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Who Is Jimmy Savile Secretary, Tina Davey? Her Bio, Age, Today, Career
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Jimmy Savile Secretary: Who Is Tina Davey? Her Bio, Age

Meet Tina Davey — Jimmy Savile Secretary.

Jimmy Savile, once a national hero later got recognized as Britain’s most prolific predatory sex offender after hundreds of his victims came forward with their allegations that Jimmy abused them physically. The two-part Netflix documentary attempted to explore more into that and brought viewers close to what Jimmy Savile was like via the testimony of people who either work for him or related to him.

Previously, we shared about Janet Cope, his long-term secretary. Janet also worked for him for nearly 30 years. Jimmy met Janet when she was working as a medical secretary at the National Spinal Injuries Centre in ­Buckinghamshire.

Later, she became his confidante and best friend. Like Tina, Janet also shared about Jimmy’s royal connection. She explained, “Princess Diana was fond of Jim. She’d walk around the wards then go off for a private chat with him.”

Janet also made her remarks about what she thought about Jimmy. She explained, “When Jim died I read ­comments saying he was lonely. He was not, he liked his solitude. He loved not being told by anyone else what to do. It’s why he never had a woman in his life. He was happy alone. He always said he never wanted to be married as it meant someone would be in control of his lifestyle.”

However, Janet and Jimmy ended their professional relationship in 1999. She explained, “It’s like a marriage coming to an end. It was hard at first because I never totally understood why I was no longer needed. But I don’t dwell on it. I have wonderful memories.”

But, Janet wasn’t the only secretary Jimmy had at the time.

One such individual was Tina Davey, his former secretary. She opened up about her former boss in the TV show. Learn more about her in this article. Here we cover her age, marriage, current residence, and other information related to her life.

Meet Tina Davey, Jimmy Savile Secretary

Former Jimmy Savile secretary Tina Davey opened up about her former employer Jimmy Savile in Netflix’s latest show Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story. In the show, she described Sir Jimmy as a “very clever man” and that he was “not emotional about anything.”

Tina also opened up about Jimmy’s royal connection. She explained, “He [Savile] used to come into the office, and tell us about how he was at Buckingham Palace.”

She further stated, “He was a very clever man. He knew that fame bought power. His level of fame gave every him door opened. Hie wanted his fame to go beyond anything and anybody…. he wasn’t emotional about anything. He told me, it was the most profound statement, ‘I’m a machine’.”

During her time working for Jimmy, Tina explained that she had never seen him getting emotional. The only time she witnessed her getting emotional was when he lost his mother. She added, “And he was. The one and only time I saw him show any emotion, he had lost his mum. I said to him, ‘I’m so sorry.’ He did cry. Never seen it since or before. Deep down, he wasn’t on the same road as a lot of us, in terms of boyfriends, girlfriends, moving on to husband, wife, and children. He really wasn’t on that road.”

Tina also opened up about her time working for Jimmy. She explained, “Even though I was just a secretary there, he didn’t treat me like I was just someone who had typed a letter or something. He got me. He’s very intuitive. Which means he understood everyone.”

Where Is Tina Davey Today?

Tina Davey remains entirely anonymous although she had worked in the media. No information related to her is covered available on the internet hence she is an extremely private individual of whom we only know as much as what she wished to share on the Netflix show.

Tina Davey Career

As reported, Tina Davey worked for Jimmy Savile from 1971 to 1975. Although it was reported that she worked as a BBC secretary there are no further details related to her career.

Tina Davey Age

As of 2022, Tina Davey should be above the age of 75. However, her precise age and her birthday remain unclear.

Is Tina Davey On Facebook?

No, Tina Davey doesn’t seem to be on Facebook or any other social media platforms.

Tina Davey Husband

Tina must’ve married at least once in her lifetime. She could be a mother as well as a grandmother however she hasn’t shared any of her personal and professional details.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Tina Davey Live Now?

Tina Davey seems to be living in England, the U.K.

  • Did Tina Davey Appear On Netflix’s Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story?

Yes, Tina Davey appeared on Netflix’s Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story.

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