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Jeremy Renner Parents: Lee Renner And Valerie Cearley

New Year 2023 was not at all welcoming for our favorite American actor Jeremy Renner. The Mayor of Kingstown star got injured during an accident while attempting to plow snow outside his home in Lake Tahoe. He thus underwent surgery as he suffered “blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries”. On the 1st day of 2023, his spokesperson told the news channels that he is in critical but stable condition with injuries suffered after experiencing a weather-related accident while plowing snow earlier that day. The two-time Oscar nominee’s envoy also told that Jeremy’s family is with him and he is receiving excellent care.

In the meantime, let us break down to you who Jeremy’s parents are.

Who Are Jeremy Renner’s Parents?

Jeremy Renner was born on 7 January 1971 in Modesto, California, to Valerie Cearley (née Tague) and Lee Renner.

More recently, as under-recovery Jeremy awaited his 52nd birthday, he was said to have his family keeping watch of him until he is out of the danger zone. Some media outlets particularly cited that his family has been keeping a vigil at his bedside. This ‘family’ also should include his parents, especially his mother, who he gets his tough look from.

Jeremy, so you know, is of Irish, German, English, Swedish, Scottish, Irish, Panamanian/Jamaican/African-Caribbean, and remote French. The Irish part he acquired from his beautiful mother.

Meet Lee Renner, Jeremy Renner’s Father

Jeremy’s father Lee John Renner was also a very good parent. Today, when recalling his memories Jeremy can not thank him enough for all he did. He raves about things like he is inspired by him as he is in every cell in his body and every thought he thinks. Of course, we also learned that he always called him “pops”.

  • Is Lee Renner Still Alive?

Unfortunately, for the family, Lee Renner was no more.

  • Lee Renner Age

Yet, one could not tell what year he left and how old he was at the time. However, he sure was around when Jermy’s daughter/his granddaughter, Ava Berlin Renner was maybe around six.

The patriarch was likely born in on September 9, 1948, to Ruth Ann Simpson and Oscar Harrison “Art” Renner.

  • Lee Renner Job

All that has been understood about Lee Renner’s job/career is that he used to manage McHenry Bowl, a Modesto bowling alley, in the 1980s.

Meet Valarie Cearley, Jeremy Renner’s Mother

Jeremy Renner’s mother is not only a “rockstar mom” but also the rock of the family. Jeremy tells this time and again that he would not be who he is today without her. Yet, it is not just him who is grateful every day for her love and guidance. The whole family is.

One time before Jeremy was fixing his mother’s condo and he felt like saying that she is the one who holds the family together. About fixing a place for her, he said because she wants to be around all the grandkids and the space would be just perfect for her. Her whole life, he said, has been committed to all her kids and now her grandkids. So, Jeremy and his siblings make sure that they take care of her in the best possible way.

Jeremy literally can go on and on when talking about his mom. He said she showed him so many things by having his brothers and sisters after him. That, he said, helped him become a better parent. No doubt, he brought his mom as his date to the Oscars in 2010 when he got nominated for The Hurt Locker.

  • Is Valarie Cearley Still Alive?

Yes. Valarie Cearley for sure was alive and healthy as of early January 2022.

  • Valarie Cearley Age

Valarie Cearley was born to Eleanor Adele Warren and Elmer Edward Tague on April 11, 1952. Today she is 70 years old.

  • Valarie Cearley Job

Until 2015, both Valerie Cearley and her daughter had been working for the design firm owned and run by Valerie’s son Kyle Renner.

Related FAQs

  • How Long Were Jeremy Renner’s Parents Married?

Jeremy Renner’s parents were still just teenagers when they got married. However, they divorced when their eldest Jeremy was ten. And after that Jeremy’s dad married Lisa Millegan Renner, who according to her Facebook, is a mother and a writer.

  • How Many Kids Did Jeremy Renner’s Parents Have?

Reportedly, Jeremy Renner is the eldest of seven siblings. He is believed to have two sisters and three brothers, the youngest of whom was born in 2011 when he was 40 years old.

Sister Kym Renner and brother Kyle Renner were born to the same parents while Arthur William Renner, Theo Renner, and Clayton Renner are paternal half-brothers. Much younger than the man she married, she turned 52 in March 2022. She seemed to be based around North San Juan, California at the time of this writing.

Sister Kym, so you know, had been working at the Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services, while based in Los Angeles, so far. She turned 49 in October 2020.

The other Clayton had been working as a Machine operator at Pacific Southwest Container, at the time of this writing. Also, he was based in Modesto, California when he turned 29 on 30 July 2022.

  • Where Did Jeremy Renner’s Parents Reside?

Jeremy Renner’s father was likely based around New Jersey before he passed away. As for his mother, he was moving her from Modesto, California, to Los Angeles, in May 2020, so that it was convenient for her to live five hours closer to her children and grandchildren.

Jeremy bought the previously talked about condo for his mother.

Jeremy, on the other hand, moved to his home in Reno city, Nevada some nine years ago. He said he loved it here because of the strong community spirit and the majestic mountains.

The Avengers star first visited the area as a child during family vacations. He recalled how he would spend hours skiing. Just before getting injured recently, he had been teaching all of the children in his family how to ski in the Lake Tahoe area.




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