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Jesse Sullivan Gender, Before, Family, Francesca Farago

Meet Jesse Sullivan, the boyfriend of Perfect Match star Francesca Farago. Are they really a couple? For how long have they been dating each other? What is his gender? Who are his family members?

Read all about him as you scroll down.

Are Jesse Sullivan And Francesca Farago Still Together?

Yes, Jesse Sullivan and Francesca Farago are still together. In fact, they have been together since August 2021. In early July of 2022, their pair celebrated their first dating anniversary. Their path crossed for the first time at TikTok Pride Trailblazers live event. “She actually interviewed me,” he told The Thing, adding that they’d also spent hours rehearsing the day before the event itself.

“It was all virtual and there were other LGBTQIA+ people being interviewed by her as well.” There was only one other person on the call for Jesse, though, even if there had been a hundred others: Francesca.

Jesse said, “I remember, the second she popped up on my screen, I was mesmerized.” But, Francesca’s look wasn’t the only thing but everything about her that blew him away. During his interview with The Thing, he struggled to put into words the connection that he felt with his girlfriend.

He told the outlet, “Some connections aren’t really explainable.” The only thing that he knew at the time was he needed to know her. Since the two began their relationship, Francesca admitted to him that she had the same feeling for her when they first met.

“[Francesca’s] told me that since the second she saw me, she said, ‘I’m going to make him my boyfriend’.”

It only makes logical that Jesse and Francesca kept in touch after the event was over given their evident mutual interest; from there, their romance grew. He told The Things, “We texted all day, every day after the live, and had 4-5 hour long phone calls, just talking.”

When describing his girlfriend at the time, he spoke his final words, “She’s honestly such a kind, sweet, beautiful soul, both inside and out.”

In 2023, Francesca appeared on the dating show Perfect Match, where he linked with Dom. They link up early on in the season and, by Episode 4, they seem like they’re endgame. However, it surprised fans to know that she is currently dating Jesse.

Jesse and Francesca also did an interview with his daughter Arlo on Interview With My Kid Ep 2.

On his Instagram, Jesse Sullivan has been making fun of Francesca’s appearance on the dating program Perfect Match. In a recent Instagram post, Sullivan made fun of the reality show Francesca was on by referring to her as his “perfect match.” “Your insta is legit just us at this point and I love it,” Francesca wrote in response to the picture of the pair in a car.

Jesse Sullivan Gender

Jesse Sullivan is a transgender man who came out a few months before COVID-19. However, he also identifies himself as nonbinary.

Jesse Sullivan Before

Jesse Sullivan Before Transition (Pic: TikTok)
Jesse Sullivan Before His Transition (Pic: TikTok)

How Old Is Jesse Sullivan?

Jesse Sullivan is 33 years old as of Feb 2023. His date of birth is 19 August 1989.

Jesse Sullivan Job: Why Is He Famous?

Jesse Sullivan rose to fame by sharing his story from a “teen mom” to a trans dad. He has a non-binary daughter named Arlo Sullivan who she gave birth to. Soon, his story flourished on TikTok and currently has 2.8 million followers. With dozens of questions shot at his way, he decided to take it as an opportunity to educate people.

“Some people will always have their mindset and you can’t change it, but I really believe the way you can change minds is by informing people,” he told PopSugar in 2021. “So I simply explain that I’m just like everyone else.” And when they still don’t understand how a closeted man who is attracted to women could possibly birth a baby, he breaks it down even more simply: “You know how in high school, how everyone tries to be straight? I just happened to get pregnant from it.”

Jesse Sullivan shared that his chosen family in Los Angeles supported him unconditionally. When he came out to his family he didn’t get the same response. “It was like, I came out as trans. They weren’t very accepting, and then I was stuck with them. It was very intense for a while.” That’s when he turned to TikTok.

“It hit me one night, that I don’t want to just show, like, ‘Oh, look, this is being trans,'” he said. “I want to show that I’m a trans man who’s given birth, I want to show my daughter. I want to show our whole story.”

Jesse also starred in the trailer for “My Transparent Life” along with celebrity makeup artist Stassi Kihm. “I also just have always wanted mine and my daughter’s story out there,” Sullivan said in the trailer of the show. “I just think no one has talked about being transparent. That story just hasn’t been told enough.”

Jesse and his daughter also host a podcast called Interview With My Kid.

Jesse Sullivan Net Worth

In 2023, Jesse Sullivan’s net worth should exceed $250 thousand.

Jesse Sullivan Family

Jesse comes from a very large and very conservative family. He has seven brothers and sisters. Speaking to Pop Sugar he said, ” I would tell my parents stuff like, ‘I feel like a boy,’ and my mom would always say: ‘You’re a tomboy. It’s OK. You’ll grow out of that.’ The reality is that I never did grow out of that. It was something that bothered me every single day. I was in the wrong body.”

Jesse Sullivan was born to his mom Diane Sullivan (@momof8sullivan). Some of his siblings are Angela Sullivan (@a_luv), August Sullivan (@august.sulli), Kat Sullivan (@kat_sulli), Samantha Sullivan (@sassysulli), Patrick Sullivan (@dudeyouresotall), David Sullivan (@davidpsullivan11).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jesse Sullivan From?

Jesse Sullivan is originally from Texas. He is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

  • Is Jesse Sullivan On TikTok And Instagram?

Indeed you can find him. Click the link to find out his TikTok and IG.

  • How Tall Is Jesse Sullivan?

Jesse stands tall at the height of 5 feet 6 inches.

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