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Jason Williams Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Flip to a Million

HGTV’s newest home renovation series, Flip to a Million follows two separate couples who specialize in flipping houses: Jason Williams and EJ Williams and couple Jonathan and Danielle Wrobel.

In this show that premiered on 1 August 2022, these pairs take on the intimidating challenge of turning $1,000 into luxury homes worth a million dollars.

As for the rest of the writing, stay with us through all as we tell you who Jason Williams is, how he landed on Flip to a Million, net worth, age, height, and more.

Jason Williams On HGTV Flip To A Million

Jason Williams appears on HGTV Flip To A Million with EJ Williams. Together, they, while operating in Dallas, aim to take their starting capital of $1,000 and try to flip houses into million-dollar homes. And the show has its plot twisted with the rule that they must accomplish this in only six months.

However, Jason and EJ were not as daunted about this challenge. Rather they believed that they are up to the task. It may be their first series on HGTV, but together they already had been flipping houses for years; 200 flipped homes so far. Yet, it was not long until they decided to pursue a career in this field. They were inspired to learn the ropes from experienced flippers, and when finally they were able to put together their first flip, they made a profit of $60 thousand. The two became professional flippers from then on, Jason specializing in construction and EJ focusing on design layouts and affordable luxury.

It is also said that this pair was long-time HGTV watchers, with one of their favorite shows being House Hunters, before it all happened.

EJ And Jason Williams Relationship

Well, yes! Let us finally spill to you that EJ and Jason are married to each other. And they actually shared exchanged their ‘I dos’ some 17 years ago on 3 July 2005.

On their 15th wedding anniversary, Jason took to shout out on Instagram how 15 years ago he married the woman of his dreams. He then went on to recall that they had their ups and downs, but that they never gave up; instead always grew from it. Lastly, Jason wished for him and EJ that they be blessed to continue to love, laugh, forgive and build a legacy for their princess, their daughter.

Their only daughter, Gabrielle turned 14 years old on 26 April 2022. Jason, on this day, wished her a ‘happy birthday and gushed that he is so proud of the young lady she is becoming. He said he only wants to see her strive for excellence and remain humble.

According to the HGTV official website, Jason met EJ, also known as Esther, during a Freeway concert. EJ was heading to the rest room and Jason stopped her. They chatted for a few minutes. He asked for her number. And it was not long before they discovered their shared love for home renovation. Yes. They also got romantically involved.

Jason Williams Net Worth

Jason Williams reportedly had more than $1 million as his net worth as of 2022.

Ever since beginning their family business with EJ, it has not only been an income-generating source. But, with EJ, Jason has always aspired and worked to improve their community as well as inspire future flippers.

Before Jason and EJ as a team connected with high school friends to learn the rope and start their own real estate career in 2006, they both worked sales jobs.

With a well-developed strategy in place, they launched Ultimate Real Estate Group, LLC in 2010. And then in the days to come, of all things, Jason’s Marketing degree and Esther’s Finance degree also helped provide a firm foundation for a solid real estate business.

Jason alone, as a real estate agent in Chicago, with their own brokerage, had 7 MLS listings not long ago. And until that point, he mostly represented multi-family homes for around $205K.

Is Jason Williams On Instagram?

Yes. Jason Williams could be found on Instagram at @jwilldevelop. And there were 1,005 posts and 2,445 followers as of 2 August 2022.

Likewise, Jason was also active on Twitter (@jwilldevelop) and ‘Jason Williams’ Facebook.

Jason Williams Height

Tall, dark, and good-looking Jason Williams stands around 5 feet 10 inches in height.

Jason Williams Age

Jason Williams reached the age of 44 in 2021.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jason Williams’s Birthday?

Jason William’s birthday is on the 4th of September. That makes him a Virgo; likely an extraordinarily brave in the simple act of living life.

  • Where Is Jason Williams From?

Making a mark professionally on Chicago’s South Side, Jason with his wife and business partner was also looking to share their skills with Dallas. But, where did they have their home based?

Turns out, the dynamic duo was based in Chicago, Illinois with their daughter.

Also, Jason only was born and bred in his hometown of Hazel Crest, Illinois.

  • What Do We Know About Jason Williams Family?

Jason Williams is confident that it is from his dad, Bernard, who turned 81 on 12 January 2022, that he got his work ethic; love for real estate; and BBQ skills. Also, he often raved on his social media, that his dad was always a great example of what a ‘Real Man’ is.

Jason has also always said some exceptional things about his mother. Besides, he also revealed that he is a momma’s boy and Sherry’s favorite child.

And these Jason’s folks celebrated their 50th anniversary in August 2021.

For siblings, Jason has a sister named Kristyn Williams (on Instagram @queen_kjanee); and to him, she is always a “little sister”.

Then, this one time on the last day of Black History month, he introduced his grandfather, Joe Williams to his social media people. He shared that though he never met him because he passed away when his father was a teenager he is well aware of the legacy left behind.

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