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Henry Southan Bio, Family, Dating, Height, Big Brother

Meet Henry Southan from Big Brother UK 2023. Who is he dating? Who are his family members? What does he do for a living?

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Henry Southan On Big Brother UK 2023

Henry Southan is one of the contestants on Big Brother UK 2023. He has been a fan of the show for years.

On his launch night VT, Henry acknowledged that Boris Johnson is at the top of his list of ideal lunch companions before entering the home. In addition, he expressed his desire to “learn lots of life skills” while residing at the well-known BB property, such as learning how to “do the washing, clean, and cook.”

When asked why he applied for the ultimate social experiment, Henry admitted that he has, “been a fan of the show, particularly in its later years. I think it’s a very unique opportunity that not many people get to do.”

Henry went on to say that he didn’t have, “my moment of craziness growing up. I know a lot of people went to do a gap year after uni, but I went down quite a normal road and I thought, if not now, then when?”

The food critic is taking the chance to grow up a little. “I am actually really looking forward to learning lots of life skills, like learning how to cook, clean, or do the washing,” he admitted, “I’m 25 but I’m not an adult. These are some big things they don’t teach you at school that I need to learn.”

Is Henry Southan Dating Anyone?

Henry Southan is having a showmance on Big Brother. He has a huge crush on fellow housemate Jordan. Confessing that he was attracted to more than Jordan’s looks, Henry added: “Yeah I like the humor. You’ve got to make me laugh.”

Fans, some of whom have been cheering for Henry and Rose to reconcile since the series premiere on October 8, are thrilled by Henry’s confession. “Jordan & Henry are definitely falling in love,” One fan wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “Anyone else shipping Jordan & Henry hard?” another asked. A third added: “Jordan & Henry are gonna end up falling in love aren’t they.”

When fellow housemate Kerry asked if Jordan was Henry’s type, the former boarding school student replied: “I wouldn’t say I’ve really got a type, it’s very like if you look at people I’ve been on dates, they all look very different, they are all quite personality wise very, very different.”

Jordan has also referred to Henry as his “husband” to other housemates, with viewers hoping that the pair will become closer than friends. Jordan and Henry kissed, however, the kiss occurred in the midst of what is known as a “love triangle” in the house between the two of them and Matty.

In scenes that aired last week, Jordan seemed to reveal his affection to Matty, who is in an open relationship outside of the house. He later told the Isle of Man doctor that he wanted to stop touching him in order to prevent things from getting worse.

“‘I like you I think you’re cute but I like to treat everyone equally,” Jordan told Matty.

Opening up to Big Brother in the Diary Room, Matty said: “The physical touch thing for him in here is maybe a little bit confusing. I think he has romantic feelings or maybe the start of romantic feelings. I think that’s what he is trying to imply without saying it but it was making me a bit sad the last few days when he’s needed some space from me but yeah there is affection there…”

Henry Southan Job

Henry Southan has been introduced as a food writer, journalist, copywriter, and royalist by trade. His articles are posted on British GQ, CODE Hospitality, and Vice UK.

Elaborating more on his job, Henry added, “My job is critiquing food and restaurants, potentially I might end up critiquing my fellow housemates’ food which could be quite annoying I guess.”

Find a few of his articles on his MuckRack profile.

However, in Big Brother, inn scenes that aired last night (October 10 2023), Big Brother fans watched in disbelief as self-described “snob” from the Cotswolds, Henry Southan, tasted his first-ever pot noodles. Food reviewer Henry may have traveled to some of the best restaurants in Britain, but the inhabitant of Toddington had never experienced the frequently disappointingly crispy delights of a typical pot noodle found in kitchen cabinets.

Big Brother filled the housemates’ store room, which caused drama since Farida Khalifa, who had been gushing to her fellow contestants about how much she wanted a Pot Noodle, was left without one.

How Old Is Henry Southan?

In 2023, Henry Southan is 25 years old. He was likely born in 1998.

Henry Southan Family

Henry Southan also admitted, but he doesn’t take this as criticism, that his parents would call him a “snob” before making his Big Brother debut. “I think it means you’ve got high standards and good taste,” Henry said.

Although little information has been shared about his dad, Henry’s mother is named Suzy Southan. Suzy appeared on Big Brother: Late and Live and said, “I want him back because we’re very close and he calls me twice a day.”

Suzy also spoke about the chances of Henry’s eviction and expressed her surprise after he was nominated for eviction during the second week. She said, “I mean, at the beginning of this week I was thinking, I’m missing him and I want him back, you know because we’re very close and he calls me twice a day. So I was kind of missing him, but then yesterday when he was up for the eviction, that took me by surprise because I didn’t think he would have been up. I was obviously just upset because he was upset.”

She disclosed that she had experienced intense difficulty witnessing Henry’s distress in the Diary Room following his discovery of his nomination.

Suzy added, “I think he would have taken that very personally. He’s taken it as an attack on him, having thought that everybody liked him because, in the outside world, everybody does love Henry. I mean he’s a very popular boy. So I think that’s why he was so upset.”

Suzy declared when predicting if Henry would make it through the eviction vote, “Well, I thought Zak would go out before Henry so, putting it that way, I think Henry will be the one to stay in. Nothing against Zak particularly, of course, I just think Henry will stay in longer than a lot of them, to be honest.”

Suzy is available on FB and IG.

Moreover, Henry’s sister is named Harriet Lucy. Harriet who is 33 years old makeup and hair artist. She went to Delamar Academy.

Henry Southan Height

Going by his appearance, Henry Southan stands tall at a height likely under 5’11”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Henry Southan From?

Per his Big Brother profile, Henry Southan is from Toddington in the Cotswolds, England.

  • When Is Henry Southan Birthday?

Per one Twitter post, Henry Southan likely celebrates his birthday on 21 June.

  • Is Henry Southan On Instagram?

Yes, Henry Southan is available on Instagram (@iamhenrysouthan), TikTok (@henrysouthan), and Twitter (@iamhenrysouthan).

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