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John-Paul Miller Bio, Mica Miller Husband, Age, Girlfriend

Learn about John-Paul Miller, the husband of the late Mica Miller from South Carolina. There are rumors that he has a new girlfriend. How old is he? Who is his girlfriend?

Learn all about him in this article below.

Meet John-Paul Miller, Mica Miller Husband

Pastor John-Paul Miller is the estranged husband of Mica Miller who recently passed away. According to her obituary, Mica and John-Paul had been friends since 2009, and married in 2017.

A few weeks after disclosing violence in her marriage to John-Paul Miller, Mica Miller was discovered dead in Lumbee River State Park in North Carolina on April 27. After buying a rifle that same day, the wife of a pastor who committed suicide called the police to tell them she was going to take her own life.

Mica informed Robeson County police at 2:54 p.m., saying, “I’m about to to kill myself, and I just want my family to know where to find me,” according to WAVY.

Officers were dispatched to the state park by 3:03 pm, and on Monday, police confirmed that the woman had died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. She asked the operator if her phone could be monitored and remained composed the whole call, according to the police. Her friends and relatives organized a protest demanding “justice for Mica” outside Pastor Miller’s workplace, the Solid Rock Church, in the days following her passing.

Last week, following a service during which he had smiled and seemed completely at ease, the pastor shockingly informed his congregation that his wife had passed away and that it had been “self-induced.” Then he announced to the congregation that he was going to take “a little break” and asked them to leave the chapel without talking about what he had just said.

Only a few weeks before to her passing, Mica shared a heartfelt video on her experiences with domestic abuse and her support system for “ANYONE struggling with leaving a dangerous situation because they think God will be’mad’ at them.”

Mica said, “Today my heart’s a little heavy. I’ve had lots of women that have reached out to me about situations of abuse, and I just want to tell you what a lot of people have told me lately, because I think I forgot. But you are the bride of Christ before anybody else’s, male or female, it doesn’t matter what gender you are, abuse is abuse.”

Prior to the announcement of her cause of death on Monday, ABC revealed that Mica had reported a man’s harassment to the police in March, citing him as the harasser. The man’s name was blacked in the reports. She had discovered a tracking device on her car, informed police she was “afraid for her life,” and had had her tires regularly deflated.

Since Mica passed away on April 27, her family has resisted her husband’s claim that she committed suicide.

Mica passed away within 48 hours of receiving divorce papers from her husband, from whom she had been apart for a month. Given that Mica initially filed for divorce in October 2023 and then withdrew the application on February 12, court records suggest that there was turmoil in the marriage.

Her husband filed for separate maintenance and support against his wife later that month; the motion was dismissed on March 11.

John-Paul, the pastor, on his part, claimed that his wife was not always taking medicine and had “bipolar II, schizophrenic, and dependent personality disorder.”

“I took care of her through every time she went to the mental institute I took care of her every time she stopped taking her lithium I would never expose this stuff of her if I didn’t have to now, but every time she tried to kill herself, I would be there. I would literally sometimes pick her up physically, put her in the truck, take her to the [hospital],” he told The Christian Post.

John-Paul Miller Girlfriend

According to the information provided by internet sleuths, John-Paul Miller is allegedly dating a woman named Suzie Skinner.

Conspiracy theories are rife on the internet following the passing of Mica Miller, the wife of pastor John Paul Miller. A well-known person in the Myrtle Beach community, Pastor Miller dubifully revealed his wife’s suicide during a sermon at Solid Rock Ministries. Conspiracy theorists began suspecting foul play after a video of the sermon went viral and discovered that the pastor might be dating Suzie Skinner.

Several online investigators investigating Miller’s background have discovered a link between him and Suzie Skinner, a physical therapist in Myrtle Beach. Although not much is known about Skinner—she can’t be found on LinkedIn or Facebook, although she does have a ZocDoc profile—a previous Solid Rock blog piece about her has been reposted on Reddit. The Solid Rock website has been removed in the midst of Mica’s passing receiving additional media notice.

The Skinner feature piece describes Suzie’s life prior to her husband’s untimely death in 2021 as a wife, mother, and physical therapist. Before they ever started dating, in 2000, her husband Chris Skinner was involved in a drunk driver’s automobile accident. Chris suffered a quadriplegic break to his neck in the collision. He became a patient of Skinner’s after attending therapy to regain his hand function.

The two got along well.

Chris drowned in 2021 after falling into a neighboring pool after they were married in 2004.

“Chris always went to the pool and walked his dog,” Skinner said in the article. “If somebody was around, they would let him into the gate of the pool and he would go in there all the time. That day, I guess when he was driving [his wheelchair], nobody was there, and he got too close to the edge and fell in … A neighbor had to come to get me and she said, ‘You have to get to the pool right away,’ and I just had that instinct. I just knew.”

Following the incident, Skinner found herself parenting her twins alone—who are now at least 16 years old—because the two had shared twins. Although the occurrence seemed strange to Redditors, it was probably just an accident. Even still, Skinner and Miller—who were purportedly dating prior to Miller’s suicide, according to the Robeson County Medical Examiner—now share the same link of having lost a loved one too soon.

John-Paul Miller Age

14 years older than Mica Miller, John-Paul Miller is 44 years old.

John-Paul Miller Family

John-Paul Miller appears to be the son of Reginald Wayne Miller of Marion, South Carolina. His dad, now 75, entered a guilty plea in federal court in Florence to fraud in foreign labor contracting.  Additionally, Miller entered a guilty plea to visa fraud and wage and hour violations. United States District Judge R. Bryan Harwell of Florence accepted the guilty plea and imposed sentence after he has reviewed the presentence report which will be prepared by the U.S. probation office.

Reginald was the president and founder of Cathedral Bible College. At a hearing Friday which happened in May 2014, Reginald , a bond of $250,000 was set with terms that include he can’t be on the college campus or communicate with any current or former foreign students.

Other family members and relatives of John-Paul are Susan Miller, Allison Miller, and Lacy Miller.

Related FAQs

  • Is John-Paul Miller On Instagram?

No, John-Paul doesn’t appear to be on Instagram.

  • Where Is John-Paul Miller From?

John-Paul hailed from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

  • When Is John-Paul Miller Birthday?

John-Paul’s birthday is in May.

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