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Jenny Appleford Family: Mother, Father, Husband

Meet the family of social media influencer Jenny Appleford.

In October 2023, Jenny broke the heartwrenching news that she was living her last days as a cancer patient to her fans via YouTube Live. Let us shed some light on the people who have seen her in her best and worst days and were fighting alongside her in this ordeal.

Here we bring you information about her mother, father, husband, and siblings. So, tag along and read all that we know about them.

Jenny Appleford Family

Jenny Appleford belongs to a family of five who live in Alta Loma, California. She was born on 6 June 1987 which makes her 36 years of age.

Her parents are named Warren and Karen Woodall. She has one sister named Ashley Horton and a brother named Michael Woodall.

When opening up about being diagnosed with cancer, Jenny saw the beacon of hope through her family. In June 2021, Jenny posted on her Facebook, “With the help of family, friends, and doctors, I’ve learned that cancer does not need to equal death and that I had a chance to possibly beat cancer. This was so foreign to my brain because of the pain cancer caused me in the past. Knowing that I had an opportunity to battle cancer and possibly have more time with my family meant so much to me. I knew that I would fight as hard as I could… and I have.”

In parts, she added, “Seeing my babies smile, my husband’s love for them— as well as for me, and the incredible amount of support I have received from family, friends, neighbors, and strangers helps me live with cancer. Life with cancer seems a little less difficult now. I know that I have a rough path ahead, but I can always count on finding the glasses again and knowing that I am surrounded by people who are constantly willing to help me find them.”

Furthermore, Jenny was one of the three children born to Karen and Warren. She has one older brother named Michael Woodall.

When Michael turned 30 in August 2014, Karen posted, “My precious firstborn child turns 30 today! You have been and still are an amazing son and friend! You are simply said a blessing sent from heaven! I love you, son! Happy birthday!”

Hence, in 2023, Michael is 39 years of age.

Then there is her sister Ashley Horton who has been very supportive throughout her cancer journey. Ashley who was born in October 1988 turned 35 in 2023. She started a GoFundMe page for Jenny in March 2022 after lung cancer materialized to her brain. In June 2023, she provided updates on the GFM page.

She wrote, “Unfortunately, in May 2023 Jenny’s scan revealed cancer progression and a reoccurrence of the pleural effusion which meant it was time to end the clinical trial medication. Jenny has also had 3 new small brain lesions found on a recent brain MRI, and the lesions are continuing to be monitored by her oncology team. Jenny’s oncology team has started Jenny on an FDA-approved target drug for her specific gene mutation.”

But, Ashley was gratified that Jenny’s YouTube family has grown “and has been a huge source of strength for her through this cancer journey. The gratitude I have for her YouTube family is indescribable. Jenny’s YouTube family has given her hope when times were dark, encouragement when she has been defeated, and love when she needed it most. So, thank you for your continuous support to Jenny and Kyle, you all have been such a driving force to help her keep fighting this cancer.”

The GoFundMe page raised $155,164 out of the $100,000 goal.

Fun Fact: Jenny and Ashley got married on the same day (26 July 2014) to their respective spouses. You can check out the video of their wedding via the link.

Who Is Jenny Appleford Mother?

Jenny Appleford calls Karen Evans Woodall her mother. Karen who was born in 1962 is currently 61 years old. She calls Alta Loma, California her hometown.

According to her Facebook, Karen worked at the FUSD and went to Fontana High.

You can find her on Facebook here. In February 2012, Karen shared that she was so proud of Jenny for buying her first new car.

Talking about how proud Karen is of her children, she also added in a post from 2010, “I am so proud of my children. Ashley at school and her latest…Doing Vegan Daily with Brad…And please check out Isaak and Jenny’s website for their soon-to-be-comin vegan grocery store. Jenny designed the logo it is a cow then a pig then a chicken and the smallest part is a fish. I am so blessed!! And don’t forget I have a great son Michael who is the apple of my eye.”

Jenny also gushed about her mother in July 2021’s very lengthy post after she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She started the post, “My mom always told me that I “see the world through rose-colored glasses”, and it’s true, I love to see the good in life. When I was diagnosed with cancer, it felt like someone pulled my glasses off and crushed them.”

Making another revelation regarding Karen, Jenny added in parts, “My closest experience with cancer was the death of my Auntie Kimi, and it has been a part of me ever since. She was my mom’s twin and I always saw her as my second mom, because she was a big part of my life and took part in raising me.”

Who Is Jenny Appleford Father?

Jenny Appleford’s dad is named Warren Woodall. Currently 61 years old, Warren was born in September 1962.

According to Jenny’s mom Warren has been retired since 2017. Karen wrote, “2 years of retirement and Warren is still working harder than ever! Warren is such a Godsend!.”

Jenny Appleford Husband

Jenny Appleford has been happily married to her husband Kyle Apple since 26 July 2014. The married couple shares two children together named Ellis and Winnie.

“We told the kids I’m dying” a video was uploaded in July 2023. Kyle added that their son Ellis was “clinging onto the hope that there could be a miracle.” He justified his and his wife’s choice to tell their kids, saying, “It takes a lot of courage to be honest with them because it’s a scary thing to say but this is the route and I’m glad we did it.”

Jenny revealed at the time that her daughter Winnie was “struggling” with the news. She said: “We wanna get her some help because I can’t imagine how hard it is as a 4-year-old going through this … She seems to completely understand — it’s a bummer.”

Jenny has recently sadly expressed her aspirations for the future following her passing. Her husband is free to get married again and fall in love again, she said. Jenny told fans: “I want him to be happy so let him be happy. I’ll be an angel sparkling in the sky. I’ll be sparkling over you guys when you get a glimmer of light in your eyes, it’s me saying ‘hi.’”

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Jenny Appleford Family Reside?

Jenny Appleford’s parents are now residing in Fontana, California. Her siblings appear to be living in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

  • Are Jenny Appleford Family Members On Instagram?

Only Jenny Appleford’s sister seems to be on Instagram. Ashley’s IG is currently private.

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