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Mariah Day Bio, Today, Job, Married, Age, Thing About Pam

Meet Mariah Day, the younger daughter of Betsy Faria.

After NBC premiered The Thing About Pam, several individuals related to the case are gaining attention. One such individual is Betsy’s daughter Mariah. So, where is she today? What does she do now? Is she married? Does she have any kids? We answer it all below. Keep reading.

Meet Mariah Day, Betsy & Russ Faria’s Daughter

Mariah Day is the youngest daughter of Betsy Faria.

Betsy had her from her previous relationship. Mariah’s older sister Leah turned 31-year-old in September 2021. Leah works at Silver Pancake House where she started her job there on 11 January 2022. She is also working at 5 Star Burgers – St. Louis as a server. Furthermore, she started working at First Watch as a server in 2017.

Mariah recently wrote on her Facebook, “I refuse to continuously remember my mom like the way she died and all the horrific events that happened after. So let’s honor her memory by remembering who she was. The fighter, the spontaneous go-getter, the traveler, the hands-on mother, the dancing queen and so much more. She was extraordinary beyond her death story and she deserved/s so much better.”

At the time of her mother’s death, she was only 17 so one could only imagine how traumatic it was for her to lose her mother the way she did.

After the premiere of The Thing About Pam, Mariah spoke to Fox2News. She shared that her mom deserves so much better than she’s currently being represented in a dramatized TV series.

Mariah added, “I understand them bringing awareness to wrongful convictions, but I think there are so many other ways they can do that rather than making people’s real-life tragedies into a dramatized TV show for entertainment.”

She added, “My mom was probably the most unique person you’d ever meet and she touched so many lives. It’s just crazy to look back and think back to who she was.”

Mariah Day And Pam Hupp’s Relationship

During the trial, Leah also testified that Russ and her mother fought often. “It wasn’t The Brady Bunch,” Leah said. Mariah also shared a similar sentiment and the prosecutor had allegedly threatened them to keep quiet. She and her sister believed in the stories Leah Askey made to convict their step-father Russ but always questioned why Pam Hupp wasn’t the center of the investigation.

They filed a suit against Pam for claiming the $100 thousand Pam inherited as a beneficiary from their mother. However, they lost the court battle. The court concluded that Pam didn’t make an enforceable promise to Betsy and that plaintiffs (Leah and Mariah) failed to carry their burden of proof to establish either constructive fraud or unjust enrichment.

What Is Mariah Day Doing Today?

Betsy Faria’s daughter, Mariah Day is currently living in St. Louis, Missouri. She appears to be spending most of her time either taking care of her family or her job. She is active on social media. Her

But, Mariah also has made it her mission to speak about wrongful conviction. She makes TikTok videos under her account (@justiceforbetsy). As of this writing, Mariah has uploaded two videos. In the first video, she discussed her mother’s death and accused the system of wrongly condemning her stepfather, causing their relationship to be shattered.

Mariah Day Age

Born on 28 March 1994, as of March 2022, Mariah Day is 27 years old.

Mariah Day Job

Mariah Day is currently employed at Five Star Burger as a waiter. She’s been there since March of this year.

She worked as a bartender at 54th Street Grill & Bar in Chesterfield, Missouri, from 2015 to 2018. She has been a student at St. Louis Community College since 2019, where she studies Human Services/Social Work.

Is Mariah Day Married?

Mariah Day is not married, but she is in a relationship with her boyfriend Derrick and they have a child together. In May of this year, she gave birth to her son Elijah. On her social media pages, she praises her baby father for being a wonderful father.

Betsy Faria’s daughter Mariah Day with her baby father Derreck and their son Elijah (Pic: Leah Day’s FB)

In June 2020, she wrote on her Facebook, “Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad. I love watching him be the best dad to Elijah. We are so lucky. Here are a few photos of Derek’s dadding out. (He trims Elijah’s nails indefinitely because I had one bad experience.) Happy Father’s Day to all you awesome dads, uncles, grandpas, step-dads, father figures.” Whereas, as of March 2022, their second child (daughter) is on the way.”

In August 2021, she had updated, “Eli is not sure what to think. But I am sure he is going to be the best big brother! My due date is March 24th, my mom’s birthday.”

Mariah has given birth to a daughter who was due on Betsy’s birthday. They named her Elizabeth Kay, named after Betsy. Last time when the show premiered she had updated on being pregnant before she posted a series of pictures of her mother.

Related FAQs

  • Who Plays Mariah Day On The Thing About Pam?

Actress Gideon Adlon plays Mariah on The Thing About Pam. She revealed to Fox2News, she was constantly asked if she got paid for the TV show since her name was used. She is not.

  • Is Mariah Day On Instagram And TikTok?

No, Mariah is not on Instagram but she has a Facebook account ( She is also on TikTok @justiceforbetsy.

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