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Tayler George Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Love After Lockup

Meet Tayler George, star of Love After Lockup. In this article, you’ll learn about her age, job, Instagram, and details on her family members.

Keep scrolling down this article to learn more about her.

Love After Lockup: Are Tayler George And Chance Pitt Still Together?

Tayler George and her boyfriend Chance Pitt, met in fact by chance. He called with an expectation to meet Tayler’s ex-boyfriend who he had been incarcerated. But, the recently single Tayler decided to keep him on the line. Chance started calling once a week which became almost every day.

And soon two of them fell in love. However, the family of both parties isn’t accepting their relationship.

Tayler George has a sister named Bobbi who isn’t getting along with Chance. She thinks that the two of them need to get along with each other for a happy future but it is not definitely looking good. Chance was also nagging Tayler during their dinner time. He starts getting cranky and even swears in front of her daughter, that’s a red flag right there.

Chance blamed his license for getting canceled for his rude behavior. He himself accepts overreacting. He also shared that he talked to a lot of girls when he and Tayler started talking but never told her that he kept their phone numbers. Tayler is annoyed just because he didn’t want her to have guy friends but he had girlfriends.

But, Tayler isn’t a saint herself and had an ex-fiance named Jake who passed away. She got his pictures all over the place which makes him wonder has Tayler moved on? Tayler had her daughter with her baby-daddy, her ex-fiance who passed away. She still sees a lot of Jake in her daughters.

Chance strongly feels that the photos should’ve been taken down before he came home.

According to Facebook, Tayler and Chance have been in a relationship since 14 January 2021. Based on the platform, Chance is very good with Tayler’s kids. They are often seen having fun together. In December 2021, Tayler shared that Chance gave him a promise ring.

One friend asked on the comment, “Is that a ring I see?” To which she replied, “it’s a promise ring he gave me a few months ago lol”.

So, the question are they still together? Yes, they are definitely together after the show. They appear on each other’s social media posts.

Chance, 41-year-old, went to prison for burglary and theft.

Tayler George Age

At the time of filming the show, Tayler George was 26 years old.

Tayler George Job

According to the show, Tayler George has been working as a payroll officer. According to, a Payroll administrator makes $63,063 a year in Missouri.

Is Tayler George On Instagram?

Yes, Tayler is available on Instagram (@tayler_chance_loveafterlockup) and Facebook (@tay.tay.giggles).

Tayler George Family

Tayler George might’ve downplayed her twin-sister Bobbie Lynn George ( She shared that Bobbie had been arrested several times since 2014. Tayler revealed, “My sister has gotten a little lost in her life. She’s been in prison for a gun charge and theft. Now I just try to keep her really close to me, but I’m worried that Chance and my sister might bump heads.”

After she was found, their mother Jodi George ( also spoke about it on Facebook. She shared, “Bobbie called her sister. I’m glad she’s OK. She hung up on me when I tried to talk to her. But at least she is OK.”

In December 2019, Bobbie was declared missing for two weeks. She was found guilty of minor stealing and criminal trespassing in July 2016. Bobbie was convicted of the criminal theft of a firearm, explosive weapon, and ammonium nitrate in November 2017. Bobbie was sentenced to prison after she violated the terms of her probation for the two offenses. She began serving her term in October 2018, but was released 14 months later and went missing.

As for her prison record, she was in a facility at Warrenton, Missouri.

Coming to her mom, Jodie currently lives in Troy, Missouri. She attended Ritenour Senior High. According to her mom’s Facebook, Tayler and Bobbie also have other two sisters Anna Lin Tucker and Anna George. She is currently in a relationship suggesting that she is no longer together with Tayler’s father.

In December 2021 post, she wrote, “People who cherish their better half, join in by posting a photo of you two together. Just a photo, no description. The goal is to flood social media with positive photos. Get to sharing your better half.”

Tayler George Height

Tayler George stands tall at the height of 5 feet 6 inches. She has multiple tattoos on her body which is her distinct feature.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Tayler George Birthday?

Tayler celebrates her birthday on 17 May.

  • Where Does Tayler George Reside?

Tayler George’s current residence is Elsberry, Missouri.

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