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Jeanine Zheng Bio, Boyfriend, Parents, Height, Survivor 43

Survivor fans recently noticed something was wrong with Jeanine Zheng’s chin in the recent show. So, what happened to her chin/face? This article will help you find some answers here. In addition, you’ll learn about her parents, height, boyfriend, and job.

So, keep scrolling down to learn more.

Jeanine Zheng On Survivor 43

Jeanine Zheng, a UX designer from California shared that she hates being mansplained and three words describing her are Green (both in that I absorb all new experiences/information around me, and am environmentally conscious), empathetic, and witty.

The proudest of her accomplishments is the body of work she created for her senior thesis that bridged two majors of Environmental Science and Visual Arts. People often mistake her for being an extrovert but she claims that she needs to recharge. Talking about Survivor with Parade, she stated that she was in the show for two reasons. First and foremost she came to play for her dad as it was the culmination of his American dream.

Secondly, Survivor is a way for her not to feel very robotic. Jeanine said, “Oh, I’m chosen for just who I am and for the things that aren’t so robotic and so high achieving.” She added, “I’m just excited to be able to get out here and play and prove to my eight-year-old self that me as a person–as a socially intelligent and creative and witty person–is enough out here to win.”

Jeanine relates to Kim Spradlin and hopes to play the game like her.

She would like the take on the “ability to control the game based on her interpersonal relationships, convincing everyone on the tribe that they could trust her.” She also admired Andrea Boehlke because she was outdoorsy, and carried her weight. and manipulated people while staying likable.

Jeanine shared that she could be the sole survivor because she sees the winner as “having to sit between multiple trust clusters and have the intuition to know when to rely on which at any given moment.” She believes that she can do that because she has the ability to create relationships with people from completely different backgrounds and juggle the nuances of my different alliances.

Talking about the alliance, she just wants one person who can be her eyes and ears, her ride or die from Day 1 who she can trust.

What Happened To Jeanine Zheng Face/Chin?

In a recent episode, fans of the show saw that there was something wrong with Jeanine Zheng’s chin. They took to Twitter to point out what was happening with her chin. One user simply asked, “What happened to Jeanine’s chin? #Survivor43.” Another user assumed, “So did Jeanine burn her chin?? #Survivor.” He then added, “Like what is that.”

The third one chimed in, “Will not rest until Jeanine’s chin is addressed, #survivor“.

One user added to the thread, “1st immunity challenge when she went under the log and full on scrapped her face on it as she pushed on through.” Another Twitter user share a similar opinion. He wrote, “It’s scrapes and bruises from the log.”

Based on that particular moment during that particular challenge, it appears Jeanine might’ve scraped and bruised her chin from the log as she pushed through.

Jeanine Zheng Boyfriend

Jeanine Zheng is quite private about her dating life. She appears to be the type to never indulge herself in sharing private personal details that include her love or dating life. From what she has shared on her socials, conclusively we’d conclude that she is happily single and focused on excelling in her career.

Jeanine Zheng Parents

Although Jeanine Zheng never revealed the names of her parents, she has shared about them. She called her dad her hero who paved the way for her family and their life.

She told, “He grew up as a sweet potato farmer in the impoverished countryside of China; he eventually came to the United States, completed his Ph.D. in genetics, and now creates biotechnologies to increase yields for those very crops. To say I admire his tenacity, discipline, and work ethic is an understatement.”

In March 2021, Jeanine shared a deeply personal post where she shared that her parents labored tirelessly and made and call home called them “Chinaman”. She wrote, “Be vigilant” may have been a warning my parents were willing to take on as first-generation immigrants in the 80s. It is never a message they hoped to pass down to their children.”

In her family of four, Jeanine has an older brother named Michael Zheng.

Is Jeanine Zheng On Instagram?

Yes, Jeanine Zheng is on Instagram (@j9zheng). She has two Facebook accounts (@jeanine.zheng).

Jeanine Zheng Height

Jeanine Zheng’s height measures under 5 feet 4 inches. She hoped that her fellow contestant would underestimate her for her physique so that she could use that as an advantage.

Jeanine Zheng Job

Jeanine Zheng is currently working as a UX designer. She pursued the job because it’s “quantitative, qualitative, and pays me to be insatiably curious.” She is currently working at Levi Strauss & Co. Jeanine joined the company in June 2019.

By far, her work there has been redesigning the entire Discover feed of Levi’s mobile app. Jeanine changed the navigation to vertical scroll and create new modules that enhance both control and commerce experiences. Moreover, she also designed internal software for Levi’s store associates in ATLAS regions (India, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan).

Before that, she worked at PatientPal as UX Designer.

Jeanine is skilled in design, data, research, and coding, and can use tools such as Figma, adobe creative suite, and premiere pro. Talking about her education, she graduated from Harvard University in May 2020. She completed a double degree in Design and Environmental science.

She also attended LS & Co Machine Learning Program in 2021 which ran for 8 weeks.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Jeanine Zheng?

Jeanine Zheng turned 24 years old in 2021.

  • When Is Jeanine Zheng Birthday?

Per her IG post, Jeanine Zheng celebrates her birthday on 19 January.

  • Where Was Jeanine Zheng Born?

Jeanine Zheng was born in South Hamilton, Massachusetts.

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