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Javier Colón Bio, Age, Job, Wife, Instagram, Netflix Outlast

After Netflix’s Outlast premiered viewers met 16 contestants who competed in the show and one of them was Javier Colon. So, besides his journey in the show, what else do we know about his life? Below you’ll read about his age, wife, job, and more.

So, delve into this bio and read all about him.

Javier Colón On Netflix’s Outlast

Soon after Netflix’s Outlast episode debuted, Javier Colón joined the Bravo Team. While leading a nomadic lifestyle gave him the opportunity to master numerous survival skills, it also made him uneasy about cooperating with others as a team member. Brian Kahrs, Timothy “Tim” Spears, and Corey Johnson were amused and irritated by his attempts to assume the leadership role for his squad.

Tim and Corey made the decision to withdraw from the tournament after experiencing several difficulties on the first night and feeling uncomfortable working under Javier’s “micromanaging”. He and Brian were the only two members of Bravo Camp who made an effort to improve the circumstances. The pair’s base appeared to be superior to the bases of the other groups because it was a substantial wood cabin. They may also join forces with Alpha Camp, however, they quickly regretted that choice.

The Alpha Camp informed Javier and Brian that they intended to rob the bases of the other two camps soon after the crab pot operation. The two, despite their relationship, had little interest in the proposal. When they discovered that Justin Court of Alpha Camp had taken all the sleeping bags from Delta Camp, they were beyond frightened. The next day, Brian voluntarily left because of the methods, which greatly annoyed Javier because he was left without a teammate.

Javier went to Delta Camp to recruit a new team because being part of a team was the only option to remain in the competition. Joel Hungate and Dawn Nelson, two possible new colleagues, were invited to join him at his camp because it was properly constructed and had an additional sleeping bag. Alpha Camp overheard the conversation in the meantime and made the decision to attempt a raid on Bravo Camp’s base.

Javier swiftly returned to his base and assembled most of his belongings before joining Delta Camp across the Neka river. Regrettably, Dawn and Joel made the decision to withdraw from the tournament as well. They had been finding it difficult to survive without their sleeping bags in the Alaskan tundra and had grown weary of the way the game was being run.

Javier made the decision to set fire to his log cabin in order to prevent his opponents from using it for themselves given their recent conflict with Alpha Camp. In desperation, he went up to Charlie Camp and asked if he may join them. They gently rejected the solitary player, which resulted in his elimination, due to their recent affiliation with the Alpha Camp.

Where Is Javier Colón Today?

In 2023, Javier Colon returned back to traveling again like he always does. Per his recent IG post, he is currently in Vietnam giving glimpses of the community he is based in via several mini-clips that he posts on his IG.

Javier has really had more than 23 years of expertise in the world of outdoor travel, which has allowed him to pull off some incredible achievements. There are few things the reality TV personality enjoys more than exploring and riding, whether it be 32 days spent backpacking across Spain or traveling 18,000 miles on a bicycle from Canada to Tierra del Fuego.

Only his love of food, which he indulges in while visiting numerous locations across the world, seems to match Javier’s passion for travel.

Javier Colón Wife

Maybe because Javier Colon is always traveling he doesn’t seem to have settled down. In other words, it is likely that he isn’t married so he doesn’t have a wife. While there are thousands of posts on his IG, none of his recent posts suggest him having a wife. So, we believe that he is happily single or at least not married as of this article.

Javier Colón Job

According to his LinkedIn, Javier Colon started his career at Velouria Consulting as a consultant in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2008, he started working at a non-profit organization named Wheels Of Action as a director.

There he designed and implemented projects in Tanzania, Ghana, Liberia, Senegal, Kenya, Rwanda, Zanzibar, Thailand, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Colombia, Denmark, Ukraine, and Moldova including focusing on women’s rights issues, underprivileged youth empowerment, youth sports, malnutrition, rural bicycle programs, sustainable business development, orphanage network creation, creative thinking, co-shared workspaces, female entrepreneurship, and community building.

In 2010, he started working at The Hub (Worldwide) as a Cross-hub host. He worked in the company for only four months before quitting in May 2011.

From April 2011 to September 2011, Javier worked at Ketchikan Youth Initiatives as AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteer In Service To America). His career at Wheels of Action also ended in December 2011.

In 2012, Javier worked at Gladstone & Associates as Business Development Manager. After that, Hampton Creek hired him as an operations manager. Starting from February 2012 to the present time, he is working as an independent consultant in project management.

Talking about his education, Javier holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from The Ohio State University. Later, he completed his MSc. from

Is Javier Colón On Instagram?

Yes, Javier Colon is on Instagram.

Javier Colón Age

As of March 2023, Javier Colon is 42 years old.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Javier Colón Birthday?

Every year, Javier Colon celebrates his birthday in August.

  • Where Is Javier Colón From?

Javier Colon is originally from Youngstown, Ohio.

  • How Tall Is Javier Colón?

Javier Colon’s height measures under 5 feet 11 inches.

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