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Jo-Ellyn Haynesworth Bio, Mel Tucker Wife, Age, Job, IG

Meet coach Mel Tucker’s wife, Jo-Ellyn Haynesworth. Here, you’ll read about their successful marriage, her support as a wife for her husband’s successful career, her job, and her social media.

Scroll down this Jo-Ellyn Haynesworth Bio to learn more about her.

Meet Jo-Ellyn Haynesworth, Mel Tucker Wife

Jo-Ellyn Haynesworth and Mel Tucker met each other on a blind date set up by Jo-Ellyn’s roommate who was Mel’s classmate at the University of Wisconsin. At the time, Jo-Ellyn was attending Rutgers Law School. Mel discovered that his future wife and his classmate were coming to Cleveland, his hometown, for a job fair. Tucker talked to her on the phone before that first date and she was smitten.

Tucker revealed, “She was in law school, she was nice looking. I got to know her before we met. She never told me what I wanted to hear. I respect a person who tells you straight”

Mel realized that he had found the person he wanted to spend his life with. He proposed on their first date which she accepted. The couple dated long-distance when she returned to school and she brought up the subject of his career or lack thereof.

He had played football at Wisconsin and had a chance to play in the Canadian Football League, but chickenpox cut short his first year. Tucker determined he didn’t want to hop about attempting to play pro football at 27 or 28 without any work experience the more he thought about it.

Then, Mel told his father that his playing days were over. Rather he would find something else to do although he didn’t know what. He tried everything from working as a substitute teacher, working in sales, and volunteering at his high school in Cleveland. Mel and Jo-Ellyn talked about his potential coaching career.

Consequently, Jo-Ellyn and Mel have been married for over 21 years and share a strong bond. The married couple is now parents to two children Joseph Tucker and Christian Tucker. Just two years apart Joseph and Christian share the same birthday. At the time of this writing, Joseph is 19 years old whereas his brother Christian is 17 as of Jan 2022.

Jo-Ellyn Haynesworth Age

Born on 18 August 1971, Jo-Ellyn Haynesworth turned 50 years old in 2021.

Who Are Jo-Ellyn Haynesworth’s Parents And Siblings?

Joe-Ellyn Haynesworth hasn’t shared much about her parents and siblings at this point. There exist no information on her family members as of this writing. However, she is connected to a few people who could be her family members. She is connected with Rhonda Haynesworth who is likely her sister based on her Facebook post.

Furthermore, Joe-Ellyn might have four elder and younger sisters. Besides Rhonda, there is Deneise Haynesworth Crawford, Jo-Ellyn’s other sister. Based on one post of her sister Rhonda, their father Joe Haynesworth has already died.

Jo-Ellyn Haynesworth Job

Starting with education, Jo-Ellyn Haynesworth attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She earned her BA in English from the same university. After that. she enrolled at Rutgers Law School and earned her Juris Doctorate.

Moving on to her job, Jo-Ellyn attended Mount St. Joseph University as an adjunct professor of Legal Research & Legal Principles in Cincinnati, Ohio. After five months, she started working for McGlinchey Stafford as Associate Attorney in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She worked as an attorney for a year there.

Starting from June 2001, Joe-Ellyn joined Ice Miller LLP as Associate Attorney, Labor & Employment.

Also, from August 2002 to September 2003, Joe-Ellyn worked for Ohio Attorney General’s Office as assistant attorney general. After quitting her job, she joined Ohio Secretary of State as Labor & Employment Counsel / Business Services Counsel for six months. Then, she became Director of Business Services from March 2004 to December 2006.

Moreover, Jo-Ellyn worked for Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars as a volunteer. From 2008 to 2012, she worked for Jack & Jill of America, Inc. From 2015-2016, she worked as a team manager for Tuscaloosa County Park & Recreation Authority.

In 2019, she joined Buffalo Belles as a member. she also worked as a certified elections inspector for the state of Michigan.

Starting from January 2021, Joe-Ellyn Haynesworth has been working for Capital Area Humane Society as a board member.

Is Jo-Ellyn Haynesworth On IG, Facebook?

Jo-Ellyn Haynesworth is on Instagram as well as Facebook. Her IG handle is (@joellyn_tucker) and her Facebook is (@joellyn.tucker).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jo-Ellyn Haynesworth’s Birthday?

Jo-Ellyn celebrates her birthday on 18 August.

  • How Tall Is Jo-Ellyn Haynesworth?

Jo-Ellyn should have a total net worth of nearly $800 thousand.

  • Where Was Jo-Ellyn Haynesworth Born?

Jo-Ellyn is believed to be from her hometown in Markham, Illinois.

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