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Shay Johnson Dating History, Baby Father, Relationship Status

After months of keeping it secret, in Feb 2022, Love & Hip Hop star Shay Johnson finally announced she is expecting a baby. She had wanted to have a baby for so long and it is finally happening.

Now, as the urban model, reality television personality, and fitness guru gets ready to be a new mom and start her journey with the new blessings we know you would love to know who the ‘baby father’ is and more.

Who Is Shay Johnson Baby Father?

“ITS A GIRL!! I’m going to be a mommy. So excited!!!” Shay Johnson revealed among many other things as she posed for the cover of Kontrol Magazine cradling her baby bump.

Shay shared her baby joy and more in her “most intimate” interview yet with the outlet. However, we are yet to hear from us who the baby’s father is.

So far, there was no indication of who the father of Shay’s baby is.

Because Shay did not name him in her several pregnancy posts on Instagram @iamshayjohnson, fans were led to wonder if she is just keeping his identity private or whether she used a sperm donor. It is all a mystery for now.

Anyway, all that matters now is that Shay is finally close to embracing the motherhood that she was deprived of for so long.

She suffered from fibroids in the past, which impacted her fertility. Back in March 2019, Shay had spoken candidly about how she was hemorrhaging and fainting to the point of needing blood transfusions.

While fibroids are common among women, hers was worse than average since her tumors were growing at a rapid rate.

Currently, as a USA Fibroid Centers ambassador, Shay aims to spread awareness about the disease and encourages women to speak up about their experiences.

Shay Johnson Dating History

Looking at her dating history, Shay Johnson is no stranger to finding love on TV. So, we have some of her ex-boyfriends that she made on television when looking for her man.

  • Lil’ Scrappy

Shay first appeared as a supporting cast member in the first two seasons of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, as Lil’ Scrappy’s “friend-with-benefits”. She was secretly in love with Scrappy, but he refused to claim their relationship as anything more than casual sex.

Despite Momma Dee’s matchmaking attempts, viewers saw Scrappy eventually dump Shay to pursue a relationship with his baby mama Erica.

Eventually, Shay got removed from the cast following a violent altercation during filming. She had cracked a bottle over a woman’s face in a nightclub brawl.

  • Pleasure P

In 2018, Shay landed on Love & Hip Hop: Miami. The first season shows her move to Miami for her man, Pleasure P, with who she has been in a long-distance relationship with for two years. But quickly finds herself amidst drama as she clashes with his Pretty Ricky group mate Baby Blue Whoaaaa, before igniting violent feuds with Pleasure’s ex Gabby. Fans also saw her JoJo over Pleasure.

Because of things like this and some others, her relationship with Pleasure fell apart. At one point, Pleasure was even disgusted that Shay “body-shamed” Scrappy. After their split Pleasure also once publicly mocked Shay with her new music. (The kinds of stuff that Shay did on the show are caused her to be misunderstood at times with some calling her ‘bitter’ and others giving her other names.)

(Of course) the viewers also saw Shay in the love triangle between Scrappy and Pleasure.

When Scrappy revealed being in a bad place when with Shay in Miami, Shay had countered “we were happy in Miami. He just found out about Pleasure and ran back to Atlanta and got married.”

A couple of years later, in 2020, she publicly called him “Piece Of Sh-t” before dishing it was her who got Scrappy on Love and Hip Hop. “If it wasn’t for me he would not have been on there. You’re welcome”, she told the Love and Hip Hop producers going down memory lane.

When Shay said all this, she still seemed to hold animosity towards Scrappy.

  • Hurricane Chris

Sometime in the journey, Shay also happened to be linked with another rapper and television personality, Hurricane Chris.

  • Andre 3000

It was 2007 or so when Shay Johnson had an encounter with André 3000 and they of course allowed them to be rumored of a fling. André as you know is best known for being a part of southern hip hop duo Outkast alongside fellow rapper Big Boi.

Also later in 2015 and before the Love & Hip Hop days, Shay was rumored to be dating Memphitz. But, this time, she released a statement to clear the air and deny it of course.

Shay Johnson Relationship Status

“I just know when I marry my husband it’s going to be the best day of my life”, Shay Johnson used to say back in the days.

Now this and all that we said exes are in the past.

The most lately she was in love was with the one and only Young Hollywood. Shay had admitted dating him during live with Hollywood Unlocked from the VMAs 2019 red carpet. It was the August of 2019 when Shay revealed that she and fellow Love & Hip Hop alum were keeping it low for the time being.

When asked, ‘why Hollywood?’ with a ‘duh…’-like expression she had said “He’s cute. We’ll make cute kids if you know what I mean. He’s very respectful. He’s a very loving and caring individual and he’s trying to get to know me.”

Back in the days of Love & Hip Hop: Miami Season 2 reunion special, even Hollywood had expressed romantic interest in Shay.

Now could it be Young Hollywood that is Shay’s baby daddy?

Shay who is right now nearing the end of her second trimester might just have plans for you to reveal if the answer to the question is a yes or a no.

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