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Lora Somoza Wikipedia, James Gandolfini Ex-Fiancee, Age

Word has it (that) American actor/producer James Gandolfini’s ex Lora Somoza reportedly died in a terrible accident in 2020. No, it was not The Sopranos star who confirmed the news but The Sun that exclusively reported:

“‘IT WAS HORRIBLE’ Sopranos star James Gandolfini’s ex-fiancee Lora Somoza ‘was found dead in mom’s swimming pool’ in freak accident at 51”

Now, as we pray for the departed soul, let’s also remember who Lora Somoza was, what was her relationship like with James Gandolfini, and more in this Lora Somoza Wikipedia.

Lora Somoza Accident

So, The Sun, PageSix, and others have reported, Lora Somoza died in a “terrible accident” last year when she slipped, hit her head, and fell into a swimming pool in Los Angeles. She was at her mother Candace’s.

Lora’s astrologist/pal Zoe Moon told The Sun that it was Lora’s mother who found her. “It was horrible, a terrible accident.”

The day on the calendar had marked 5 July 2020 when beautiful, ageless Lora breathe her last air.

Is There An Obituary For Lora Somoza?

No, there doesn’t seem to be an official obituary for Lora.

Lora Somoza And James Gandolfini’s Relationship

Lora Somoza was engaged to James Gandolfini from 2003 until 2005 and had called it off when she Somoza moved away to care for her grandmother, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

They met in 2000 when Lora was an assistant to the director on the set of James’s film The Me

Lora’s Astrologist, who collaborated on podcasts and radio shows with Lora, also discussed how “madly and insanely in love, Lora and James were when they were together. “It was like a soulmate kind of thing.”

She said, what happened to Lora’s relationship with James was such a sad thing because they were both so in love with each other even at the end of their relationship.

“…even when they broke up, they were still in love with each other. They just couldn’t get past a few things. What they wanted going forward as a team was not the same thing, that’s really what broke them up.”

Zoe, who closely witnessed their affair, now regrets as both Lora and James had a very short life after they broke, she wishes, they could have found a way to stay together.

“As wild as she seemed on the outside, I think Lora was very grounding for James. She never stopped seeing him as the love of her life and never stopped loving him.”

James, when he died unexpectedly in Rome on June 19, 2013, he had been married to former model Deborah Lin for four years.

Known for his three Emmy, Screen Actors Guild, and Golden Globe award-winning performance of Tony Soprano, the Italian-American crime boss in HBO’s The Sopranos, James was expected to travel to Sicily a few days later to receive an award at the Taormina Film Fest; when his 14-year-old son Michael discovered him unconscious on the bathroom floor at the Boscolo Exedra Hotel.

How Old Was Lora Somoza?

Lora Somoza was 51 when she died — the same age at which her ex. James Gandolfini died of a fatal heart attack in 2013.

Lora Somoza Love Life Post James Gandolfini Breakup

According to Zoe, Lora Somoza when she was still in a relationship with James was ready to have kids and James was not, which is why they decided to part ways.

Speaking on this, Zoe hinted at Lora’s not so fulling love life post-James Gandolfini breakup.

“The irony was that she (Lora) went on to be in a relationship where she couldn’t have them and he (James) went on to a relationship where he did. That was just mind-boggling and really, really difficult for Lora.”

Shortly before her death, the Sun reported, she posted a photo of herself with Gandolfini and wrote: “It’s been 7 years. You will always be loved and missed. #love #missyou #rip.”

Lora Somoza Job

Again, in Zoe’s words, “Very ambitious and very driven” Lora Somoza had been working on a show idea when she passed away.

After her breakup with James, Lora pursued a career as a sex therapist, columnist and launched the podcast “Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza.”

Zoe said, Lora besides being beautiful, had a great sense of humor, was incredibly smart, and very witty. That, this great combination was the reason why she did so well with her podcast shows.

Just before her passing, she also served as the freelance writer and contributor to Cosmo For Latinas, Vivala, and The Fix.

Meanwhile, IMDB has credited her for her work on The Mexican (2001), Mousehunt (1997), and Bachelor Pad (1986).

Speaking of her education, Lora had a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature/Letters from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Lora Somoza Born?

Lora Somoza was born on 7 December 1968 in Glendale, California, in the United States.

  • Was Lora Somoza On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes! Lora Somoza was active on Instagram and Facebook.

The last post on her Instagram @betweenthesheetslora is of her dogs. Bio on the account read: “My dog is the boss of me. I write stuff good. Me talkie about the sexy stuff.”

You may as well look her up on her ‘Lora Somoza’ Facebook and Twitter @LoraSomoza.

  • Who Were Lora Somoza’s Family Members?

Lora Somoza’s dad was just as disturbed when he found out about his daughter’s death. 73-year-old Thomas Somoza, wrote in an online eulogy, “From the moment I found out that Lora had died, I was so stunned that I was almost emotionless for the first several hours.

He cited, ever since he cried multiple times every single day. “I know this is not going to stop any time soon. I loved my daughter with all my heart and she was the most precious thing in the world to me.”

Thomas or Tom, has been the owner at Golden Eagle Distributing Company, general manager at Triangle Distributing Company, as well as region administrator at Anheuser-Busch. He studied MBA at UCLA. He lives in Whittier, California.

From the look of Lora’s social media, she was very close to both her parents and spend as much of her time as she could with them.

Other than that her late grandparents were also seen on her Instagram.

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