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Jazlyn Martin Bio, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Height, Filipino

Jazlyn Martin always had a lot of energy as a little girl and her parents were like “we got to do something with this”. They wanted this energy of their “very dramatic child” in a good way and so they thought up throwing her into acting. Fast forward to today, Jazlyn is a triple threat in her own right as a professional dancer, singer, and actress. She also recently landed a great opportunity to be the newest addition to Peacock’s Bel-Air.

In this writing, let us tell more or even all about the Gen-Z creative who also happens to acquire a psychology major from UCLA.

How Much Is Jazlyn Martin’s Net Worth?

Jazlyn Martin reportedly had close to $250K net worth as of April 2023.

Before Jazlyn auditioned for the role of Jackie in September 2021 and eventually scored it, she was seen in All American: Homecoming as Lisa. And prior to that, she guest-starred in an episode of This Is Us and played an extra in the Traci Ellis Ross film The High Note. Other than this, IMDB also credits her for working as a concert artist in the drama film Little Reminders (2021).

In the next 5-10 years in this business, Jazlyn expects to see herself in a couple of movies and in a couple of series. “I really want to be an EGOT. That would be a dream and consistently working”, she said when she was asked to comment on her future aspirations. As to her dream acting role that she has always wanted to acquire, she said they are a couple of them, and among them is Amanda Bynes in She’s the Man. She said she would love to be in a comedy.

Also, when in an interview Jazlyn was asked about that one thing she enjoys most about her work, and she answered that surrendering to the story is the best part. She said she enjoys saying yes to the story and accepting all the good, all the bad, and all the ugly and just saying yes to it.

Besides acting, Jazlyn also can be seen singing. In fact, this year she was even thinking of realizing some of her beautifully sung tracks. This year (2023) together was a testing season for her. Because she said she usually is calm and used to being busy, but this season it was a bit of work keeping a balance between her mental health while pursuing acting, music, and school.

Jazlyn Martin Boyfriend

Jazlyn Martin’s relationship status was unknown at the time of this writing. If she did have a boyfriend, she chose not to talk about it. Her social media also included no evidence of it.

Or maybe Jazlyn just is single exactly the way she appears to be.

Jazlyn Martin Age

Jazlyn Martin was born in In 1997

Is Jazlyn Martin Filipino?

Jazlyn Martin is not a Filipino, but an Afro-Latina. Latina, because her mother is Mexican.

Often in her interview, she has talked about it. Multiple times, Jazlyn also talked about how she never really knew what being Afro-Latina was as a kid. So, it was like this: she was aware of her family’s blended culture. Every Latinas that she ever saw on screen were white-passing, and a lot of Afro-Latino actors were always cast solely as Black characters that didn’t express their Latin heritage.

Today, she is more than ever proud of her identity and culture and representing the same in her craft.

Jazlyn Martin Family

Jazlyn Martin’s mother is a dancer and her father is a musician. So, growing up she always had enough space in the household to be creative.

Besides her parents Jason and Jeannie Martin, Jazlyn also grew up with three younger sisters: Jazlyn, Justyne, and Jada.

Jazlyn’s dad, who is also called Jaye Q. Martin, goes around as a singer-songwriter, musician, and producer. He also went to Chicago Academy For The Arts, Portage Northern High School, and Loy Norrix High School, back in the day.

At the time of this writing, most of Jazlyn’s family, including her parents seemed to be based in Los Angeles.

Jazlyn’s sister Jada can be found on IG @jadaa.martinn and another sister Justyne D Martin on IG @justynedmartin. On social media, Jazlyn also mentioned a brother named Jaron Martin, Los Angeles-based pro athlete, and entrepreneur.

Jazlyn Martin Height

Jazlyn Martin stands above 5’5” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jazlyn Martin’s Birthday?

Jazlyn Martin’s birthday is on November 26th and that makes her a Sagittarius.

  • Where Is Jazlyn Martin From?

Jazlyn Martin comes from Los Angeles, California. She grew up there. Sometime later she also lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

  • Is Jazlyn Martin On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Jazlyn Martin can be found on Instagram. But, she was not on Facebook. As of 6 April 2023, her IG @jazlynmartinnn included 56 posts and 18.6K followers. Here, she introduced herself as “A plant-based lil shorty 🌱” and also dedicated a note “Instagram is a facade, see what you wanna see” to her followers.

One could also give her a follow on TokTok @jazlynmartinnn where her BIO quote read “I sing sometimes”.

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