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Nigel Sydnor Bio, Age, Job, Height, Dezi, One That Got Away

Nigel Sydnor joined Amazon Prime Video’s The One That Got Away because he was done playing the field. He claimed that he is prepared to settle down and hopes that the show is where he would meet his wife. Like all the other casts, he was presented with the opportunity to date a few new women and brought an old flame into his life through “the portal” so that he could figure out resurfaced emotions.

In the case of Nigel, it was Dezi. So, how did the experiment process panned out for the two? Are they still together? We’ve got all the answers you’re looking for along with information on his age, job, family, and his net worth.

One That Got Away: Are Nigel Sydnor And Dezi Still Together?

Nigel Sydnor met a few amazing people in the past. He claimed that he is now a changed man because he knew that his ex-partners saw him as selfish but he is longer that person and he expects them to see him in a “growing and a giving manner”. Viewers could see that he is in fact the person he is claiming to be when he went on a date with Alicia Nelms and Sara Bella.

However, after Desiree “Dezi” entered the picture, his reserve gradually disappeared.

Nigel and Dezi had become such close friends that they knew one another inside and out in every aspect after first meeting at a house party in March 2019. Even though there were no labels, he did fail to disclose that he was seeing other people, their relationship ended due to loyalty after they even began dating (a year later) and eventually developed a barbershop/salon business together.

Nevertheless, when Dezi learned he was eager to commit, she appeared through “the portal” to give him another chance because of her “unconditional” love for him, which never once faltered.

Nigel said, “I’m not in love with Dezi, but she understands me,” while Dezi expressed her thoughts before stating she had no expectations given the process they were entering. Because she is “too important to him,” he then acknowledged that he was afraid of how their dynamic would change if they started a committed relationship.

He expressed this worry throughout their date. He never denied hurting her, and as time went on, they had more frequent conversations about both their past and their future, which is why he ultimately chose her over Alicia.

When it was time for them to return to reality, Nigel faced Dezi directly and lay all his cards on the table; she graciously accepted the circumstances.

“Dezi, I’ve been trying to find the right words to say to you,” he said, “trying to figure out how I can reciprocate the love you’ve shown me. You ask me for trust, you ask me for communication, but I want to ask for your patience. I want you to have the man you deserve… that I want you to know.”

Nigel added, “I love you I love you today I love you in the future I love you unconditionally… Everything I need, everything I have wanted is you”.

The pair kissed and walked through “the portal” hand in hand.

However, social media is telling otherwise. On Facebook, Nigel Sydnor shared that he is single which is suggestive of the fact that things didn’t work out between them.

Nigel Sydnor Age

In June 2022, Nigel Sydnor is 29 years old.

Nigel Sydnor Job

In June 2020, Nigel Sydnor works as Enterprise Account Executive at Soroco. He started the job in April 2021.

Whereas, his career actually started when Nigel joined The Breakers Palm Beach as Guest Service Manager in 2014. In December 2015, Nigel also landed the job of Senior Account Executive at Eschelon Financial Group LLC. Moreover, He quit his job at The Breakers Palm Beach in June 2016 and six months later, he stopped working for Eschelon Financial Group, LLC as he landed a new job.

In December 2016, Nigel landed the role of Sales Development Representative at MotionPoint. After serving in that role for four months, the company promoted him to Account Executive role. He worked for that company till December 2019.

Furthermore, before his current job, Nigel worked for Signavio from December 2019 to April 2021 as Enterprise Account Executive.

Nigel is also licensed by LinkedIn for A Design Thinking Approach to Putting the Customer First and The Six Morning Habits of High Performers.

He is also available on Calendly, where you can schedule a 15 minutes meeting with him.

Nigel is also a basketball player who played in the position of a guard. He played professionally for Palm Beach Atlantic in the season 2015-2016 (NCAA2).

Nigel played 14 games for the team and played 239 minutes. He was undrafted in 2016.

Is Nigel Sydnor On Instagram?

Yes, Nigel Sydnor is on Instagram (@nigelsydnor) with 2382 followers. You can also find him on Facebook (@nigel.sydnor) and on Twitter (@nigelsydnor_).

Nigel Sydnor Height

According to Nigel Sydnor’s athlete profile, he stands tall at a towering height of 6-feet-2-inches (1.88 meters).

Nigel Sydnor Family

Nigel Sydnor is the son of Monica V Wilson. Monica is a current resident of Delray Beach, Florida. He seems to have four siblings named Rayesha, Taylor, and Ray Sydnor. And another brother named Rumeal Mosley.

Rayesha is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University who is a sales expert at Ourisman Chevrolet. Taylor shared on her Facebook that she is so proud of Nigel, her younger brother for appearing on the show.

Meanwhile, his brother Rumeal is a graduate of Howard University and he worked at the University of Baltimore. And Ray is the owner-operator of Life Is Easy (L.I.E.) which he founded in 2011. He formerly worked at Tesla as a Delivery Experience Specialist.

Moreover, Ray was also a former MMA fighter and general manager at Baltimore Martial Arts Academy, Inc. He studied Philosophy and International relations at Howard CC.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Nigel Sydnor From?

Nigel Sydnor was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Los Angeles, California is his current residence. Moreover, Nigel also lived in Miami, Florida, and Altamonte Springs, Florida in 2016.

  • When Is Nigel Sydnor Birthday?

Per his athlete profile, Nigel Sydnor celebrates his birthday on 26 October.

  • Where Did Nigel Sydnor Recieve His Education?

Nigel Sydnor earned joined the New Jersey Institute of  Technology to earn BBA in Business Administration and Management. Then. he transferred to Palm Beach Atlantic University and earned his BBA degree while studying entrepreneurship in 2015.

Nigel completed his high school education at Marianapolis Prep in 2012.

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