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Jason Korpi Bio, Age, Parents, Job, Kylen Smith, Unexpected

While most pregnancies on TLC’s Unexpected arise out of a relationship of years, the story about Jason Korpi and his baby-mama was different. He mentioned that he was a “f*ck boy” who met Kylen Smith, a “party girl,” and they got pregnant before they could even celebrate their first anniversary.

Keep reading this “Jason Korpi Bio” to learn more about him. 

Jason Korpi On TLC’s Unexpected

TLC’s Unexpected season 5 premiered on March 6, 2022, and it saw a group of teenagers sharing their teen pregnancy journeys, meanwhile also struggling to adjust to motherhood and battling some tense moments with their family. Among them, Jason Korpi and his girlfriend/baby mother Kylen Smith were probably the least favorite couple who dated for less than a year before ending up pregnant.

So, why the hate? Well, mostly it was Jason. Fans mentioned that they were scared of his controlling behavior and were worried about Kylen.

For instance, Jason once even called out his parents for “pampering” Kylen and said that they both should get the same treatment. Talk about being childish. Moreover, he even mocked Kylen for missing her parents, later reasoning that he was only trying to help her have a mature way of thinking.

Furthermore, Jason was even captured arguing with his baby-mother during the delivery and it certainly wasn’t helping his case. In case you missed it — when Kylen was in labor, she begged Jason to come to her, but he denied it because she was adamant about getting the epidural. Things that day got so heated up that Jason had to be escorted out of the delivery room by security.

“I hate this Jason doofus. He’s controlling/abusive. Kylen’s Dad is very ill. Of course, she wants to spend time with him,” a fan wrote.

As form Jason’s perspective, he loved Kylen the most. Recalling the day when they first started going out, he said he fell fast for her. And although wasn’t hoping to become a father so soon, he isn’t mad that things turned out this way.

Are Jason Korpi And Kylen Smith Still together?

Yes, as of 2022, Jason Korpi and Kylen Smith were still together. Or at least that was what Jason’s FB profile shared.

The duo started dating in July 2020, and just within the third day of their first date, they were already intimate. What’s more, Kylen shared that Jason wanted them “not to be safe while having fun in the bedroom” then. No wonder, they ended up pregnant.

So, all prepared to carry on with the pregnancy, the couple then held a gender reveal party in May 2021 and welcomed their son, Xavier in August.

All excited to share the good news, Jason, then, took it to his IG with a pic of his baby captioned, “I’m so happy you are here Xavier The past week was rough but we will get through it”

Did you know: Jason already had allegations against him for being physical, even before the filming started.

Jason Korpi Age

Jason Korpi was 18 at the time when he filmed Unexpected.

His baby mama, Kylen was 17 at the time.

Jason Korpi Job

Jason Korpi didn’t seem like he had a job before he appeared on Unexpected. The guy was still living with his parents then.

The only time we saw him trying to make some money was when he up his old truck for sale in Jan 2021. Seems like he was into vehicles and repair.

Is Jason Korpi On Instagram?

Yes, as of March 2022, Jason was on Instagram @jason__44_ with 3.3K followers.

Here’s his Facebook @JasonTannerKorpi, and TikTok @jason_44__.

Also, find his baby-mama Kylen over IG @kylen.s_44__.

Who Are Jason Korpi Parents?

Jason Korpi was born to his parents, Scott and Heidi Korpi. They were featured on Unexpected and strangely, they seemed happy about the overall situation. His mother, Heidi even once mentioned that she felt like Kylen was the daughter she never had. 

Be it their optimism or love for their son, fans on the other hand felt like Jason’s parents were a strange bunch. “Jason’s parents are laughing at the situation of him and Kylen becoming parents! #unexpected,” a fan tweeted.

But though Jason’s parents and Kylen had a loving relationship, we can’t say the same for Jason and Kylen’s parents. For instance, in a clip where Kylen’s parents pulled up at Jason’s house, Kylen’s dad Michael confronts Jason about the lack of visits he gets with Kylen. To which, Jason replied, “I’m just like an independent person.” And the reply Jason got was just what he asked for — “Staying away from your family is not being independent, that’s being a jackass!”

Fun Fact: The TikTok video where Jason reveals his teenage girlfriend’s pregnancy to his mother had over 7.3 million views and counting.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jason Korpi Birthday?

His birthday wasn’t revealed.

  • Where Is Jason Korpi From?

He hails from New Hampshire, USA.

  • How Tall Is Jason Korpi?

Jason stands tall at a height above 6 feet (183 cm).

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