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Jim Hustead Bio, Age, Job, Kat Foster Husband, Who Is He?

Meet Jim Hustead, husband of Kat Foster. Kat is starring in ABC’s yet-untitled The Rookie spinoff that is set to premiere on 24 April 2022. Kat, also known for her work in the sitcom Till Death, plays agent Casey Fox, a rule follower who knows how to work the system to get the best assignments.

Now, get to know Kat’s “main squeeze” and hubby Jim Hustead and their life together in the rest of the writing.

Meet Jim Hustead, Kat Foster’s Husband

Kat, with the full name ‘Kathryn Davidametja Foster’ and nickname ‘Kitty Kat’, married Jim Hustead sometime in 2018, as per IMDB. But, Jim had not yet updated his ‘engaged to Kat’ relationship status on Facebook. On 2 July 2017-night, Jim had asked Kat to marry him.

Then, on the 16th of August in 2018, they welcomed a daughter, who they named August Emilia Hustead, into their lives. It then took the couple until January 2019 before they had their first day-date since the baby was born. Kat, at the time, shared on her Instagram how they took a long walk, had some brunch, wrote a few pages of intentions for the New Year, and sealed them with a kiss.

Jim and Kat have had this yearly tradition when every year on the 1st of January they take some time to write their intentions for the upcoming year. First, they review the year before, highs, lows, and in-betweens, then they write down their intentions for the next one, practical, material, emotional, spiritual (not in that order).

By the look of things, this duo has been together since at least July 2014.

Jim Hustead Age

Jim Hustead celebrates his birthday on the 2nd of October. So, on this day in 2021, he turned 43 years old.

Jim Hustead Job And Career

In May 2021, when Jim Hustead graduated from the University of Southern California with an MS in Integrated Technology, Design, and the Business of Innovation, his wife almost shrieked the news to her people on the internet. She explained how Jim, who barely graduated high school and never went to college, graduated from grad school. She said that it was because of Jim being smart, charismatic, diligent, driven, determined, innovative, creative, self-aware, talented, brave, and unreasonable, that the impossible was possible. Kat went on to describe that Jim accomplished the degree all the while being a loving and devoted husband and father, and while growing tech companies full-time as a consultant, then a director, and now, as a COO.

From January 2021 through January 2022, Jim worked as a full-time chief operating officer at Field Day.

Now, a further concise timeline of his career.

He started at CristCat Group as a director of operations and was there from Nov 1997 until Dec 2003; partner/corporate development of Entropy Collective from November 2008 through January 2017; full-time chief creative officer at MidCourse Hospitality Group (July 2004 – August 2018); strategic advisor/consultant of various start-up businesses and enterprises (January 2005 – October 2019); creative director/designer at Age Old Trade DesignAge Old Trade Design (June 2014 – October 2019); strategic advisor of Uber (January 2018 – Oct 2019); director, head of operations at Uber Works (September 2019 – August 2020).

Jim’s wife Kat also had many non-acting jobs, including waitress, bartender, a cocktail waitress at a strip club, and a mover, before she found a more stable career in acting. Born in Oakland, California, she graduated from The College Preparatory School before studying acting at the New York University Tisch School of the Arts. Growing up, her father managed bands and so she got to dance “The Nutcracker” with the San Francisco Ballet.

Is Jim Hustead On Instagram?

One could give Jim Hustead a follow on Instagram @jimhustead where he had 446 posts and 1,033 followers as of 16 April 2022. But the page was set to private, unlike his wife’s @iamkatfoster.

Jim Hustead Family

Jim’s mother is Jean Louise Hustead and his father is Robert Hustead. The folks are likely still married and together and based in Newport Beach, California.

Robert originally hails from Santa Monica, California. While Jean Louise happens to be the managing partner/co-owner of DreamMakers 24/7 Global LLC. Also, back in the day, Jean went to Kings Garden high school; studied at Pacific Lutheran University and the University of Washington.

Then, for siblings, Jim has a brother called Grant Hustead and two sisters Amanda Hustead James and Angela Hustead Wagnon. Each one of Jim’s siblings seemed married and Angela of Grand Terrace, California, went to Fontana High; studied Surveying Apprenticeship at Santa Ana Community College; worked at Guida Surveying, Inc.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jim Hustead From?

On Facebook, Jim Hustead marks Los Angeles, California both as his current city and hometown.

  • How Tall Is Jim Hustead?

Jim Hustead stands above 6 feet tall in height.

  • How Much Is Jim Hustead’s Net Worth?

Jim Hustead reportedly held more than $800K as his net worth as of April 2022. From his last job as a COO, he should have likely made $198,222 on average, with additional cash compensation of $44,557 and average total compensation of $242,779, which is of course according to’s estimation.

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