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Jeff Washburn Bio, Age, Job, Jamie McGuire Husband

Jeff Washburn the husband of Jamie McGuire, the author of Beautiful Disaster, turned head after a recent controversy. The writer has run afoul of the law for her vehement opinions. Her readers have called her out for being racist and anti-trans.

The character of Abby (Virginia Gardner), a college student trying to escape her traumatic past, is introduced to the audience in the movie Beautiful Disaster. She is also battling her attraction to bad boy Travis (Dylan Sprouse), who is played by the actor Virginia Gardner. Many Twitter users began debating the hot romance movie, which is based on the same-titled book by author Jamie, in the months before its April 2023 release.

Despite the fact that many readers adore her books, it appears that Jamie’s opinions on social, political, and cultural matters have alienated other readers. Some users have started posting screenshots of the allegedly harmful social media posts she made, despite the fact that many of them have since been removed.

In one case, Jamie expressed support for a contentious tweet sent by J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series who has come under fire for remarks she made against the trans community. Jamie is also accused of making offensive comments regarding a dancer’s weight and asserting that Black men are primarily responsible for gun violence in other online comments.

Jamie also reportedly shared a contentious video on Ahmaud Arbery’s passing from conservative commentator Candace Owens.

And she allegedly posted during the Jan. 6 Capitol attack: “Are you all watching the Live Feeds? This is just the beginning. Patriots will fight against fraud and tyranny. We might be looking at the beginning of a new civil war.”

In another post, Jamie reportedly wrote: “Didn’t you know? Angry black Americans can do anything they want in the name of racism and whites must have absurdly strict consequences despite not breaking any laws. Don’t you remember the couple who tried to protect their home against rioters? It’s the NEW NORMAL.”

Learn more about her husband via the article below.

Meet Jeff Washburn, Jamie McGuire Husband

Jeff Washburn was the husband of Jamie McGuire however they are no longer married. Before their divorce, Jamie and Jeff were married for more than a decade. Based on Jeff’s Facebook post, they were together at least until 2018. Then married couple shared three children, the youngest of which is 9 years old.

After their youngest kid Tucker was born, Jamie would take a year off, as she had promised her husband and herself. But after three months, she felt she had to start writing again. Jamie doesn’t write every day, but when she does, it’s generally in the wee hours of the morning when everyone else is sleeping and she is at her most inventive. They shared their 10 acres with four horses, four dogs, and Rooster the cat.

One of their two daughters is named Eden McGuire who works as Esthetician at Spa Lux.

Talking about his ex-wife, Jamie has been writing since 2009. She was an X-ray technology student at Autry Technology Center. Her friend was writing a blog when she told a friend about an idea for a book. The friend said, “Write it.” Her first book, “Providence,” was self-published. While writing “Providence,” she had the idea for “Beautiful Disaster,” which was written for her friends to read.

Jamie wrote “Providence” in 11 weeks, edited by her high school English teacher. “Beautiful Disaster” took seven weeks to write, and “Walking Disaster” took seven months. She had graduated from X-ray school and was working part-time.

As for Jeff’s current relationship status, he is married to his new wife Whitney Washburn. The couple celebrated their second anniversary in May 2022.

On their anniversary, Whitney wrote, “We took some time away from the barn and the regular pace of life and went away to celebrate our year anniversary! As the days and months go on, we continue to grow and build together. So grateful for God giving me Jeff Washburn. We have gone through all kinds of weather in life! Always work and put energy into the problem, not the person. We are a very strong team and God has done some amazing things over the years. THANK YOU for supporting our small makeup and skincare business. We are able to pay our bills and inflated nonsense because of y’all’s support.”

Jeff Washburn Age

Jeff Washburn was born in December 1982. He turned 40 years old in late 2022.

Jeff Washburn Job

Jeff Washburn is the owner, founder, and general manager at Red Sky Aviation LLC. He has been self-employed as A&P/IA- Commercial Pilot.

Before that, he worked at Vance Air Force Base. Furthermore, he is also a “Horse training colt starting finishing and consulting, Health coach.”

How Much Is Jeff Washburn Net Worth?

In 2023, Jeff Washburn’s net worth is above $700 thousand.

Jeff Washburn Family

Jeff Washburn is the son of Patrick and Debbie Washburn.

Patrick is currently 75 years old while Debbie turned 72 years old in January 2023.

Jeff has one brother named Curtis Washburn who is currently 46 years old.

Jeff’s grandmother Phyllis Washburn died at the age of 95 on 22 January 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Is Jeff Washburn On Instagram?

No, Jeff Washburn was not on Instagram. He is on Facebook (@jeff.washburn.984).

  • Where Is Jeff Washburn From?

Jeff Washburn is a native of Waukomis, Oklahoma.

  • When Is Jeff Washburn Birthday?

Per our research, Jeff Washburn celebrates his birthday in December. His birthday appears to be on 30 December.

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