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JaQuan Sanks Age, Job, TikToker Morgan Bailey Baby Daddy

To those of you who are aware of video creator Morgan Bailey’s journey as a single mother, the rest of the writing is just what you have been looking all over for so long. Yes, this one is a tell-all about her “Deadbeat” baby daddy. His name is JaQuan Sanks and we shall now cover just about everything about him.

Meet JaQuan Sanks, TikToker Morgan Bailey Baby Daddy

TikToker Morgan Bailey herself first went viral in July 2023 while revealing to the world how she was left to raise her daughter, Gianna. Social media people have known her ever since. As of August 2023, there were 689.4K followers tuned into her TikTok (@morganbaiiley) and 38.1K to her IG (@morganfluellen).

So, lately, as Morgan and Gianna were getting even more popular on social media, JaQuan Sanks, also revealed himself as the “baby daddy.” In a series of TikTok videos, JaQuan, AKA creator Hometown Hero, revealed himself to be Morgan’s baby’s daddy. He actually admitted to his ill-doings towards Morgan. At great length, he discussed just how messed up he was toward her, made accusations about her parents calling her a liar, and excuses about her being wrong.

After this, while JaQuan was busy catching more heat for his ill-treatment of Morgan, more baby mamas of his came into the picture. Another one of them, a woman named Allison Martorell also came forward to support Morgan’s claims. “So that random man in Atlanta is also my baby daddy, too. I am baby mam No. 2,” Allison said and stressed that Morgan telling the truth.

Morgan, meanwhile, even before this, had been revealing that JaQuan also cheated on her through the course of the relationship and is a father to six other children. In one video, she detailed about being in her 30 days postpartum after having a C-section when he returned to Atlanta to live with his ex-girlfriend based on his mother’s advice.

Even as of August 2023, on social media, JaQuan marked “In a relationship” as his relationship status. Also, at this point, JaQuan was believed to have seven baby mamas in total.

Keeping aside JaQuan’s notoriety for once, he last year in September made it to a story by as someone who saved an 88-year-old woman named Barbara Kimbro. Apparently, JaQuan had saved the elderly from falling to the ground at a service station. As a thank-you afterward, Barbara not only bought her savior a full tank of gas but befriended him. “I love this man; he’s just great; he’s my new son,” she told WTVM about JaQuan.

JaQuan Sanks Age

JaQuan, with full name Jaquan Kentrell Sanks, was born in 1995. So, he should have turned 27 years old in 2022. As for JaQuan’s baby mama Morgan, she turned 31 years old in 2023.

JaQuan Sanks Job

Not much is known about JaQuan Sanks. Yet, here are a few things we found out.

On his LinkedIn, JaQuan just mentioned being a sales representative at AT&T Inc., an American multinational telecommunications holding company headquartered at Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas. Per Wikipedia, it is the world’s third-largest telecommunications company by revenue and the largest provider of mobile telephone services in the United States. JaQuan did not mention when he joined and for how long he worked/has been working here.

Plus on Facebook, he also mentioned working at “” and studying at Auburn University.

Who Are JaQuan Sanks Parents?

JaQuan’s father is no more. Named Jarvis K. “Joe” Sanks, he passed away on 17 December 2008 in Muscogee County when he was just 30 years old. Late Jarvis was the son of Jeanette Sanks and Joecaphus Sanks, both of Columbus, Georgia and was a general laborer with Axxess Construction in Ft. Benning, Georgia. He also was a member of New Hope Baptist Church, Holy Trinity, Alabama, and a graduate of Carver High School and Hallie Turner Private School. Other than his parents, Jarvis at this point was survived by two sons, Jaquan Sanks and Tiayon Keys, and four daughters, Kaya Sanks, Jakayla Sanks, Camri Smith, and Dashai Sanks, all of Columbus, Georgia; brother, Jasper (Kristine) Sanks, sister, Demetrius (Marcus) Sanks, grandmothers, Marie Johnson and Inell Davis, and a host of other relatives and friends.

JaQuan fortunately still has his mother by his side. Her name is Monique Lattimor and she has always called Columbus, Georgia her home.

Often JaQuan tells people that it’s because of his mom always telling him “JaQuan if you want it now the struggle you got before yourself you gone have to just go through it and make it a story” that he is where he is today.

JaQuan Sanks Height

JaQuan Sanks who is so much taller now stood 5′ 10″ when he was studying in Carver High School in the Class of 2013. At this point, he used to play collegiate football in the college’s team in the position of a ‘Running Back’.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is JaQuan Sanks From?

As of 2023, JaQuan had been residing in Columbus, Georgia. Most likely, he was also born and brought up here.

  • When Is JaQuan Sanks Birthday?

As of the time of this writing, there was no way for us to know about JaQuan Sanks’s birthday.

  • Is JaQuan Sanks On Instagram?

Yes. JaQuan Sanks was on Instagram as of 25 August 2023. His IG @jaquansanks included 29 posts and 337 followers.

JaQuan also had a Facebook page, but he seemed less active here. His TikTok account on the other hand could not be located at the moment.

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