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John Griffin Bio, CNN Producer, Age, Wife, Allegations

It hasn’t been long since CNN fired ex-anchor Chris Cuomo and another notable personality from the network has found himself in the trouble already for sexual misconduct. Yes, we’re talking about CNN Producer John Griffin who has been accused of luring young girls to his Vermont ski house for “sexual training.”

Learn more about the allegations against him, his job, his net worth, his wife, and other related information.

Charges, Allegations Against CNN Producer John Griffin

CNN producer John Griffin is on the edge after getting indicted on charges of luring young girls to his Vermont ski house for “sexual subservience” training, New York Post reported.

According to the indictment from the US Attorney for Vermont, John allegedly used messaging apps to befriend and persuade moms of young girls, telling them that “a woman is a woman regardless of her age” and that he should be the one to “train” their daughters sexually.

It has been alleged that he got at least one mom of two daughters to bring the girls to his Ludlow ski getaway, in June 2020. The indictment revealed that John told her it was her responsibility to see that her older daughter, only 13 years old, was “trained properly.”

Moreover, the CNN producer sent the woman $3,000 for plane tickets so he could fly them out to Boston from Nevada. He picked them up in his Tesla for the ride to Ludlow, the court papers revealed. Authorities claimed that it was there that “the daughter was directed to engage in, and did engage in, unlawful sexual activity.”

The indictment also revealed that John also made attempts to attract two other young girls on the internet. He used apps such as Kik and Google Hangout to communicate with them and lure them into performing sexual activities. John allegedly proposed a “virtual training session” over video chat in April 2020, in which he would urge a mother and her 14-year-old daughter to remove their clothes and touch each other.

Also, according to the indictment, John informed another mother of a 16-year-old girl in June 2020 that she should plan a “little mother-daughter trip” to his Ludlow ski chalet for sexual training involving the youngster.

FBI agents arrested the CNN producer on 10 December 2021. He faced charges with three counts of attempting to attract juveniles to participate in illicit sexual activity by a federal grand jury in Vermont.

According to the indictment, the government will seek to seize the property used in the alleged offenses, including Griffin’s Ludlow ski house, his Tesla, and a Mercedes.

On each count, Griffin faces a mandatory minimum sentence of ten years in prison.

John Griffin Career

John Griffin started his career in media in CBS News. He joined the news network in August 1999 as Assistant Assignment Editor for ‘The Early Show’. Then, he became Associate Producer for CBS Morning Show and ‘The Early Show.’ After he quit his job at the network, he joined Fox News Channel as Chief News Writer in May 2002.

Starting from March 2003, John started working as Founding Producer for Chief News Writer for Fox News Radio where he worked until June 2005.

Stepping down from Fox News, John took the job of Chief News Writer at ABC News and worked in the same position until October 2006. Later, he became the founding producer of ABC News on MTVU. From July 2008 to June 2011, he contributed to ABC News as Lead Home Page Editor.

Whereas, from 2011-2013, John worked as Contributing Producer / Special Projects & Mobile Editor for ABC News. He joined CNN in April 2013 as a Senior Producer. On his LinkedIn page, he boasted about working “shoulder-to-shoulder” with lead anchor Chris Cuomo.

According to Glassdoor, a senior producer at CNN makes nearly $111,284 per year.

Fun Fact: John Griffin loves playing piano and has given performances.

John Griffin Age

John Griffin is 44 years old at the time of this writing. He celebrates his birthday on 11 July every year.

Does John Griffin Have A Wife?

John Griffin’s Twitter bio states that he is a “father” but not a “husband”. So, is his wife out of the family picture? John is very private about his family life. He omitted to give away details on his wife/ex-wife. However, he has mentioned her in several tweets.

Back in January 2011, John tweeted, “Looking forward to eating my homemade artisan bread sandwich my brand new wife packed for me! Gawd, marriage ROCKS!!”. The tweet suggested that he was recently married at that time, possibly in January of 2011. Three months later, he again mentioned his wife in his tweet where he wrote, “Pippa = MAD HAWT!!! (apologies to my wife)”

Moreover, in April 2014, he again mentioned his wife on his Twitter saying, “My mom and wife knew weeks ago, too @ShultzMary and I told them they were wrong. You women are spooky intuitive! @ChrisCuomo @NewDay”

Later, John replied to a tweet about getting a T-shirt. He wrote, “Thanks @pasadoply but I got one for my wife, a magnet for my truck, AND of course, I got to produce the piece! Lovin’ life w/ @ChrisCuomo!”

New York Magazine reported that John is a father of three young children who he possibly had with his wife.

But, social media users are aggressive regarding the safety of John’s children. One user wrote, “GET AWAY FROM THOSE CHILDREN PEDO”. Similarly, in an IG post about his daughter, another user @marykayapplegate wrote, “Hopefully you’ll never have contact with her again”.

She again commented on another post, “Pray for this little girl to be free of her evil father.”

Is John Griffin On Twitter?

Yes, John Griffin is on Twitter (@JGriffNYC) and Instagram (@jgriffnyc). However, the comment section of his socials is filled with comments claiming him to be a pedophile. One IG user @roorshak_ wrote in his recent post, “Sick pos P E D O P H I L E. R O T I N H E L L.”

Similarly, another user wrote, “Ayo Griff why u be ******* teenage girls? And another chomo gets got. Deuces ✌️”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is John Griffin From?

John Griffin hailed from Stamford, Connecticut.

  • Where Did John Griffin Recieve His Education?

John Griffin attended Hackley School and graduated in 1995. After that, he enrolled at Princeton University and earned his bachelor’s degree in English in 1999.

  • How Much Is John Griffin Net Worth?

John Griffin has an estimated net worth of over $1.5 million.

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