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Rory Millikin Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Jeremy Renner Friend

Rory Millikin is the best friend of none other than Jeremy Renner, the Avengers star. The first time they met a few years back, Rory had no idea who Jeremy was and he instead of being offended had amusingly said either they are never going to see each other again or they are going to be best friends. The two ended up becoming latter. Even better, they are now co-stars and co-producers of Rennervations on Disney+’s Rennervations.

Rennervations: Meet Rory Millikin, Jeremy Renner’s Friend & Business Partner

In Rennervations, Rory Millikin teamed up with Jeremy Renner and their crew of builders and various charitable organizations to transform decommissioned vehicles like buses and fire engines into mobile music studios, a water filtration unit, and more.

Rory, talking very highly of his famous friend, has said how Jeremy always had an idea of making the vehicles into cool business ideas geared towards either community or children, without wanting the spotlight on him. As for pulling this show off with him despite his tight turnaround, he said they just filmed all of it in real-time, without any “here’s the scene, here’s what you do”.

Since coming to know Jeremy through a mutual friend of theirs, they “kinda just sort of hit it off”, in Rory’s words.

Rory is the co-host and executive producer of Rennervations which is meant to showcase his friend’s passion for renovating vehicles and giving back to local communities. These vehicles shown in the series were all purchased at auction and stored by Rory’s friend until called upon to be turned into something completely different from what they were built to be. And Rory is his partner in all of this and more.

Rory Millikin Age

Rory C Millikin was born in October 1968. So, he turned 54 years old in 2022.

Rory Millikin Job

On LinkedIn, Rory Millikin mentions being a serial entrepreneur, award-winning inventor, creator of revolutionary technologies, multiple patent holder, and CBD & THC pioneer.

Here, he also goes on to cite that he has been the co-founder and president at TruCelium Inc. in British Columbia, Canada since November 2021.

Rory co-founded cannabis companies like Vero Naturals, cannabisMD, Gods Greenery, and Miraculo.

Plus, he continues to be the founder of OilGuards & SpinFresh, where he invented, patented, and received the highest awards for innovative commercial food technologies that are used by companies including McDonalds, A&W, George Foreman Brand, and The Middleby Corporation.

How Much Is Rory Millikin’s Net Worth?

Queen’s University graduating Rory Millikin reportedly had $10 million and plus net worth as of April 2023.

Rory Millikin Wife

Rory Millikin was married in the past to Raquel Millikin of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Now Kelowna, British Columbia-based Raquel is an interior/exterior decorator/designer at Isabey Interiors – Interior Design and Home Decor. She is also the mother of Rory’s three kids. These kids Rory says are his greatest joys. On social media, one can see glimpses of him together with them now and then.

Also, it appears Rory and his ex-wife were already separated by September 2014. At the time, Rory had taken to social media to talk about a weekend project that he did at his ex-wife’s basement for the kids. He wrote that it turned out pretty well given he had “no frigging idea” what he was doing.

Some unknown time after Rory and Raquel separated, the other moved on and got married again to this man called David Pfuetzner.

So, with his ex-wife, Rory shares three children two daughters and a son. Their youngest is London and she was actually the only one seen at Rory and Jeremy’s Rennervations premiere recently in April 2023.

Sophia, on IG @sophiamillikin, is a Bachelor of Science student at the University of British Columbia – Okanagan Campus. In 2018, when her family was so very proud of her when she and her team won the Bronze Medal in the British Columbia Provincial Soccer Tournament. Jackie, her brother, is also into soccer it seems.

Jackie was 17 years of age until June of 2022.

Rory Millikin Girlfriend

Rory Millikin also dated seemingly a few after his and Raquel’s marriage broke apart. One of them was Kristin Leigh Pagel. And he started seeing her on 4 December 2013. This event of his life, he even had bragged about on Facebook. Again, on their one-year anniversary later, the couple was seen celebrating the occasion at Sparkling Hills Resort. Afterward, Rory was not seen together with the Geneva, Illinois native on social media.

Also, at the time of this writing, he cited his relationship status as ‘single’ on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Rory Millikin From?

Rory Millikin originally hails from Calgary. If you don’t know, it is a cosmopolitan Alberta city with numerous skyscrapers, also known to be the center of Canada’s oil industry.

As of 2023 though, he had been residing around Kelowna, British Columbia.

Yes. Rory is a Canadian and a proud one.

  • How Tall Is Rory Millikin?

Rory Millikin stands above 6’2” in height.

  • Is Rory Millikin On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Rory Millikin was on Instagram and Facebook as of 16 April 2023. His IG @officialrorymillikin included 40 posts and 1,081 followers and he also showed a few glimpses of his life on ‘Rory Millikin’ Facebook.

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