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Jimmy Jones [TikTok] Bio, Brianna, Age, Job, Height

TikTok star Jimmy Jones is loved for his thick accent and entertaining content. But, he went viral this time for the wrong reason. In 2021, he broke up with his girlfriend Brianna after cheating on her. And the girl with whom he cheated on Brianna, claimed that he sexually assaulted her.

So, what are these Jimmy Jones and Brianna dramas? Learn about his age, job, and his height in this Jimmy Jones [TikTok] Bio

TikTok’s Jimmy Jones And Brianna Drama

TikTok star Jimmy Jones and his now ex-girlfriend Brianna had a bad breakup. As reported, the reason behind their split included infidelity and other relationship issues. Addressing the split, he shared that he and his ex-girlfriend broke up because he had a change of heart. He told his fans that he didn’t want to have children whereas Brianna wanted to be a mother no matter what.

Jimmy then revealed that he cheated on her with another girl. This included kissing, laying down in bed with the girl he cheated with, and spending a night with her. But, he came to the main point of discussion where he addressed the rumor about assaults.

Jimmy Jones and his ex-girlfriend Brianna (Pic: Brianna’s IG)

“Now people are spreading all kinds of other stuff. Let me be very frank and clear with you right now: I’ve never assaulted, battered or harassed anybody in my whole life,” he said. “Point blank period end of story.”

“We broke up because we were on two different sides of a make-or-break decision,” he continued. He further added, “I made a mistake guys. I apologize for it, there’s nothing more I can do. I kissed a girl…but nothing else happens besides a kiss. I’m a cheater, I’ve made mistakes. I wear this necklace around my neck every day because it says the sinner. I wake up a sinner every single day, and I pray to be a better person.”

Jimmy clarified all the drama that surrounded his life by going on an Instagram live to address the situation one last time.

Talking about his ex-girlfriend, Brianna is a clothing business owner and founder of God & Country Apparel. She is on Instagram with 69.6k followers. She is already a mother with a son. Jimmy appeared in Brianna’s IG post for the last time in early September 2021 when she posted a clip of their TikTok video.

How Old Is Jimmy Jones?

TikToker Jimmy Jones was 32 years old as of early November 2021.

Jimmy Jones Job

Jimmy Jones III is in the family business of growing sweet potatoes in their Jones Farm. His father started working as a farmer as a teenager with Jimmy’s great-grandfather in 1974. They grew sweet potatoes in the middle of tobacco fields. As the story goes, the following year he had an acre of sweet potatoes and kept increasing his acreage over the years. In the early ’80s, Jones grew 30 to 40 acres and stayed under 100 acres till the ‘90s.

Then his father started buying micro propagated mother plants from NC State University in the mid-’90s, soon thereafter becoming a certified plant and seed producer. He has a separate greenhouse for each variety he gets from the North Carolina State University Micropropagation Unit.

Before entering each greenhouse, everyone goes through a double-entry area for sterilization with a fogging system that completely covers the body to eliminate insects and diseases getting into the greenhouse. “We don’t feel it’s enough to just step in a Clorox-filled tub,” Jimmy’s father said in an interview.

Carrying on the legacy, Jimmy is taking care of the family business. Before his sister got married, it was him his parents, and his sister looking after the farm. Their farming business has been featured in several online news portals. With several hundred acres of farm in Bailey, North Carolina,

Jimmy only grows sweet potatoes but rotates his crop with neighboring farmers who grow cotton, soybeans, corn, tobacco, and other traditional row crops. If farmers growing Roundup Ready cotton and soybeans get glyphosate resistance in the fields they will later plant to sweet potatoes, Jones says he will have an even bigger pigweed problem.

Besides farming, Jimmy is establishing himself as a social media content creator with accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and also YouTube.

Jimmy Jones Height

Talking about height, Jimmy stands tall to the height above 5 feet 10 inches.

Is Jimmy Jones On Instagram?

Yes, Jimmy Jones is on Instagram. His IG handle is @jimmydjonesiii which earned him 122k followers.

Related FAQs

  • When Did Jimmy Jones Join TikTok?

TikTok star Jimmy Jones posted his first TikTok in early March of 2020. So, we know that it was around that time he joined TikTok. It was the time of the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States and the time when the lockdown was in effect. So, like many people, he also joined the video creating and sharing platform.

  • Where Is Jimmy Jones From?

Jimmy Jones hailed from his hometown of Bailey, North Carolina.

  • What Do We Know About Jimmy Jones Family?

Jimmy Jones was born to his father Jim Jones Jr. and his mother Barbara Jones. Both of his parents are farmers by profession and ran The Jones Farms for nearly decades. In his family, he also has a sister named Jessica Jones William who is married. She is a mother of two daughters who appears on Jimmy’s IG and TikTok occasionally.

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