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Jennifer Holland Bio, Net Worth, Married, Family

Looking back actress Jennifer Holland does not know what it was that drew her to become an actor. She grew up as a competitive gymnast and believes that is how she discovered her love of performing. She partook in theater throughout middle and high school, joining the drama and film clubs to further explore her love of bringing characters to life. And by the time she was 16, she decided to go to Los Angeles to pursue a professional career. She has not looked back ever since.

The other thing that brought her to LA was also the fact that she could not wait to get out of the life that she was in.

Jennifer has worked on several projects over the years. But lately, it’s her work in the DC real that she is excited about. In 2021, she appeared in the superhero film The Suicide Squad as Emilia Harcourt. A year later and she gets to reprise her role as the lead character in her boyfriend James Gunn’s Peacemaker series on HBO Max.

Jennifer Holland On Peacemaker

Initially, she was going to play “Comms Tech 2” in The Suicide Squad. But when that role remained a supporting character she eventually was given a name linking her to the comics, Emilia Harcourt.

For her, Emilia was just a dream character to play as, in her words, she is just such a well-rounded character, not larger than life in the way that some characters can be on TV and in movies but also very flawed with a lot of different layers.

Jennifer Holland Net Worth

Jennifer Holland reportedly hoarded above $1.5 million net worth as of February 2022.

As much as she has earned, she has also supported a myriad of charities as giving back is essential for her. She is an ongoing supporter of The Rainforest Trust and is involved in criminal justice reform, the reduction of human impact on the environment, and climate change.

Is Jennifer Holland Married?

Jennifer Holland did not seem to have been married before the time of this writing. Be that as it may, she certainly was in a relationship and openly.

She has been dating filmmaker, actor, and former musician James Gunn since 2015. To be more precise, they have been together as of 4 October 2015. According to Jennifer, that was the day James asked her to go steady with him.

The couple met through actor Michael Rosenbaum who was dating a friend of Jennifer’s at the time and had offered to set them up after James saw a photo of her that Rosenbaum had. (Of course) Jennifer also mentioned falling in love at someone else’s wedding just as characters in a rom-com. While James, when talking about his version of meeting Jennifer has said For me, meeting Jennifer Holland was like seeing a color I had never seen before.”

Over the years, Jennifer, as well as James, have not shied about sharing glimpses from their life together on social media.

“#HappyValentinesDay to my valentine, who has been with me through the good times, the bad times, & now the great times! Love you, @jenniferlholland. ❤️🧜‍♂️”, the writer and director of James Gunn’s PG Porn and Peacemaker took to his Instagram @jamesgunn on Valentine’s Day (2022), meaning they continued to stay intact even today. Down in the comment box of this post, Jennifer responded just as lovingly with an “It’s all been with you, so from that perspective even the bad times have been pretty swell. I love you!❤️”.

Not long ago Jennifer also shouted out to James “YOU ARE THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS!!!!” in a video where they appear to be exercising together.

Jennifer Holland Height

Beautiful Jennifer Holland stands 5′ 5″ (1.65 meters) tall. She is naturally blonde and her eyes are the lovely shades of blue and hazel just like her beau.

Jennifer Holland Family

Jennifer Holland lost her parents early. Her father passed away when her brother Bill Holland was only 10.

In June 2021, Bill took to his Instagram to share a few memories that he and Jennifer had of their parents. He talked about how he and Jennifer think about them often. “Next time you’re at the house we should go through our photos in storage!”, Jennifer had written to her brother in the comment box.

Recalling her mother Jennifer also opened up that Mother’s Day is always a difficult day for her.

Another person in the family is Jennifer Lori U’ilani Holland, Jennifer’s sister-in-law, and Bill’s partner, of Kaneohe, Hawaii.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Jennifer Holland?

Born on 9 November 1987, Jennifer Holland turned 34 in 2021.

  • Where Was Jennifer Holland Born?

Jennifer Holland was born and raised outside of Chicago, Illinois in the United States.

  • Is Jennifer Holland On Instagram?

Yes. Jennifer Holland could be found on Instagram and as of 19 February 2022, the account @jenniferlholland entertained 257K followers.

Jennifer also occasionally posted on Twitter @jennlholland (78.2K followers).

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