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Jeong Ji Woo Bio, Boyfriend, Age, Nineteen to Twenty

Meet Jeong Ji Woo from Netflix’s Ninteen To Twenty. She was one of the most popular among the boys in the show and loved by viewers of the show too. Learn more about her in this bio.

Keep scrolling down as we attempt to unfold more information about her.

Jeong Ji Woo On Netflix’s Nineteen to Twenty

In the show, Ji Woo is very open about her strengths. She frequently asserts her ability to perform. Some people didn’t believe her when she said she was a huge soccer lover, but she insists on it. She genuinely looks to have the greatest “game” out of all the girls, which makes her very well-liked by the show’s male cast.

She has acknowledged that she fakes being terrified, that she is already in a relationship, and that she is skilled at creating inside jokes with the guys. Although Ji Woo is “charming” with every guy, the other girls appear to err on the side of acting like friends to the boys, which is why she appears to have the broadest radar.

According to her bio, “She lives in Hwaseong and her dream is to become a flight attendant so she can experience many cultures and meet various people. She describes herself as someone who is quite popular. ‘People say I’m pretty and cute when they first meet me so they show interest and they say they like me because I’m thoughtful.’ ”

What Is Jeong Ji Woo Doing Today?

After the show’s premiere, she along with her fellow cast members interviewed with Elle Korea. She shared a few things about her in the interview. From the interview, we get to know that she is a BTS army and a fan of Son Heung-min. She wants her 20s to be remembered as “a child who grows into an adult who enjoys it more than anyone else.”

Ji Woo’s dream is to be a stewardess. Her favorite place to be in Seoul, SK is Seongsu-dong because she feels that “all buildings have emotions.” As a 19-year-old who turned 20, the best advice she could give was, “Do your best in anything! It’s the final step to becoming a great adult, so fighting until the end.”

But her fame from the show allegedly hasn’t been kind to her. There were rumors on Twitter that Ji Woo was blocking people because she started to get hated.

Jeong Ji Woo Boyfriend

In the show, Jeong Ji Woo caught the attention of three guys but linked with Lim Jung Yun, the aspiring actor. The other two boys were Lee Ji Min and Moon Se Yeon. Despite their apparent contrasts in how they behave after drinking, they both have comparable senses of humor.

Jung Yun also tells Ji Woo that he could have become a master climber by now if it wasn’t for her showing how he feels about her.

One fan on Reddit wrote of their connection, “Jiwoo and Jungyun are slowly turning to be my favorites this season. It was so heart-fluttering to see them interact with each other and get courageous after drinking alcohol. I don’t know if they will be the endgame but I really hope they go on a date at least once.”

In episode 13, Ji Woo talked to Se Yeon and their conversation left some of the viewers in tears. Ji Woo gave a proper closure to Se Yeon and was completely transparent about rejecting him. Se Yeon had cried over Ji Woo and also professed his feelings for her.

One fan on Reddit wrote, “In terms of the jiwoo seyeon, my heart breaks a little as it feels like jiwoo wasn’t really there during the date, you can tell she’s thinking about jungyun during the whole time which is quite sad to see. I’m starting to question whether or not seyeon will be able to use his dream date after jungyun uses his. Hopefully, if that’s the case, he uses the dream date on Seoyeong and the two of them just go out and have fun. My heart is on a whole other level of broken for seoyeong.”

However, other viewers find her a bit manipulative. They wrote, “Am I the only one that finds Jiwoo a bit manipulative? I feel she often puts on an act to be “charming” to males versus being genuine..anyone else sees this lol”

Jeong Ji Woo Age

In 2023, Jeong Ji Woo is 20 years old.

Jeong Ji Woo Height

Jeong Ji Woo’s height measures under 5 feet 6 inches. A few of her fans have compared her to the actress Moon Chae Won. Others thought that she looked a lot like singer-songwriter Bibi.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jeong Ji Woo Birthday?

Unfortunately, Jeong Ji Woo’s birthday is not available at this moment.

  • Where Does Jeong Ji Woo Reside?

Jeong Ji Woo lives in Hwaseong, South Korea.

  • Is Jeong Ji Woo On Instagram?

Yes, Jeong Ji Woo is on Instagram with 75.5K followers (@jiwoo.o_1).

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