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EJ Williams Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Flip to a Million

HGTV’s newest house-flipping show, Flip to a Million, features two separate couples who specialize in flipping homes. One of the couples appearing in the first season of Flip to a Million is husband and wife Jason Williams and EJ Williams.

Get to know Jason and EJ Williams’ relationship life in the article below. Also, learn about EJ’s Flip to a Million stint, her net worth, and more.

EJ Williams On HGTV Flip To A Million

HGTV’s Flip To A Million is not just about two couples flipping homes; they have a certain objective to achieve. With just $1,000 starting capital and six months in hand, they must be able to flip houses into million-dollar properties.

EJ and Jason Williams host alongside another couple Jonathan and Danielle Wrobel as they take on the daunting challenge of converting homes in Dallas into a million-dollar sale.

Though it is the first time EJ and her husband Jason Williams are appearing in a TV series, they have been flipping homes for years. Their bio states that the couple is long-time HGTV watchers, with one of their favorite shows being House Hunters.

It has not been long since EJ and Jason decided to pursue a career in house-flipping. After learning the basics from some experienced flippers, they put together their first flip and even made a profit of $60,000 from it. The two began flipping houses professionally from then on, with Jason focusing on the construction side and EJ specializing in designs.

As of 2022, the couple has already flipped more than 200 homes and have become veterans who can outfit any house into “affordable luxury.” After making a big mark on Chicago’s South side, they’re ready to amaze people in the Dallas area with their great design and construction skills.

According to HGTV’s official site, EJ and Jason hope to improve their community and inspire future flippers through the TV show, Flip To A Million. “We are most excited for viewers to take this wild ride with us. We hope to encourage someone who has been wanting to get into real estate to take a chance and go for it!” EJ said.

Jason And EJ Williams Relationship

When discussing Jason and EJ Williams’ relationship, we must first talk about how they met each other. As per HGTV’s official website, Jason and EJ first saw each other in 2002 during a Freeway concert.

While both of them were enjoying the concert separately themselves, EJ caught Jason’s eye. While she was heading to the restroom, Jason stopped her. The two chatted for some minutes and the next thing, Jason asked EJ for her number.

Surprisingly, when EJ returned to her friends after chatting with Jason, they already knew him from their high school days. In fact, Jason also knew EJ’s younger brother, Joseph, from his college days.

The Flip To A Million stars celebrated their 17 years of marriage recently on July 3, 2022. On their 15th wedding anniversary, Jason posted a beautiful picture of him standing next to his wife.

EJ Williams and her husband Jason Williams celebrate their 15 years of marriage.

Jason and EJ also have a kid, a daughter named Gabrielle, from their marriage. Her name is Gabrielle and she turned 14 years old on April 26, 2022. Jason made an Instagram post wishing her the happiest birthday on that day.

Jason considers Gabrielle his “heartbeat” and has often featured her on his Instagram. On September 26, 2021, during National Daughter Day, Jason posted several pictures of his daughter taken on different occasions to his IG.

EJ Williams Net Worth

As of August 2022, EJ’s net worth alone was estimated to be above $750 thousand. As a couple, Jason and EJ must have earned millions.

Jason and EJ’s real estate journey began in 2006 when EJ became a licensed real estate agent. Although she was enjoying a decent career in biotech sales, EJ’s passion for real estate was very high. As a result, the couple sought help from their parents, and successfully flipped a Chicago bungalow–and even made $60K in profit.

It was then that EJ and Jason decided they would work towards their common dream of starting their own real estate development company. After Jason became a licensed real estate broker, the dynamic duo, with a well-developed strategy in place, launched Ultimate Real Estate Group, LLC in 2010 with a diverse client base of buyers, sellers, and investors.

Prior to working in real estate, EJ was a Founder/Director at You Go Girl!, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to nurturing the “whole” girl.

EJ has a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance with a concentration in Real Estate Investments.

Is EJ Williams On Instagram?

EJ Williams is on Instagram @ultimate_ej, where she has close to 4 thousand followers. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

EJ Williams Height

Coming to EJ’s physical characteristics, she stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches.

EJ Williams Age

Born in July 1976, EJ Williams’ age was 46 as of this writing, according to

What Is EJ Williams Maiden Name?

EJ Williams’ maiden name is Jackson and her full name is Esther Jackson Williams.

Related FAQs

  • When Is EJ Williams Birthday?

EJ Williams celebrates her birthday on the 26th of July every year. On Esther’s 43rd birthday, her husband Jason made a sweet birthday Instagram post wishing her the best.

  • Where Is EJ Williams From?

EJ Williams is originally from Chicago, Illinois.

  • What Do We Know About EJ Williams Family?

Talking about EJ’s family, we do know that she is very close to her parents. While she wished both her father and mother on Father’s and Mother’s Day respectively, we are yet to know their name.

Furthermore, EJ has 4 siblings, whose names are yet undisclosed on the Internet.

On May 28, 2019, EJ made an Instagram post telling her fans and followers that her grandma turned 99 years old.


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