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Steve Moy Bio, Job, Height, MAFS, Noi Phommasak

The participants of Married at First Sight put all their faith in the experts and jump into the ceremony without ever meeting their bride/groom before. But on its season 14, Noi Phommasak who valued stability the most was paired with a then-jobless guy Steve Moy, and many weren’t happy about it.

So, what happened? What was Steve’s former job? Keep reading this Steve Moy Bio to explore his life.

MAFS: Are Steve Moy And Noi Phommasak Still Together?

Steve Moy and Noi Phommasak didn’t share anything about their relationship after filming Married at First Sight. So, it’s a mystery if the two are still together or not.

Throughout his life, Steve has had incredible examples of healthy/happy marriages. And the closest one would certainly be that of his grandparents who were married for 60 years. Moreover, it was arranged one too! So, witnessing the dreams come true for many, Steve stepped into MAFS, hopeful that the expert would find him a match who’ll stay by his side for a lifetime.

Luckily, he landed the beautiful lady Noi who’s admitted to loving easily and freely. But though that quality might have its perks, it has got Noi into trouble more than a few times over the past. No wonder, she was on MAFS, tired of being let down.

However, fans believe that Noi was “let down” once again for getting paired with a then-unemployed guy.

“It’s very disrespectful to match this jobless man with someone. It’s a slap in the face almost,” a user wrote.

Also, another wrote, “Honestly if I was hooked up with a man no job I’d be the first one in  history of the show to cuss all their asses out.”

Steve Moy Age

Steve Moy was 38 years of age when Married at First Sight season 14 premiered in Jan 2022.

He is 5 years older than his MAFS wife Noi Phommasak.

Steve Moy Job

Steve Moy was working as a Sales Engineer before he was laid off from his job during the pandemic 2020. And even after almost 2 years of unemployment, he was still searching for a job. The reason? Well, he claimed that he has taken these years to travel, explore new things, and grow as a person, which would ultimately help him be a better partner.

But ironically, his “time off” from work could rather create a problem because of Noi’s desire for stability.

Looking back at his work history, Steve seemed to have started his career in March 2008, working as a “technology education specialist” for The Guild for Human Services. His job there was to educate both special needs students and staff on how to implement technology within a school/education setting.

After working as an educator for 5 years, he then joined Jib in October 2013 as a “creator/developer” responsible for designing for the user interface, artwork, and website.

Then, after another 3 and a half years, Steve changed job as a software developer working for Nulite – Behavior Data Tracker. Reportedly, he designed the user interface and handed user feedback and beta testing at the Guild for Human Services.

Finally, he joined Experian Data Quality (the company that laid him over) in April 2017. He worked as a “sales engineer” there and was responsible for demoing products, discussing technical requirements, drafting up SOWs, educating the sales team, and providing information and documentation.

Back in 2014, Steve even made it to a newspaper for working on Jib/Nulite. Thanks to his popularity, he then went on to present a speech to the students at Waltham High in Dec that year.

Steve’s hobbies include — “basketball, traveling, coding, music, exercising, and dancing.”

Is Steve Moy On Instagram?

No, Steve wasn’t on Instagram as of Jan 2022. He seemed to have deactivated his IG @stevemoy1.

But find him over Facebook @moy21.

Steve Moy Family

Steve Moy comes from a family of at least four. His parents were reported to be James G and Mary S Moy. They were born on November 4, 1951, and January 23, 1954, respectively.

Other members of Steve’s family included — Laura Moy @laura.moy.96, and his brother Jeff Moy @jeff.moy.5 (who’s already married.)

Also, Steve had a grandmother named Fung Kee Moy was passed away at the age of 88 in September 2021. She was originally from Chin Village in Guangdong Province of China and moved to the US later.

This made Steve of mixed ethnicity.

Steve Moy Height

Steve Moy stands tall at a height above 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Steve Moy Birthday?

Steve celebrates his birthday on April 2, making him of the Aries zodiac.

  • Where Is Steve Moy From?

He is from Waltham, MA.

  • Where Did Steve Moy Recieve His Education?

Steve graduated from Waltham High School and went on to study computer science at Northeastern University. He then joined the University of Massachusetts for his bachelor of arts/economics degree, and finally, enrolled himself at Lesley University to work on his master’s degree in education/instructional/technology.

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