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Noh Hee Ji Bio, Dating, Age, Today, Nineteen to Twenty

Noh Hee Ji has been admired as the most admirable cast member of Netflix Korea’s reality show Nineteen to Twenty. Get to know more about her as this article proceeds.

Is she dating today? How old is she? Where is she today? We tackle some of these questions below.

Noh Hee Ji On Netflix’s Nineteen to Twenty

Noh Hee Ji grew up wanting to be a Pilates instructor because her mother was one. She enjoys working out, especially running, lifting, and cycling. She admitted that she is friendly and approachable around both men and women, which helps her make friends quickly. She feels as though she lost her high school experience because of the epidemic, which is why she’s thrilled to recreate what might have been through this show.

Speaking with Elle Korea, Hee Ji shared that “Travel Class! It was a vicarious satisfaction, so I continued to smile while taking classes” was the helpful teaching from Nineteen Schools. She added that “When I went from being 19 to 20, I thought I had to become an adult. When I turned 20, I only had a resident registration card and a driver’s license.”

To a 19-year-old Hee Ji wants to say, “Guys, sleep is the most important thing! Plug in your smartphone charger before going to bed and sleep right away without scrolling.”

Hee Ji before the show premiered posted on her IG, “Our twenty nineteen 🤍 The last of the teens First love in my twenties Reality of youth sugar addiction❤️ #열아홉스물 #NinteentoTwenty #netflix.” After the premiere of the final episodes of the show, she wrote, “I was happy #열아홉스물 행복(o 던o)シ.”

What Is Noh Hee Ji Doing Today?

As of today, per her IG posts, No Hee Ji is promoting Nineteen To Twenty. She has been posting about her time in the show and her fellow cast members.

She named La La Land as a film that expressed her emotion. She added, ” I like the free feeling in the tap dance scene.” She loves Alan Walker’s music as she enjoys playing it while riding a bike. Her favorite pop culture figure is Mr. Hyeja Kim.

About her dreams, Hee Ji said it is to “live doing whatever you want to do.”

Also, Hee Ji is very close to her mom. The mom-daughter duo shares a love of cycling which is also one of her jobs.

Is Noh Hee Ji Dating Anyone?

No, Noh Hee Ji hasn’t updated her current relationship status. But in the show, she formed a strong bond with Kim Pyeong Seok.

Fans of the show admired her for taking care of everybody and helping to give advice. The viewers are also happy about the pair. One wrote, “Heeji and Pyeongseok truly took the cake as the cutest couple. I really love how the girls became so close to each other. And omg — when PS cried at the end I was so emotional!”

Another viewer took to Reddit and wrote, “I don’t think there is a need to comment about Pyeongseok and Heeji; they are literally the cutest couple. I hope it works out for them since it will be a long-distance relationship. Similar to what others are saying, this show perfectly captures the youth’s life.”

After watching Ep. 11, another fan added, “A much more lighthearted episode than the last as always the heeji pyeongseok couple is like a ray of sunshine in the confused 20 house. It is cute seeing pyeongseok care so much about heeji in this episode and it shows how much the two have progressed in their feelings toward one another.”

Another Fan who shipped them wrote, “That lakeside date was so heart-fluttering, and their skinship came naturally. He’s a bit of a worrywart but it showed that she’s occupied a large space in his heart. I swear every scene of them spending time together puts a smile on my face. AND THAT PECK ON THE CHEEK!! 행복하세요!!”

Noh Hee Ji Age

As of Aug 2023, Noh Hee Ji is 20 years old.

Noh Hee Ji Height

Hailed by many as the most beautiful on Nineteen to Twenty, No Hee Ji’s height measures under 5 feet 6.5 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Noh Hee Ji Birthday?

Unfortunately,  Noh Hee Ji’s birthday is not available at this moment.

  • Where Does Noh Hee Ji Reside?

Noh Hee Ji appears to be residing in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

  • Is Noh Hee Ji On Instagram?

Yes, Hee Ji is on Instagram and has been able to gather a whopping 154K followers. Here is her IG handle (@no._.easy).

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