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JayR Tinaco Bio, Partner, Gender, Before Surgery, Space Force

Netflix’s Space Force is now much more than just a stilted sitcom. New plots, new characters, the season installment of the show is even labeled to be a “space-themed version of The Office.” Our star, JayR Tinaco was one of the actors who joined in on season 2, to make this happen!

Keep reading this  “JayR Tinaco Bio” to learn more about him/them. 

JayR Tinaco On Space Force

In the first season of Space Force, Dr. Chan (Jimmy O. Yang) was introduced as a sidekick to head scientist Dr. Mallory (John Malkovich). But as his stature in the science department grew — all thanks to his relationship with Angela (Tawny Newsome) — Dr. Chan got his sidekick in season 2, and that was Dr. Xyler, portrayed by JayR Tinaco.

JayR makes their first appearance when assisting Dr. Chan to figure out why Angela ghosted him. “I don’t like that ratio,” Dr. Xyler says as they discuss the texting ratio between Chan and Angela. Later, Dr. Chan also participated in a battle between all the scientists, only to be beaten by Dr. Chan.

Reportedly, JayR appeared in at least 4 episodes of Space Force season 2.

Though JayR might have been in over 2 sci-fi series, they admitted they’re not a big fan of the genre. Even back when they auditioned for Netflix’s Another Life as “Zayn Peterson”, it was only because they were “intimidated by it being sci-fi and then playing a doctor.”

Also, JayR shared that since “they wanted a nonbinary person,” they saw an opportunity to represent the community.

“I think labels scare people, but they aren’t the end all be all — you can just be whoever you want to be… There was no story around Zayn coming out or talking about how they came out. I can’t wait for the day when that is the case: when we don’t have to talk about it anymore and have to educate people,” they explained.

Does JayR Tinaco Have A Partner?

As of 2022, JayR Tinaco had yet to reveal their sexual preference. So, it’s unclear if their partner is a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

However, circa 2016 the actor was spotted getting cozy with Victoria Morgan (Alexandra from Surface). The two made their appearances (quite a few times) over the other’s IG with sweet captions then.

“Can’t help but smile when I’m with you!” Victoria captioned her Nov 20, 2015 post of JayR kissing her.

But with that being said, the duo never shed light on their relationship. For all we know, they could have just been good friends.

JayR Tinaco Gender

JayR Tinaco defines their gender as “non-binary.”

“I like to express myself with male and female clothing, and that’s just how I’ve always done it,” they explained. According to the actor, they never knew they were different until somebody else (besides their family) told them.

Hailing from a small town in Australia, JayR was bullied quite a bit by the guys that they went to school with. They even received some threats from people wanting to kill them. Luckily, JayR had “really, really good girlfriends” that surrounded them and a really strong mother that stood up for them.

JayR Tinaco Before Surgery

JayR Tinaco might be a “non-binary” person, but the rumors about them having surgery weren’t confirmed.

In case they ever had one, JayR looked the same as they do now (only younger) before surgery. Always filled with energy, and looking beautiful all the time.

How Much Is JayR Tinaco Net Worth?

JayR Tinaco garnered a net worth of above $500 thousand by 2022.

Born in the Philippines, and raised in Australia, JayR was always filled with high energy. And to put that energy to good use, their mother put them in acting classes when they were young. The actor never looked back since.

But it was only after they moved to Canada around 2017, JayR professionally pursued his acting career.

Before that, they felt a lot of pressure to play “straight” roles. No wonder, JayR now only auditions for LGBTQ+ roles because they match and align with their lifestyle. The actor wants to represent all of themselves on screen. They want to inspire people and want other people to “see themselves.”

As of 2022, JayR has appeared in over 14 movies and TV shows including The Fall of the House of Usher, The Power, Another Life, One Of Us Is Lying, A Million Little Things, Rake, and Home and Away.

Besides acting, JayR has also delved into the world of fashion and beauty. Their sense of fashion was also one of the reasons why the actor was much loved on-screen.

JayR Tinaco Family

JayR Tinaco comes from a Filipino family. However, they were raised in rural North Queensland, Australia by their mother.

“When I was young my mother put me in acting class because I had so much energy she didn’t know what to do with it, but her plan didn’t play out the way she had hoped!” the actor recalled.

Their dad seems to be out of the picture.

Here’s their IG @jayrtinaco.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is JayR Tinaco?

JayR was born on January 4, 1989. That made him that made them 33 years of age in 2022.

As per their birthday, JayR is of the Capricorn zodiac.

  • How Tall Is JayR Tinaco?

The actor stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) and weighs 64 kg (141 lbs).

Mentioning their distinct features, JayR flaunts a slim build body, dark brown hair, and hazel eyes.

  • What Are JayR Tinaco Pronouns?

JayR still identifies with pro-nouns “he/his/him.” 

But they also have friends who call them “they” or “she”. And they’re completely okay with it. “It’s all about conversation, it’s a learning process for everyone and I’m happy to be here to help educate and bring awareness,” the actor explained.

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