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Jess Jardim Bio, Ethnicity, Height, Age, Job, Love In The Flesh

Jess Jardim virtually dated Kwame Boateng for 5 long years — all the while, without meeting or even seeing him live on a video call. So, it was about time this hopeless romantic made a bold move to confront him, and her story was all featured on Love In The Flesh.

Get to know her better as this Jess Jardim Bio proceeds.

Love In The Flesh: Are Jess Jardim And Kwame Boateng Still Together?

At the time of writing this article, it was unclear if Jess Jardim and Kwame Boateng were still together.

The duo first connected 5 years before they filmed Love In The Flesh. Surprisingly, the two never Facetimed each other successfully because Kwame wouldn’t agree to appear on the screen. So, it was only natural Jess felt like she was being catfished.

But little did Jess know that Kwame was a high flyer. He’s got his big plans for earnings and didn’t want his other half to be interested in him for the wrong reasons.  Also, he shared that he didn’t want his successes and city boy lifestyle to give the wrong impression.

Another reason why Kwame avoided seeing/meeting Jess was that he believed that he looked better in real life and wouldn’t want to disappoint her before they met in person.

However, as much as Jess had doubts about him, she also know that Kwame was the perfect man for her. A family man who always lived with his parents, Kwame was undoubtedly the perfect match for the single mom. In fact, Jess shared that she knew Kwame before she got pregnant. But Kwame is unfazed a little by this revelation.

Letting her followers in on the secret, Jess took it to her IG on March 12, 2022, to write, “THE SECRET IS FINALLY OUT.  I’m so excited for being part of #loveintheflesh on @bbcthreeHosted by @zara_mcdermott.”

Also, a day before the Love In The Flesh’s premiere on March 25, she promoted the show over IG captioned, “WHO IS READY FOR TOMORROW NIGHT.”

Joining Jess and Kwame this season were their co-stars — Christos and Niki, Millie and Shelby, Hannah and Brandon, and Chibz and Shazelle.

What Do We Know About Jess Jardim Family?

Jess Jardim comes from a family of at least four — her parents, herself, and her brother.

Unfortunately, Jess’s father Lucio Neves Jardim passed away on April 25, 2021, after a long battle with cancer. His obituary wrote that Lucio enjoyed making jokes, being the comedian to put a smile on his family and friends’ faces. He was a hard-working man “whose motivation to get better and continue fighting was looking forward to going back to work.”

As per Jess, her father was her hero. “I always wanted to be a great human being like you,” she wrote in his memory. Also, Jess shared she was there when he took his last breath, and that moment still haunts her.

Jess even hosted a GoFundMe fundraiser for her father’s funeral in April 2021, which garnered over $3 thousand then.

Other members of Jess’s family include —  Steven Jardim, Guida Jardim, and Guida’s two beautiful kids.

Talking about kids, Jess’ son was 3 years old in 2022. It was also after his birth, Jess’ dating game drastically changed.

Information about Jess’ baby daddy wasn’t available.

Jess Jardim Height

Jess Jardim stands tall at a height under 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Jess has long face, curly hair, and tattoos over her hands, chest, and thigh.

Is Jess Jardim On Instagram?

Yes, as of March 2022, find Jess over Instagram @jessica_ajx with 3.2K followers.

Also, here’s her Facebook @jesslovessu, Twitter @Jessica_ajx, and TikTok @jessica_ajx

Jess Jardim Age

Jess Jardim was 24 years of age when she first filmed Love In The Flesh. But she was 25 when the show premiered in 2022.

She is four years younger than her love interest Kwame.

Jess Jardim Job

Jess Jardim is a carer. She’s been independent ever since she was young. However, not many details about her job were revealed.

In case you’re intrigued, a carer in the UK made around $32 thousand per annum. So, this was probably how much Jess earned as well.

On the other hand, her boyfriend, Kwame Boateng Jnr is an award-winning entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Laundrycheck, a laundry company based in London. Their mission was to build the best way to receive laundry and dry cleaning without having to rush to local dry cleaners. 

Before that, Kwame was the lead project manager of Aspiring Kings from Sept 2017 to Sept 2018.

As for his education, Kwame has a biology degree from the University of Westminster. During her time there, Kwame also was the leader of the college boxing team.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jess Jardim Birthday?

Jess’s birthday wasn’t revealed.

  • Where Is Jess Jardim From?

She resided in Hertfordshire, England as of 2022. We’ve no idea if that’s her hometown or not.

  • What Is Jess Jardim Ethnicity?

Jess flaunts Spanish/Latin ethnicity.

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