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Marisa Ramirez Partner IRL, Ex-Husband, Net Worth, Parents

We’ve seen Marisa Ramirez as “Detective Maria Baez” on Blue Bloods ever since 2013 and after 8 long years, her journey might finally be coming to an end. In Dec 2021, fans started noticing that she was missing from several episodes, and many were convinced that she was leaving Blue Bloods.

So, what was going on in her life? Who is her ex-husband and her partner IRL? Get answers as you scroll down.

Who Is Marisa Ramirez Partner IRL?

The chemistry between Marisa Ramirez and Donnie Wahlberg on Blue Bloods was just too romantic. No wonder, longtime fans of the CBS show were always rooting for them to be partners IRL too. 

And if you’re one of the shippers, well! we’ve got some bad news for you. 

Donnie is already married. Yes, he has a partner named Jenny McCarthy, whom he first met in 2012 and blended their family in 2014.

Not to rub salt on the wound, but Donnie also recently revealed that his character won’t end up dating Marisa. “Will Estes plays my younger brother on the show and Vanessa Ray plays his now-wife. And they started as partners, and the minute they got together and got married, they don’t have scenes anymore,” Donnie shared.

“So, if they (his and Marisa’s character) start a relationship, we won’t have scenes together and then I’ll miss my friend,” he added.

Outside Blue Bloods, Marisa and Donnie are amazing friends too. The two were often captured on their respective IGs after filming the show or just hanging out.

On Donnie’s 52nd birthday (i.e. on August 17, 2021), Marisa threw him a little party to celebrate, and took it to her IG with a few words of love that wrote, “Grateful every day for you and your light! Sorry, we are working but at least we are laughing!!! Love you, my friend!!”

A month later, on Marisa’s 44th birthday (i.e. on September 15), Donnie replied with a long captioned IG montage of them. A part of which read, “I could not ask for a more incredible, trustworthy, and hilarious friend/partner.”

So, now that we’ve established there was nothing brewing between Marisa and Donnie. Let us also clear that Marisa Ramirez’s partner IRL was unknown before 2021.

There were no traces of Marisa’s partner IRL over her IG @marisachicaramirez then.

Meet Nathan Lavezoli, Marisa Ramirez Ex-Husband

Marisa Ramirez married her ex-husband Nathan Lavezoli back in 2002 and went on to cherish almost a decade of togetherness until they broke up in 2011. Reportedly, Marisa filed for divorce on March 21, 2011, and the two legally separated before Marisa joined the Blue Bloods cast in 2013.

During their married life, the pair made many appearances together in functions and events including the Morelia Film Festival Kick-Off Party in LA, the Opening of Belle Gray, Lisa Rinna’s clothing boutique, and L.A. Lakers’ 3rd Annual Casino Night and Poker Invitational – Arrivals at CA.

After her divorce, Marisa then went on to date a guy (who remained anonymous), and together they welcomed their daughter named Violet Rae on May 29, 2016.

As of 2021, Violet was in kindergarten and was the start of her mother’s IG. According to Marisa, her daughter was an “amazingly kind, brave and sweet soul.” who continued to surprise her every day “with her quick wit and humor.”

How Much Is Marisa Ramirez Net Worth?

Marisa Ramirez garnered a net worth of above $5 million by 2021.

She was first discovered by a talent manager when she was 12 as she was taking a stroll through a mall. Soon, Marisa then ended up working as a print model and slowly turned into a commercial actress. Her work then took her to counties in Asia, Australia, Africa, and Europe.

Now, as of 2021, Marisa has worked in over 37 movies and TV shows including Body of Proof (2013), Against the Wall (2011), Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (2011), Mental (2009), The Young and the Restless (2007), Miracles (2003), and General Hospital (2002).

When Marisa wasn’t working, she loved kickboxing. She had been teaching kickboxing for six years after enjoying the sport for 12 or 15 years.

Who Are Marisa Ramirez Parents, Siblings?

Marisa Ramirez’s parents both have passed away. Her father, Ray “Big Wolf” joined his wife on November 6, 2020, after battling cancer for years. Still bitter about her father’s death, Marisa shared that he “didn’t deserve a horrible oncologist, a primary doctor that wouldn’t return his call and so much more.”

“I feel cheated. It was unexpected even though he was fighting an aggressive lymphoma,” she shared over IG, 2 days after his death.

To recall him, Ray was a military man who had a kind, intelligent, genuine, compassionate, happy soul.

Trivia: Marisa’s family started a tradition in 2019 after her grandmother Stella’s death to set up an altar. Little did she know, she would be adding her father’s photos there the following year.

As for her siblings, Marisa has a brother who went by the name Cellyirez. He was an aspiring musician who released his single “Lone Wolf” in Dec 2021.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Marisa Ramirez?

Marisa Ramirez was born on September 15, 1977. That made her 44 years of age in 2021.

  • What Are Marisa Ramirez’s Measurements?

Marisa’s body measurements are 36-24-35 inches.

She stands tall at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (166 cm).

  • Where Did Marisa Ramirez Recieve Her Education?

Marisa graduated from Ramona Convent Secondary School in Alhambra, CA, in 1995.

She didn’t pursue further education.

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