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Jeff Perla Bio, Age, Job, Alex Van Gurp, One That Got Away

Amazon Prime Videos came up with a new idea for a show and it manifested to become The One That Got Away. Here, six young guys and gals are brought to meet a few viable partners. But, the producer also brings their “the one that got away” from their past, making it more interesting. One guy who joined the experiment is Jeff Perla, a Syracuse, New York native.

Jeff came out as gay at the age of 21 and he is now ready to settle down. He dated Alex who is his “bestie with benefits”. So, what happened to him on the show? We discuss that here.

Along with that, we’ve put together information on his age, family, jobs, and social media reach. So, keep scrolling down to learn more about Jeff Perla.

The One That Got Away: Are Jeff Perla And Alex Van Gurp Still Together?

Jeff Perla And Alex Van Gurp were “besties with benefits” for three years. While appearing on the show, Joe made it clear that he wanted to explore his options and his emotions to find a genuine partner.

Because of his religious background in Syracuse, New York, Jeff honestly acknowledged that he had suppressed his sexuality for the first 21 years of his life, which is why he frequently found it difficult to establish deeper connections with others. Even his connections to Anthony, Claude, and Micah revealed this specific aspect, but as “Jeff’s Bestie with Benefits” Alex entered “the portal,” everything changed.

Around three years ago, Jeff and Alex connected on a dating app. They went on dates, hook up, and were “super intense for like three months,” but they never went any farther. The cause? Soon after, the former requested if they could just be friends because the idea of a serious relationship scared him.

As a result, they quickly established themselves as the city’s “besties.” Nevertheless, Alex (indirectly) never held back from letting Jeff know how much he appreciated him, whether it was by surprising him with a trip to Paris for his birthday or by just taking care of him whenever necessary.

“Alex and I are so close,” Jeff said to explain his hesitancy, “I think my biggest fear is that if we do cross that line and it gets too far if he doesn’t come back, it’s like you’re losing your best friend because you took a risk and it failed”.

Alex laid all of his cards on the table, though, since he thought they would find themselves in a situation where they might have friendship, feelings, and intimacy. While Jeff had dates with Taylor, Mark, Alex, and other people before finally warming to the notion, it did take him a little while.

Jeff and Alex left hand in hand after having several meaningful chats, spending a pleasant night at Jeff’s apartment, and Jeff becoming slightly more unsure of whether to take the leap of faith or not. When it was time to return to reality, he actually turned to face Alex and declared, “I do want a relationship, and I do want to be in love. But you’ve always been my best friend, and I’m scared to blur the lines between best friends and our relationship. I don’t even know how to say it. Um, will you be my boyfriend?”

Before Jeff eventually confessed his love, knowing that his partner would always be there, Alex’s response was a teary “of course”.

Bustle reported that they still seem to be going strong in 2022. They appeared together recently in March 2022.

Talking about Alex, he graduated from Ward Melville High School and from Penn State University in 2015. He works as a financial consultant at Consulting Firm.

Jeff Perla Age

Jeff Perla was born on 28 September 1992. He is 29 years old in 2022.

Jeff Perla Job

Jeff Parla started his career at Wegmans Food Markets as a sales associate in 2008. He worked in that company and managed five employees and the bulk foods department for 4 months when his manager was out on medical leave.

Jeff also landed a position as a sales/marketing intern at ADP in Syracuse, New York Area in 2012. He worked for the company for five months. A year later in 2013, he joined FreshNeck, LLC as a Marketing Intern which lasted for four months.

From May 2011 to December 2014, he also worked for as a campus representative.

Whereas in September 2011, Jeff joined Calvin Klein as a sales associate. During his time of three years and nine months working there, he handled front-of-store operations, including opening and closing the store. Moreover, he assisted in accounting matters including bank runs in excess of thousands of dollars.

From March 2015 to December 2016, Jeff worked at Brandish App as a social media manager.

In 2022, Jeff is working as a lifestyle correspondent at Luxxeliving, the company he joined in 2015.

Furthermore, Jeff is also a founder and managing director of The Travelin Bum. It is a gay travel blog as a way to come out to my family and friends. The platform has 100K followers on Instagram alone. His brand collaborated with brands such as Bumble, MAC Cosmetics, Diesel, Roman, Parke & Ronen, Levi’s, Disney, 2Xist, Asos, and many more.

He also partnered and traveled with Gay Pride Caribbean, Disney Pride, Sydney Mardi Gras, Zurich Pride, NYC World Pride, Miami Pride, LA Pride, and Santiago Pride.

Besides his businesses, Jeff also runs a podcast titled Behind The Bum to get to know the people behind the popular Instagram.

Jeff’s OnlyFans also contributes to his burgeoning net worth.

Is Jeff Perla On IG, Facebook?

Yes, Jeff Perla is on various social media platforms including IG (@jeffperlaa) and Facebook. In addition to that, he is also on TikTok (@jeffperla), Twitter (@jeffperlaa), and YouTube.

Jeff Perla Height

According to his IMDB page, Jeff Perla stands tall at 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters).

Jeff Perla Family

Jeff Perla has featured his parents from whom he inherited his Italian-American ethnicity. He is the son of Lisa Perla (born 3 February 1968, age 54) and John R Perla (age 54, born 22 September 1967). He came from a huge family with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

His parents knew that he was gay all along. In an interview, he shared, “I have actually still never had a formal conversation saying, “Hey guys, I’m gay.” My parents just kind of assumed at this point. I would have a guy over. They just never brought up to me, I never brought up to them”.

Jeff has two siblings; a brother named Joe Perla and a sister named Rachel Perla. Joe attended Le Moyne College and graduated in 2022. He also attended Christian Brothers Academy. Whereas, Rachel studied at St. Bonaventure University. She worked as an assistant Lacrosse Coach at the University of Scranton.

In 2022, she is a Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach at Lebanon Valley College.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jeff Perla Birthday?

Jeff Perla’s birthday is on 28 September.

  • Where Is Jeff Perla From?

Jeff Perla was reportedly born in New York. He still resides in the same place in 2022.

  • Where Did Jeff Perla Recieve His Education?

Jeff Perla received his bachelor’s in Business Administration and Management and MBA in Marketing from Niagra University.

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