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Jasmina Outar Bio, Job, Family, MAFS, Michael Morency

Meet Jasmina Outar, one of the cast members of Netflix’s ‘Married At First Sight’. She was paired with Michael Morency who also was finding struggling to find the one to settle down with.

Here you’ll learn about Jasmina’s job, family, height, and socials. Scroll down to learn more about her.

MAFS: Are Jasmina Outar And Michael Morency Still Together?

Five new couples have set their faith in the experts of ‘Married At First Sight’ when they signed up for season 14 of the show. ‘Distractify’ exclusively obtained a clip ahead of the premiere of season 14 where Jasmina tried on her wedding dress and discusses her impending nuptials with her friends and family.

She was hopeful about marrying a stranger. However, her mother was a little worried about the moves she has made.

Jasmina lucked out in successful relationships because of the involvement of infidelity. She also became hopeless after witnessing a toxic-natured relationship in her family in the past. So, all of this had led her to know what she wants out of her relationship and hopes that MAFS is the perfect place she would find it.

She is willing to put her future in the hands of her husband while going through the experiment. Jasmina has always been ready to get married and settle down. Jasmina put her effort to find the right man and got heartbroken a few times in the process. Now, the experts matched her with Michael Morency. Now the question remains is Michael her forever?

In the clip obtained by Distractify, Jasmina shared, “I feel like everything that’s been leading up to this moment was worth it. I’m just tired of being that person that men have to go through for their next relationship to be successful. And I’m ready for someone that’s just tired of playing those games. I’m just ready to have my person.”

About the experience being on the show, Jasmina shared that she learned that anyone can make the marriage work as long as they’re willing to put the work in. “Some people might think you are just thrown into this and have to figure it out but you have access to so many things and people who are rooting for you and willing to help you during your process,” she revealed.

For anyone willing to join for the next season of MAFS, Jasmina advised, “I don’t think anyone should ever settle for less than they deserve but I do think you should sometimes be open to something different if that makes sense. Expectations can lead to disappointment. When you sign up for this you have to trust it.”

While we’re at it, let’s learn about Michael too. He is a certified fitness instructor who is very ambitious with his goals. He has desires to settle down and for that, he is seeking to find the perfect match for himself. Like Jasmina, he also couldn’t find “the one” he was looking for despite all the effort of searching for her on dating apps.

So, his sister signed him up for the show.

How Old Is Jasmina Outar?

At the time of the filming of the show in 2020, Jasmina Outar was 29 years old.

Jasmina Outar Job

By occupation, Jasmina Outar has a job as a childhood education teacher. She worked as a toddler teacher at Boston Daycare, Bright Horizons. According to the website of the school, “Bright Horizons has been changing the way the world works for 30 years. Way back in 1986, the founders saw that child care was an enormous obstacle for working parents. Providing on-site centers became just one way Bright Horizons responded to help whole organizations work better.

The organization offers child care, elder care, and help for education and careers — tools used by more than 1,000 of the world’s top employers and that today power many of the world’s best brands.”

In December 2021, she had reviewed a book series titled ‘Mommy Goes To Work‘. She told that she knows that drop-off struggles all too well.

Jasmina further explained that the separation is never easy but ‘Mommy Goes to Work’ has given Jasemina a great way to ease that anxiety on both sides. Furthermore, she added, “This book is a great addition to every early childhood classroom! The story helps children to understand their days are quite similar to the days of their parents, giving young children comfort through the separation process.”

Outside of work, Jasmina is also actively involved in the social scene of Boston. According to a Reddit post, she hosts Black Brunch Parties at NYA (Not Your Average) Boston (pre-covid) which were claimed to be fun. She has been working as the brand manager.

About NYA Boston: “NYA. Boston proudly curates and hosts a series of social events in the Metro Boston area and neighboring communities. It is our effort to consistently bring a unique touch and flavor to events and venues that are looking for new vibes and sounds around Boston. ”

Jasmina Outar Family

Born Jasemina Shantay Outar, she hasn’t shared much about her family except for the fact that her mother was worried about her choices. According to Distractify, when Jasmina shares that she feels like a bride, her mother starts to cry and the two of them share a moment where Jasmina’s mother says that everything Jasmina has been through with other failed relationships has made this moment so important.

And her mother also had some strong words about what Jasmina was signing up for. Her mother told, “I know that Jasmina’s gonna be a very loving wife, very supportive, but my biggest fear for Jasmina’s marriage is that [her husband] doesn’t wanna be married and that marriage fails”. She told producers, “I’m worried about who he is, ’cause I don’t want the type of men that she has dealt with in the past.”

But, Jasmina’s mother isn’t the only one rooting for her. The Twitter world is also rooting for them. One user wrote, “Finally watching #MAFS. And I think Jasmina and Michael are the only ones who have any chance of making it.”

Is Jasmina Outar On IG, Facebook?

Yes, Jasmina Outar is on IG but her account is private at the moment. She goes by the name (@jas_mi_na) where she has 2,801 followers. She doesn’t appear to be on Facebook.

Jasmina Outar Height

Among many attributes of Jasmina Outar, a few Twitter users saw that the height difference between Jasmina and Michael could be an issue. One user wrote, “Scared to see the height difference between Michael and Jasmina #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS“.

Similarly, another wrote, “Oh Jasmina gonna be disappointed. And Michael has been rejected because of his height before. #MAFS“. Jasmina Outar stands tall at most 5 feet 8 inches appears taller than Michael who might be 5 feet 7 inches or less.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jasmina Outar Birthday?

Jasmina Outar is yet to reveal her birthday at the moment.

  • Where Is Jasmina Outar From?

Jasmina Outar hailed from Boston, Massachusetts. But, she has also lived in Dorchester, MA, Brighton, MA, and New Britain, and Hartford, Connecticut.

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