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Did Jimmy Savile Leave Behind A Wife? How Many Kids?

Did Jimmy Savile have a wife? Learn about Sir Jimmy’s partner in this article below. Here you’ll learn about the relationship details. Did he have any kids? We also answer that here in this article.

Keep scrolling down this article to learn more about his partners.

What Is Netflix’s “Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story” About?

Jimmy Savile an on-air and TV personality is best known for his show Jim’ll Fix It. He had status and power and believed that he could open any doors he wished because of it. He was even knighted by the queen and adored by many.

However, he had a darker pedophilic side. As shared on the teaser of Netflix’s “Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story,” wherever he’d been, there’d been abuse. The show put to light all the investigation “prompted more than 450 horrific allegations of sexual assault and abuse, with victims as young as 5.”

Netflix’s new documentary explores some of the highlights of Jimmy Savile’s life and a few of the accusations that were made against him.

Did Jimmy Savile Leave Behind A Wife?

No, Jimmy Savile didn’t leave behind a wife. Jimmy had claimed that he had slept with over 3000 women but there were only a few women he was close with. There were reportedly two women besides his mother, Jimmy Savile was very close. First was his alleged long-term girlfriend Sue Hymns. The second was, his personal assistant Janet Cope.

Jimmy and long-term lover Sue on their last date (Pic: DailyMail)

As reported, when Jimmy died, he had left £1000 for his secret lover. Sue (currently 71 years old) met Jimmy in 1968 when she was 18. The first meeting between Sue Hymns and Jimmy Savile is recorded faithfully in her diary, dated September 23, 1968.

Saw Jimmy Savile at the hospital,’ the entry reads. ‘Met him again at 5.15 pm and he gave me a lift to the bus stop in his taxi.” The first words he ever spoke to her were: ‘Now then, now then.’ Yes, really.

Sue and Savile fell apart in the 1970s when Sue moved to Munich where her sister was living with her husband. Three years later, Sue moved to London and met her husband, an advertising executive, whom she married in 1975. They had a daughter, Lindsay, now 35, but divorced in 1983. Their connection rekindled in 1991, and they remained a partnership — albeit an unusual one — until the end.

They had an “on-and-off” romance with him until he died at age 84 in October 2011. Sue told, “Everyone must have thought I was his secretary or something, our relationship was private for so long.”

She added further, “Everyone must have thought I was his secretary or something, our relationship was private for so long. It was unconventional, but it lasted longer than many marriages.”

Jimmy and his PA Janet on the day of her marriage (Pic: Mirror)

But, no one knew Jim better than his PA Janet. They met each other in the 1970s when Janet was working as a medical secretary at the National Spinal Injuries Centre in ­Buckinghamshire.

Janet was Sir Jimmy’s confidante and best friend. She made sure everything was perfect and served as a loyal assistant for nearly 30 years. A week after Sir Jimmy’s death, Janet who is now 80 years old told that he hated the idea of meeting women and getting married in case they told him what to do.

When Janet married her husband Gerald, she asked Jimmy to give her away.

He showed up at her wedding in his Rolls-Royce to ensure all eyes were on him. He stole the whole attention with his eccentric ways but she loved him for his odd behavior.

Janet shared that he was also close with Princess Diana and reportedly helped to support her through her marriage problems with Prince Charles. The PA told, “Princess Diana was fond of Jim. She’d walk around the wards then go off for a private chat with him.”

She added, “When Jim died I read ­comments saying he was lonely. He was not, he liked his solitude. He loved not being told by anyone else what to do. It’s why he never had a woman in his life. He was happy alone. He always said he never wanted to be married as it meant someone would be in control of his lifestyle.”

After nearly 30 years of collaboration, the two parted ways in 1999 when Sir Jimmy chose to minimize his charity’s operating expenditures. Janet says: “It’s like a marriage coming to an end. It was hard at first because I never totally understood why I was no longer needed. But I don’t dwell on it. I have wonderful memories.”

Jimmy and Donna together in 1970 (Pic: Mirror).

Moreover, former singer Donna Foot says she ­conducted a secretive fling that spanned two decades with Sir Jimmy after he wooed her outside BBC television studios. She claimed she had a 17-year ­relationship with him and has revealed she aborted the shamed TV star’s baby.

Their relationship – carried out during the height of his secret child abuse – ended just months after Donna aborted Savile’s lovechild without her telling him she was pregnant.

How Many Kids Did Jimmy Savile Have?

Janet Cope, Sir Jimmy’s PA, shared that although Jimmy Savile had done charity work for thousands of children, he never liked kids. She emphasized the fact that he hated being around kids. In one interview, Janet spoke, “Despite the success of Jim’ll Fix It I don’t think he liked children. I could see they got under his skin.”

However, there were a few people who came to the media claiming that Sir Jimmy was their father. One of them who caught everyone’s attention with her uncanny look was Ms. Georgina Ray. As reported, her mother had a three-week-long fling with Jimmy when her mother was 19 years old.

Her mother confirmed that Jimmy was her father but never let her go after him.

Related FAQs

  • Who Were Jimmy Savile Parents?

Jimmy Savile was born to his parents Vincent Joseph Marie Savile and Agnes Monica Savile. Their parents married in 1991. His father worked as a bookmaker’s clerk and insurance agent at various times.

Whereas, Jimmy claimed that his mother “clothed, fed and accommodated nine people on £3.50 a week.”

Jimmy became critically unwell when he was about two years old, maybe due to pneumonia. Even the doctor had given up hope at the time, leaving a death certificate at their home. Agnes rushed to the church at the moment, praying for her son’s recovery. Jimmy began to improve once she returned home, according to reports.

Agnes stayed with her youngest child, Jimmy, after his father died in 1953. She died in 1973. He was quite close to her and often spoke movingly about their connection. Jimmy stayed with Agnes’ body in an open casket for five days after she died.

  • How Many Siblings Did Jimmy Savile Have?

Jimmy, the youngest of seven siblings, never considered himself the favorite child. They were namely Mary, Marjory, Vincent, John, Joan, and Christina.

  • What Else Do We Know About Jimmy Savile Family?

As reported, his brother Jimmy was accused of sexual assault as well by patients, a staff member, and a visitor. The allegation dated back to the time he worked at a hospital between 1978 and 1980. The story went public after Jonny died.

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