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Jessica Banks Bio, Age, Family, Husband, Hack My Home

Hack My Home is a brand-new show on Netflix which was made available to stream starting 7 July 2023. Like the others, this renovation series involves engineering, tech, and creativity to maximize spaces. It features four experts who use their design skills to transform families’ homes. Jessica Banks, whom we shall discuss in the rest of the writing, is also a star of the show.

Jessica Banks On Netflix’s Hack My Home

In Hack My Home, four experts go to people’s homes and find them a space to “hack” with design, creativity, and tech that all is employed to maximize space. In this team, Jessica Banks is the engineering expert. The first episode for instance where they go to the house of Chuck and Melisa Westbrook, sees Jessica conferring with a former MIT classmate to use his system to help create toy storage and convert the office space to a media room for Chuck and Melisa.

Jessica in this tour is joined by Mikel Welch, who is in charge of design, Brooks Atwood, who takes care of imagination and creativity, and finally, Ati Williams, who is in charge of construction.

On June 19th (2023), Jessica, filled with excitement with a note of terror and a dose of humility, took to her Facebook to tell everyone she was going to be on Netflix. She talked about being a co-host on a home reno show about how hopeful she is that it is going to inspire a bunch of young people, especially little girls, to become engineers and inventors.

Later, when the show finally premiered she also tried to give people some personal context to the show intro. She said it all — how her childhood enthrallment with Physics eventually led her to MIT for grad school where she was in the Humanoid Robotics Group — and more. She said it was there that she learned how to machine metal.

As to if or not the 8-episode show is scripted or not — so far, it has been trusted even by the audience that it is not scripted. Especially because of the verifiable credentials Jessica and the others come with.

How Much Is Jessica Banks’s Net Worth?

Jessica Banks reportedly had above $700K net worth as of July 2023.

Per LinkedIn, Jessica has been the Advisory Board Member at (part-time) since September 2022. Also, all this while, she has never stopped being the CEO and founder at RockPaperRobot (since 2014). RockPaperRobot is an engineering and design firm specializing in kinetic furniture and lighting

So, one can say Jessica is an inventor, artist, and entrepreneur. She also is a vocal proponent of female representation in STEAM. She speaks at numerous conferences on topics ranging from science to entrepreneurship to manufacturing, and her work has been featured in over 200 media outlets.

Jessica Banks Age

Jessica L Banks was born in 1972. So, she reached the age of 51 in 2023.

Jessica Banks’s Family

Jessica’s father is Seth R Banks. On Facebook, he mentioned working at GE and studying at Syracuse University (from 1964 to 1969). Also, he marked Milwaukee, Wisconsin as his current residence and Brooklyn, New York as his hometown. Lately, in July 2023, Seth turned 77 years old. He and Geraldine B Banks, AKA Dr. Geraldine (Jeri) Banks, Jessica’s mom seemed to be married even today. The matriarch turned 75 in April of 2023. She happens to be a clinical psychologist, practicing at LifeStance Health and Cornerstone Counseling Services. She also has been the owner/president/clinical psychologist at Health Psychology Associates, s.c. of Greater Milwaukee Area since 1991.

Jessica also has a sister named Rebecca Banks. She is younger than Jessica as she turned 48 in July 2023. Rebecca always wanted to be a veterinarian, so naturally, she earned an undergraduate degree in film. After a handful of years working in independent film, her interest in animal welfare drove her to return to the classroom as a veterinary student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. There, she graduated with her doctorate of veterinary medicine in 2008 and has worked since then as both an emergency and primary care veterinarian in both Vermont and Wisconsin.

Jessica is really fond of each one of them. She also ocassionally shows them to people on social media.

How Tall Is Jessica Banks?

Jessica Banks stands below 5’5” in height.

It would not be an overstatement to call her an ageless beauty.

Jessica Banks Husband

As of 2023, Jessica Banks did not seem like someone who is married. She even did not appear to be dating anyone. And despite that, she makes us actually believe that she is living the best life possible.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jessica Banks’s Birthday?

Jessica Banks’s birthday is on April 25th, making her a Taurus.

  • Is Jessica Banks On Instagram And Facebook?

For many reasons, Jessica has said that she is not a big social media “gal”. Even so, she could still be found on Facebook and Instagram. She showed now and then glimpses from her life on ‘Jessica Banks’ Facebook.

On her IG @rockpaperrobot, which she generalized to be a science, technology, and engineering page more than anything, there were 142 posts and 7,163 followers as of 8 July 2023.

Jessica also has a quite similar page on Twitter (@jessicabanks).

  • Where Is Jessica Banks From?

Jessica Banks originally hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As of 2023 though, she had been residing in New York, New York.

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