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Jean Stoffer Bio, Age, Net Worth, Education, Family

Jean Stoffer is simply unstoppable. Turning 50 and then 60 did not make her leave her career and worries behind. Instead, she is only going farther in her career and doing more stuff and of course in even better ways than she did before.

Yes, it’s The Established Home, the home improvement show on Magnolia Network that we are hinting at. The reality TV program premiered in 2021 and focused on Jean Stoffer, as she did her home and decor.

Keep reading and get to know more about Jean in personal facet as well as professional, in this writing called ‘Jean Stoffer Bio’.

Jean Stoffer On The Established Home

The Established Home was not originally on Magnolia Network. It made its way later to Cable TV after it was overwhelmingly liked during streaming. So, this Season 1 of The Established Home finally premiered on Magnolia on 15 June 2022.

Hyping the show on her Instagram, Jean also recently informed her people that her show will still be available to stream anytime for anyone with the Discovery Plus streaming service.

Jean, originally became nationally known for her unique and timeless kitchen designs and is known for her elegant and approachable designs for the whole home, with a special affection for the kitchen, in The Established Home.

Jean Stoffer’s Net Worth

Because Jean Stoffer had not already trusted her fans with her net worth or related financial details, here is a likely hint at what it could be.

It’s been reported by OK! that Jean’s show on Magnolia Network, is valued at $750 million. So, judging from this, it might make sense to assume that she would have an impressive salary for starring in her show only.

What’s more, Chip and Joanna Gaines who are in charge of the same television network as Jean, earn quite handsome money from their show which is again similar to Jean’s. According to a 2021 Yahoo Finance report, the Gaines earned $30,000 for each episode of their popular series, Fixer Upper. So, it is very possible the network is willing to pay similar salaries to people working for them, and that includes Jean.

And of course, there is her income from the interior design studio, Jean Stoffer Design, i.e., abbreviated as JSD.

JSD, so you know, is the recipient of many design awards. The firm’s work has made it to national design magazines regularly. So has Jean.

Where Did Jean Stoffer Recieve Her Education?

Before getting famous as Chicago’s very efficient independent interior designer who specializes in kitchen and bath design, Jean Stoffer studied at Oral Roberts University and graduated in 1982. And before that, she had gone to Oak Park and River Forest High School, and Parsippany Hills High School.

Jean Stoffer Age

Jean Stoffer reached the age of 61 in 2021.

Is Jean Stoffer Married?

Yes. Jean Stoffer is married and has been so a very long time to Dale Stoffer. It’s been a long journey for the couple and in those years, they welcomed four adult children into their lives and several grandchildren from them.

The Stoffers as seen in November 2012: Jean and her husband and their kids with their respective spouses (except for then-single Dan) (PIC: Facebook)

Dale since his retirement in 2017 started helping out Jean in their retail and online store, Stoffer Home. Talking to Grand Rapids Magazine, Jean also spilled that her husband handles all the recycling and garbage, does many pickups and deliveries to and from our local vendors and makers, and takes being grandpa to an elite level.

Dale, like Jean, studied at Oral Roberts University (got his MBA). He also studied B.S. in Economics at Arizona State University and is a former Industrial Specialist at American Biltrite Inc. He reached the age of 65 in April 2022.

As for their kids, son David (Dave) turned 36 in July 2022 and is married to Kristy Stoffer, a registered nurse anesthetist with three beautiful kids. Another son, John Stoffer who worked at StofferPhotography and JSD turned 34 in April 2022. He is married to Maura Stoffer and they have a boy and a girl. One more son Dan Stoffer turned 28 in 2022. Newly married to Marisa Rose he did not seem to have any kids as of yet. And at last, there is Grace Start, the only girl child of the family. She is however all grown up, turning 20 in December 2021. She married Ted Start and now they have a young boy.

Jean Stoffer Family

Jean Stoffer’s mother, Gail Sautelle Bradbury Tittle was still very much alive as of the time of this writing. So, on Mother’s Day lately Jean took to her Instagram to call her her biggest cheerleader and someone who chooses to sacrifice with joy and yields to others with confidence. And at this point in May 2021, Jean revealed her mother had been grieving the recent loss of her husband of 64 years.

Then on Father’s Day once, Jean once said that she is a blessed woman because of her father who made sure always that his daughter knew that he loved her.

Jean’s father, Donald James Tittle, aka Don Tittle, was an avid tennis and chess player and loved canoeing and fishing. He served in the US army in the 82nd Airborne as a paratrooper and after that earned an MBA at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. He then met Gail, his future wife, at a gathering in graduate school. They were married in 1957 in Chicago. In 2015, this couple moved to Scottsdale, Arizona.

Donald is also survived by his other kids: Ann Tittle Muller, Karen Tittle Brinkman, and John Tittle; 13 grandchildren.

Jean Stoffer Height

Jean Stoffer stands below 5’6” in height and look-wise she looked very maintained for her age. She has this amazing sense of style and her classic medium-length blonde hair only enhanced her every look.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jean Stoffer’s Birthday?

Jean Stoffer’s birthday is on the 24th of August and that makes him a Virgo.

  • Where Is Jean Stoffer From?

Jean Stoffer grew up in her hometown of Chicago, Illinois. And at this point, she had been calling Grand Rapids, Michigan her residence for some good stretch already.

  • What Is Jean Stoffer Maiden Name?

Jean Stoffer, before getting married, went around as Jean Tittle.

  • Is Jean Stoffer On Instagram?

Yes. Jean Stoffer could be found on Instagram @jeanstofferdesign where there were 1,643 posts and 422K followers as of 28 July 2022. The rest of her social media activity was seen on ‘Jean Stoffer’ Facebook.

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