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Janet Meyer Bio, Age, Betsy Faria Mom, Where Is She Today?

Meet Janet Meyer, mother of Betsy Faria who was brutally murdered in her home allegedly by Pam Hupp in 2011. Janet was recently portrayed on a TV show The Thing About Pam. So, learn a few things about her in this article. Her age, husband, and kids we discuss it all.

Furthermore, we also share Janet’s reaction to the TV show.

Meet Janet Meyer, Betsy Faria Mom

Betsy Faria was born to her mom Janet Meyer and dad Kenneth Meyer on 24 March 1969 in Richmond Heights, Missouri. Janet had a few interactions with Pam Hupp when Betsy transferred the beneficiary title from her husband to Pam. On 27 December 2011, Pam showed up at Janet’s apartment in Lake Saint Louis to take Betsy to Chemo.

Janet said to her, “They’re gone already.”

Betsy had texted her earlier not to bother because Janet’s friend Bobbi Wann who used to babysit Betsy was in town. Betsy told Pam, “Bobbi is going, and I want to spend one-on-one time with her.” Nevertheless, she drove to Siteman Cancer Center in St. Peters and sat with Betsy and Bobbi.

A few days later, she again showed up at Janet’s apartment and waited patiently until Betsy, Bobbi, and Janet finished playing Upwords. It was Janet’s second meeting with Janet, before her daughter’s death.

After Russ went on a trial, Janet had mentioned that can’t believe that her son-in-law would do that to her daughter. She was torn between what she believed and what had happened. She also remarked in testimony that she did not think Hupp was a “murderess.”

Janet Meyer Husband And Kids

Janet Meyer and her husband Kenneth had other three daughters Mary Rodgers, Julie (Les) Swaney, and Pamela (Scott) Welker. However, it seems Janet and Kenneth weren’t together at the time of Betsy’s death. According to Facebook, Ken studied accounting at Saint Louis University.

Mary is currently 56 years old and living in Mount Vernon, Ohio. She attended Wentzville Holt High School and is currently divorced. In September 2013 Facebook status, she wrote, “Can I just say that I have the best sisters in the world.” Find her on Facebook (@mary.j.meyer.58).

Julie is 54 living in Saint Louis. She attended and graduated from St. Dominic High School and Southwest Missouri State University. Julie is currently married. Find her on Facebook (@julie.swaney).

Furthermore, Pamela is 49. Pamela is married to Scott Welker. She attended St. Dominic High School, O’Fallon, MO, and completed BSBA – MIS at Saint Louis University. Moreover, she worked as Business CIO at Solae, LLC, Clayco, and Royal Canin.

Pamela has been currently working at ReVest Properties as COO and Business Consulting/project and process management at Welker Consulting LLC.

In fact, Kenneth was married to Judy Geiger. As of 2022, Kenneth is 82 years old and was born in February 1940. Judy was the daughter of Carl W. Spinner and Irene Spinner. She lost her father on 24 August 2018.

Where Does Janet Meyer Reside?

Janet Meyer currently lives in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Where Is Betsy Faria Mom Janet Meyer Today?

Janet Meyer is alive and very active on social media. She is very close to her family members and misses her daughter Betsy every day.

The only thing the Lake Saint Louis resident has said is that the family wants true justice, which she thinks Pam’s upcoming jury trial will provide fast. According to Fox2News, Janet also believes that the judicial processes will finally provide answers to the problems that have nagged her and everyone associated with Betsy for years. She simply wants her daughter to have closure so that they may move on in peace.

Janet Meyer Age

Born on 2 July 1937, Janet Meyer is 84 years old.

Janet Meyer Job

There is no information related to Janet Meyer’s job.

Related FAQs

  • Is Janet Meyer On Facebook?

Yes, Janet Meyer is on Facebook. You can find her at (@janet.k.meyer).

  • Who Plays Janet Meyer In The Thing About Pam?

Actress Suanne Spoke played Janet Meyer on The Thing About Pam. The Pennsylvania-based actress is known for her role in General Hospital, Switched at Birth, Wild Prairie Rose, Whiplash, Criminal Minds, Overkill, Gilmore Girls, and several other movies and TV shows.

Janet also commented on the television show. She didn’t want to speak on camera, but she did want me to know that she had seen the entire show. They got so many things wrong, she added, it’s impossible to keep track.

Janet, for example, claimed she did not say goodbye to Betsy outside as Pam swiftly drove her away the night of the murder. She claims that seeing that made up harmed her a lot. She also stated that she had never possessed a love sack chair like the one shown at Pam Hupp’s home.

Janet claims she has since discovered the chair costs $1,000. She thinks it made her appear wealthy, even if she isn’t. She also mentioned how Pam Hupp was nothing like she appeared on the show back in 2011. Pam, according to Janet, wasn’t particularly loud or friendly back then, preferring to be a bystander.

Pam Hupp refused to give Betsy’s daughters the life insurance proceeds, she said, and Pam’s odd behavior only came out later during the civil court battle.

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