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Jenkin Edwards Bio, Partner, Family, Job, Big Brother UK

Meet Jenkin Edwards from Big Brother UK. Since moving into the house, the Welshman has had a difficult time. His bag was ‘blown apart,’ and he was the unlucky victim of some stage antics. He was also told he wouldn’t have access to hot water before being voted Least Trustworthy and Least Funny by the housemates.

He received a lot of sympathy on social media, with many followers concurring that he had not been treated fairly when he first entered the house.

Read all that we know about him here. The article is about Jenkin’s partner, family, job, and more.

Jenkin Edwards On Big Brother UK 2023

Big Brother has returned to our screens. Viewers were surprised when producers detonated Jenkin Edwards’s bag after he was chosen as the roommate with “the most questionable dress sense” in the first episode, which aired on Sunday, October 8.

One viewer tweeted, “Big Brother is literally tearing Jenkin apart. He definitely thought he was going to be voted the funniest. No hot water, suitcase blown up, and public enemy number 1.”

Describing himself, Jenkin said, he loves a bit of drama. He told producers, “I love a bitch, I love a bit of a goss, and I can’t help myself be a little bit of an instigator.”

When questioned about what he would probably receive a nomination for, he responded, “Just talking about people, I’m not going to lie. I can’t keep secrets, I really struggle.”

Jenkin’s best friend Beth Evans since he was 11 years old told BBC that being on the show was a dream come true for him. She described him as a “loud, flamboyant character, he’s just so lush. He’s the most loving boy on earth.”

Jenkin had quite a drama with Olivia who has been criticizing him. In that regard, Beth added, “I wanted to cry, I wanted to go and give him a hug.”

“I could hear it in his voice and you could tell he felt so awful. You could tell that got him down a bit, but I’m sure that won’t stop him from shining. He might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m sure the majority of viewers will love him. I can’t wait for everyone to see the real Jenkin.”

During a task, Jenkin predicted Olivia would be ‘the most difficult housemate to live with’ which unknowingly resulted in her facing the public vote.

By far, the contestants who have been eliminated are Farida and Zak. Make-up artist Farida was the first housemate to be voted out of Big Brother 2023. She was nominated by her fellow housemates alongside Kerry, but ultimately received the most votes from the public.

The first housemate to be removed from the ITV revival edition of Big Brother was Farida. This happened on Friday. ‘Yes!’ said the make-up artist, jumping up and down and throwing her arms in the air. She then gave her housemates hugs before quickly leaving to meet AJ Odudu and Will Best, the show’s hosts.

Zak, a 28-year-old Manchester resident, is the second Big Brother house participant to be removed. Along with Henry, he was put forward for eviction by the other housemates, and the public’s vote to remove him sealed his fate. In a development that was still shocking but not as shocking as a double eviction, Hallie was eliminated from Big Brother. In addition, Kerry was the fourth housemate to leave Big Brother following a vote by the public in secret.

Jenkin Edwards Partner

The relationship status of Jenkin Edwards is unclear as of this writing.

How Old Is Jenkin Edwards?

Jenkin Edwards, in 2023, is 25 years old.

Jenkin Edwards Family

Before appearing on the show, Jenkin Edwards shared that his family would describe him as “loud and messy and irritating probably.”

Jenkin’s mom Susan spoke to BBC about her son’s journey in the show. “He has a softer side. He does take things to heart,” his mum Susan said. Then, she added, “He doesn’t like upsetting people.”

“Losing his suitcase wouldn’t have bothered him nor having a cold shower,” she said. Of the criticism he faced, Susan said she had told him to remember “it’s not personal”.

Susan said it was clear from a young age he wasn’t “your average boy”. He was eight or nine years old, she added, and asked for makeup, a blonde wig and the style head of a doll, and a camcorder to capture “shows”.

“We learned a lot because from that time on we let everyone know: he is going to be different,” Susan said. His mum said he “loved” Big Brother and would say: “One day, I’m going to go on that”. She encouraged him, saying: “If you want to do something, never think that you can’t. Unless you’ve tried, you’ll never know.”

Susan emphasized his kind disposition and mentioned that he had assisted in taking care of her since she was a little child because she had a health issue that restricted her movement. “I don’t think his friends are really aware of what he was doing,” Susan said.

Jenkin told producers, “I’d pay my dad’s house off and then do a giant online shopping order.”

More about his family, Susan has a sister named Aimee Louise. Aimee is currently single. After it was public that Jenkin was going to be on show, Aimee announced, “My amazing brother Jenkin Edwards is officially in the big brother house! I am so incredibly proud. Look at him go.

Fun Fact: Tyler is second cousin to Sir Anthony Hopkins who is best known as Hanibal Lecter in The Silence of The Lambs.

What Job Does Jenkin Edwards Do For A Living?

Jenkin Edwards reportedly works as a barman, a cleaner, and a bingo caller. There are no further details regarding the place he works for and the school and college he attended.

Jenkin Edwards Height

Jenkin Edwards’ height measures above 5’11”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jenkin Edwards From?

According to his bio, Jenkin Edwards lives in Bridgend, Wales, UK.

  • When Is Jenkin Edwards Birthday?

Jenkin Edwards celebrates his birthday on 3 November.

  • Is Jenkin Edwards On Instagram?

Indeed, Jenkin Edwards is available on Instagram (@jenkin_edwards), Facebook, and TikTok (@jenkin_edwards).

Moreover, Jenkin already has a fan page on Instagram and TikTok.

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