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Jill Ashlock Bio, Age, Husband, Job, IG, Netflix Outlast

Life’s had no mercy on Jill Ashlock. “There hasn’t been anything that life has thrown at me, stampeded over me, or attempted to drown me in that I haven’t proudly survived,” she said. So, having faced all the atrocities, surviving on Netflix’s Outlast was like child’s play for her.

Keep reading this Jill Ashlock Bio to find out more.

Jill Ashlock On Netflix’s Outlast

Sixteen contestants from all over the country came together for a chance to win a stunning $1 million on Netflix’s Outlast. Their goal was to “outlast” one another and also beat the Alaskan wilderness. But here’s a twist, the participants weren’t allowed to do so solo. As per the rules, every one of these lone wolves has to be part of a team to win — which also means that egos are bound to collide.

So, our star, Jill Ashlock joined the Alpha Camp and did her best to help her team reach the top. In the group, she got along well with Amber Asay and Lee Ettinger. But unfortunately, Lee had to leave the show, making Jill feel like this was the fault of those who had exited before him, as it might have encouraged her teammate to do so.

Nevertheless, she had Amber by her side who even became her partner in crime as they sabotage other team members of the Delta team. In case you missed it, the duo was frustrated with their team lagging to build a raft and acquire crab pots from a river island. So, they decided to travel the distance on foot and wade through the river during the low tide, which increased the tensions between the girls and Justin. Thereafter, the two took advantage of the lower morale in Camps Charlie and Delta and stole all the sleeping bags from the Delta Camp.

Later, as Camps Alpha and Charlie were the only remaining ones, the latter approached Jill asking her to switch to their side. But though this would have been advantageous for her, she just couldn’t leave Amber behind, whom she considered her “spirit sister” and refused the offer.

Ultimately, Charlie Camp won, and Alpha Camp became the runner-up.

Where Is Jill Ashlock Today?

Today, Jill Ashlock is still enjoying her life as a Private Investigator and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). After Netflix, she seems to have also worked with CBS on Let’s Make A Deal and The Weather Channel on the Fast: Home Makeover TV Series.

But though the filming for Outlast has been long wrapped up, she still misses Alaska. “A piece of my soul was left in Alaska,” she said a day before the world got a glimpse of her life there on TV. “How you perceive reality TV can be quite manipulated, remember you’re only seeing a portion of thousands and thousands of hours of filming. Don’t be so quick to pass your judgment in the first episode,” she also warned her followers on IG.

Jill Ashlock Age

Jill Ashlock’s age was 42 years of age as of March 2023. 

But Jill was a year younger when she filmed the show.

Is Jill Ashlock On IG And Facebook?

As of March 2023, Jill Ashlock was on Instagram @thegypsyrambler with 233 followers.

Also, here’s her Facebook @JillNAshlock, TikTok @thegypsyrambler, and Twitter @Jillashlock.

Jill Ashlock Husband

Jill Ashlock married her husband Kyle Ashlock on June 4, 2008. The last we saw them together was in Feb 2023  at the “Drumming for Peace” event at Terrapin Hill Farm by Terrapin Hill Master Beaters.

Her husband, Kyle is a pilot and a motorcycle enthusiast who seemed to own his private place and of course a bike. Find him on Instagram @kyle.ashlock.79 and Facebook @kyle.ashlock.3.

Kyle A turned 43 in October 2022.

As for their kids, Jill and Kyle share three little ones — one of who graduated from High School in 2022.

Also, she’s now a grandmother who takes delight in teaching her granddaughter new skills.

Did you know: Jill has co-piloted a plane alongside her husband.

Jill Ashlock Job

In 2023, Jill Ashlock mentioned that she was a “PA, General lead, Actress” at The Weather Channel, and an Actress at CBS.

Prior to that, she was a participant in Netflix’s Outlast. And long before that, she used to model at Ross Dress for Less and Harley-Davidson and worked as an actress at Lunacy Productions.

Also, she was the Archery Director at Chickasaw Archery Club.

When Jill’s not working, she likes fishing and going archery. But her hobbies are more than a passion for her. She won numerous fishing competitions, and in archery, she was ranked first in her state for the sport. Also, Jill seems interested in wall-climbing and motorcycles.

As for her education, Jill is a University of Louisville graduate.

Trivia: Jill’s reportedly a firefighter who has taught wilderness survival classes as well.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jill Ashlock From?

She hails from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and still resided there as of 2023.

The house she lives in is built and designed by her.

  • When Is Jill Ashlock Birthday?

Jill Ashlock celebrates her birthday on October 11 and is of the Libra zodiac.

  • How Tall Is Jill Ashlock?

Jill Ashlock stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 4 inches (163cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Jill has brown hair and eyes and a fit body.

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