingly, he lives in Portland, Oregon, so, their marital status remains unclear.

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