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John Sharvin Bio, Age, Married, Height, Netflix Blown Away

A group of skilled glassblowers returned for a new season of the Netflix competition series Blown Away in 2022. The show first came around to screens in 2019 and was renewed for further seasons as well as festive spin-off series. And so, in the process, its third season kicked off on 22 July 2022. John Sharvin, whom we are going to talk about in the rest of the writing, was one of its participants.

The rest about him, we shall discuss now in the tell-all called ‘John Sharvin Bio’.

John Sharvin On Netflix’s Blown Away Season 3

John Sharvin has been working in glass since late 2008. He graduated from The Ohio State University in 2012 with a BFA in the glass. After working around Columbus for a few years, John relocated to Pittsburgh to work as a Tech Apprentice at Pittsburgh Glass Center. And so like that when he landed in Blown Away, he was really very excited.

Hyping the show on social media prior to its premiere, John gushed that the season is packed with some incredible artists; and that people are going to enjoy watching all of them for sure.

John never usually had a hands-on approach with glass but with Blown Away he was ready to get stuck in solely because he loved doing it.

John and nine other glass artists came to North America’s largest hot shop to push themselves to their creative limits for Blown Away.

In each episode, the glassblowers must impress the Evaluators or risk being eliminated. And when they win a stake, it is a life-changing prize that will send their careers to new heights.

The show is hosted by Nick Uhas, with Resident Evaluator and Glass Master Katherine Gray.

John Sharvin Career/Work

According to his BIO on the official website, John Sharvin was working full-time at the Glass Center as the Studio Technician Manager (as of 2022). So, in his work, he continued to explore the separation between reality and the imaginary through the use of miniatures and glass sculptures.

His recent work draws from the memories he had with his recently deceased grandparents, from spending summers with them to going on vacations across the country.

One can also shop from his merch store:

Lately, John also introduced himself as a glass sculptor, studio technician at the Pittsburgh glass center, and lover of his puppy, the best dog.

Pittsburgh Glass Center, so you know, is a non-profit, public-access education center; an art gallery; a state-of-the-art glass studio; a community builder; and a hub for innovation and creativity.

Anyone, with interest, can take classes here, explore the contemporary glass gallery, and watch the live hot glass demonstrations. Globally renowned glass artists have come here to create and teach.

Is John Sharvin Married?

John Sharvin has always been interested in women.

Further, when his grandmother, Evelyn J. Sharvin passed away in 2021, her obituaries included the name of her grandson John’s partner/wife Dana Sharvin.

Dana, who also worked at Pittsburgh Glass Center, is more likely his wife as she has clearly adopted John’s last name.

Also according to her Facebook BIO, Dana went to Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts High School; and later to Tyler School of Art, Temple University.

John thus seemed to have gotten married already.

Dana, here, featured on John’s Facebook mostly during 2015 and 2016.

With that being said, we also came to realize that John’s relationship status read ‘single’ on Facebook (as of the time of this writing).

John Sharvin Age

Tall and Specky John Sharvin reached the age of 33 in December 2021.

John Sharvin Height

John stands above 6 feet tall in height.

Is John Sharvin On Instagram?

John Sharvin could be found on Instagram @yeahsharvin where he had 286 posts and 2,290 followers as of 23 July 2022.

John also shared glimpses of his private as well as work life on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • What Do We Know About John Sharvin Family?

John Sharvin’s father Jim Sharvin, aka James M Sharvin, reached the age of 66 in July 2022. Now based in Worthington, Ohio, he likely semed to have separated from his wife (and John’s mother) Debra J Sharvin. The matriarch also turned  66 years old, but in January of 2022.

At the time of this writing, Debra was seemingly married to this other man named Jimmy Hull, also of Worthington, Ohio.

John also has a brother named David Sharvin and Michael Bikes. Michael, on his social media, wrote that he rides his bike downtown every day and that this commute of his is one of the best parts of his day. He was based around Columbus, Ohio, and had turned 38 in August 2021.

John also mentioned cousin Stu Sparks of Delaware, Ohio.

  • When Is John Sharvin Birthday?

John Sharvin’s birthday is on the 13th of December. On time, not long ago, on his birthday, he made himself a birthday cake, chocolate cake with fig jelly and caramel swiss buttercream, edible meringue mushrooms, and fondant decorations. He revealed then how despite particularly not liking cake, he liked making them.

  • Where Does John Sharvin Hail From?

John was born and bred in his hometown of Worthington, Ohio. Although currently, he was based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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