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Justin Court Bio, Age, Wife, Job, Today, Netflix Outlast

Believing that he is anyway everyday training to be hard to kill, Justin Court decided to be a part of Netflix’s newest Outlast. Having already survived an avalanche, surfed all over the world, and broken his share of bones, Justin did not mind being dropped into the Alaskan wilderness, and that too for a chance to win $1 million.

Let us tell you more about him and his Outlast journey in this writing called ‘Justin Court Bio’.

Justin Court On Netflix’s Outlast

Justin Court went on the show believing that the key to surviving in Alaska in the middle of autumn comes down to optimizing three main components: mindset, tactics, and gear. And for real, once he was in the game, his skills with bow and army background greatly benefitted him and his teammates.

Justin was randomly picked to be part of Alpha camp which also included Jill Ashlock, Amber Asay, and Lee Ettinger. Right from his first day, Justin was butting heads with Jill Ashlock over how the team should function. But, in spite of that, the team could work together when needed. Lee’s exit helped.

In the process, Justin built the most efficient raft and in turn blamed for his perfectionist tendencies not being team-friendly enough. At one point much later, he got furious about his treatment by his own team members and agreed to the switch and left Alpha Camp with his belongings. But, when even his new team (Charlie Camp) did not welcome him, he fired his flare gun and exited the show.

So, at last, even his experience of bowhunting, working as a guide in Montana, and being a black belt in jiujitsu, served him well.

Where Is Justin Court Today?

After Outlast, Justin returned to his home in La Grange, Kentucky. And like nothing really had happened, he fell right back into his usual routine. But, this for sure does not mean that he is not pleased with his journey. He has been really excited and has been promoting it on social media. Also, he has never been this popular. People have sent him loads of messages appreciating his work.

Even today, he cares just the same for his physique. He says he is always looking forward to improving himself in whatever way he can.

Justin Court Age

Below 5-foot-7-inch Justin Court was born in 1977. So, he turned 45 years old in 2022.

Who Are Justin Court Parents?

Justin Court’s father is Jon Court and his mother is Donita L Court. The latter turned 62 years old in December 2022. The two seemed to be still together and married and based in Denver, Colorado. Even his sisters Aubrey Court and Donielle Court (AKA Dee KC) seemed to be living in the area.

Donielle is the one who for her birthday in 2022 was asking people for donations to Rocky Mountain Stroke Center. She said she chose the nonprofit because of its mission means.

Besides, on his Facebook, Justin also mentioned his cousins James Court and Jessica Westover.

Justin Court Wife

Justin Court’s relationship status on his social media read ‘single’. But, even without this, Justin did not seem to have a wife as of March 2023. He may have been married in the past though. Because he is a father of a girl named Filly Drakaina. As of 18 June 2022, the young one was four years old.

Filly was a beautiful newborn when she came around October 2016. “Want to give a special thanks to this woman right here! My mother Donita Court has been a true blessing to us!…. Thank you for coming out and helping this week! always displaying love ❤️️and affection,🤗and putting others first before herself! Just like a Mom does, and now a Grandma for the second time!💕…..3 Generations here😊”, Justin had shared a glimpse of the family from the time, of him, his baby daughter, and his mom.

Baby Filly has since then occasionally featured on her dad’s social media posts. But, we have not seen her with her mom.

Once next to an adorable picture of him and Filly from Playa Tamarindo in January 2018, Justin wrote “Beach time with my baby,… I wouldn’t trade it for anything!”.

Justin Court Job

Professionally, Justin Court is a blacksmith. He has been working as a farrier for Churchill Downs Racetrack. At the same time, he also never misses a day of serving as an outside sales representative for LeafFilter Gutter Protection.

On his social media profile, he mentions being a sales representative for the number one leading gutter protection company in the industry since 1 February 2020. Here, he also cited that he has been a field underwriter at Family First Life as of 30 January 2019.

Further, on his LinkedIn profile, Justin introduces himself as an independent business owner and entrepreneur.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Justin Court From?

Justin, with the full name Justin Bryce Court, originally hails from Louisville, Kentucky.

  • When Is Justin Court Birthday?

Justin Court’s birthday is on August 11th and that makes him a Leo.

  • Is Justin Court On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Justin Court can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 11 March 2023, his IG @jcourt003_ included 154 posts and 1,185 followers. And he also did seem very active on ‘Justin Court’ Facebook.

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