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Meet Actor Octavio Pisano Wife, Jessica Christine Maria!

Meet Jessica Christine Maria, the wife of actor Octavio Pisano.

Among all the other TV shows, Octavio is best known for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He had joined the show as a replacement for Jamie Gray Hyder, who played Katriona Azar “Kat” Tamin. In the show, he played the role of Detective Joe Velasco. Octavio joined the show in season 23.

His character was born in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, and grew up in an abusive environment. His late father often beat him with a belt that he still carries to this day. Despite a difficult life and a history of criminal activity, he crossed the border at the age of 14 in the hopes of a new beginning. After enrolling in the New York Police Academy and meeting Chief McGrath, he did just that.

From here on, you’ll be learning about his wife. Scroll down this article to explore details about Jessica Christine Maria.

Meet Actor Octavio Pisano Wife, Jessica Christine Maria

Actor Octavio Pisano is married to his likely wife Jessica Christine Maria. Per Jessica’s Facebook post, they have been together at least since April 2011. In June 2021, Jessica was tagged in a photo of a wedding dress boutique which was posted on Instagram. It has been almost a year since she said yes to the dress.

Based on that, they must be married by now.

The post also featured her husband Octavio and their daughter Olivia. They had their daughter in early May of 2015.

A brief introduction of her husband, Octavio is an American actor who has built a career in movies and TV shows. Initially, he played minor roles in TV shows and films such as Jacked, East Los High, El Quetzal de Jade, Touched, Powder and Gold, and a few other on-screen works.

He landed his first big break when he landed the part of Julius / Randal Holmes / Julius Escada Jr. in the TV show If Loving You Is Wrong he appeared in 38 episodes from 2014 to 2017.

Some of his mentionable works to date are iLove, Narco Soldiers, Feral State, Coyote, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

The Mark Land Studio defined Octavio as “Octavio Pisano is relentless in his pursuit of personal truth. He will not settle for natural when authentic is possible. A savage artist heart.”

Jessica Christine Maria Age

Jessica Christine Maria’s age shouldn’t be more than 34 years old. Meanwhile, her husband Octavio Pisano was born on 25 May 1986. He is 35 years old as of 2022. In the meantime, Jessica recently celebrated her birthday in the first week of April 2022.

Jessica Christine Maria Job

Jessica Christine Maria joined Wiggle & Work in June 2019. Wiggle & Work is a daycare based in Los Angeles, California.

She promotes her follower to be adventurous and nature-loving on her socials. Her Facebook is mostly related to spending time close to nature. In addition, she also posts facts related to wildlife including different animals, birds, and insects. A lot of the content that she shared on her social is also related to being a mother and child-rearing. She shares the post in order to motivate her followers about what a mother should know.

Over a decade ago, Jessica Christine Maria used to paint a lot. She even had a home studio filled with paintings. She admired artists such as Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo.

Is Jessica Christine Maria On Instagram?

Jessica Christine Maria is on Instagram (@jessica.christine.maria) and Facebook (@jessica.c.maria).

What Is Jessica Christine Maria’s Maiden Name?

Per her Facebook, Jessica Christine Maria’s maiden name is Padilla.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Jessica Christine Maria?

Per IMDB, Octavio Pisano is 6 feet tall, which means he is at least 4 inches taller than his wife Jessica whose height measures below 5 feet 7 inches.

  • Where Is Jessica Christine Maria From?

Jessica, according to her Facebook, is a native of Los Angeles, California.

  • What Do We Know About Jessica Christine Maria Family?

Jessica Christine Maria is the daughter of Elizabeth Ann Lopez and Mark Edward Padilla.

Her mother Elizabeth is a lover of nature and often posts about similar topics. She admires the work of her son-in-law in Law & Order and posts about it on her Facebook. In November 2021, Jessica’s mom posted on her Facebook, “Law and Order SVU. So proud of Detective Velasco!”.

Elizabeth is on Facebook (@Elo318.lopez).

Meanwhile, her father, Mark is a Los Angeles, California native living in Montebello, California. He is a graduate of St. Francis High School, La Canada, CA in the Class of 1982. He studied Entrepreneurship at California State University.

Mark is currently working as a teacher at St. Joseph’s School (La Puente, California) and also working at Follow Our Lady.

Jessica’s parents are no longer together. Her father is married to her stepmother Lisa S Padilla (@lisa.s.padilla.71).

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