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Johnny DePhillipo Family: Brothers, Father, Mother

On the 14 November 2022 episode of Bachelor In Paradise contestant, Johnny DePhillipo got a bit personal sharing about a family crisis that the DePhillipo household was going through. She opened up about his brother and his mother but there are more members in his family.

Discover more details surrounding his brothers, father, and mother here.

Meet Johnny DePhillipo Family Members

Johnny DePhillipo comes from a tight-knit but large family. In his family, he has his parents, three brothers, and one sister. While chatting with Victoria Fuller in Bachelor in Paradise, he shared that his older brother is in prison and his mother wasn’t doing well. “My mom’s not doing well,” he noted. “But she’s strong, she’s tough.”

Johnny added, “I now care for Victoria, so I want her to know all of me. This is real, and she needs to know the real me. This is not fake This is the things I’m going through, my brothers are going through, my family is going through. It’s scary. I don’t want her to run away. That will scare people away.”

He added, “I think it tells a lot about someone who can say ‘I’m there for you.’ Victoria’s slowly becoming that person. I’m becoming more open to the possibility of being engaged. It’s such a good feeling.”

Learn more about them in this article below.

Who Is Johnny DePhillipo Father?

The patriarch of the Dephillipo household is John Richard DePhillipo. The family lovingly calls him the “Big John”. In 2022, John DePhillipo celebrated his 56th birthday. On October 6th, he celebrates his birthday.

On Thanks Giving Day 2019, Johnny dedicated a post to his dad. He wrote, “The man who started it all…and that’s only a quarter of the fam! Happy turkey day.”

Since May 2019, John DePhillipo has served as Team Lead for The Florida Home Team At Compass Florida LLC. Additionally, he has worked as a Realtor Sales Associate at Keller Williams Realty, Inc. since 2009. John operated Executive Management Recruiters from 1994 to 2001, worked for Saxton & Associates as a Contract Recruiter for the following eight and a half years, and was a Talent Acquisition Specialist in Information Technology, according to his LinkedIn profile.

John held the positions of Talent Acquisition Manager at Avery Dennison from 2011 to 2012 and Contract IT Recruiter at Ringtail Design (virtual). He is able to provide his clients with the best service possible thanks to his knowledge of contracts, negotiations, and house improvement. He sincerely enjoys building relationships with clients in order to accomplish their intended goals because he thinks that what the client wants is what is most essential.

Arizona State University awarded John a communications degree.

Who Is Johnny DePhillipo Mother?

Johnny DePhillipo’s mother is Maria DePhillipp. Mari DePhillipo was born in September 1954. She is 67 years old right now. On September 2nd 2022, she celebrates her birthday. The proprietor and manager of Nix Salon & Spa are Maria DePhillipo. She has been owning the business since 2006.

The company offers services for waxing, coloring, and nails, according to its website. To find out more information, click the link. To manage her business, she has hired eight stylists, two manicurists, and one assistant.

Johnny DePhillipo Brothers

Some of Johnny DePhillipo’s brothers are named Robert, Alex, Nick, and Jack.

Robert, who claims to be single, is currently based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He is currently employed at

Robert graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor of science degree in Finance.

Alex, Johnny’s brother, studied at The Art Institutes. He works at Dark Fall Productions. He is a cinematographer by trade.

Jack is working as an analyst at Spring11, LLC starting in June 2022. He worked previously as a sales associate at WPB Commercial Corp. Johnny graduated from Florida State University with a double major in Finance and Real Estate.

Not much is known about Nick as of this article.

In addition, Distractify noted that he has two stepbrothers with the last name Sullivan. It’s interesting to note that none of Johnny’s brothers in the picture can be located through searches of inmates. Therefore, it is safe to presume that none of the men in the picture had ever served time in prison, at least not recently. With that said, until the reality star decides to reveal his name, nobody will know who Johnny’s brother who is presently in jail is.

Besides his brothers, he likely has one sister named Gabriella Dephillipo.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Johnny DePhillipo Family Reside?

Most of the family members of Johnny DePhillipo are either based in Florida or in New Jersey.

  • Is The Johnny DePhillipo Family Close To One Another?

Yes, the DePhillipo family is very close to each other.

  • Are Johnny DePhillipo Members On Instagram?

Yes, some of Johnny DePhillipo’s family members are on Instagram (@adephillipo), Nick (@ndephillipo), Jack (@jackdephillipo), and Robert (@robert.dephillipo). Maria DePhillipo is not on Instagram. However, she is on Facebook (@mdephillipo).

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