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Love Never Lies Sara Age, Job, Instagram, Last Name

Love, at first sight, is a wonderful feeling. But little did Love Never Lies Sara know that such a relationship would lack communication and empathy.

Get to know Love Never Lies Sara better as this article proceeds.

Is Love Never Lies Sara Still Together With Guillem?

Yes, Sara is still together with Guillem and is quite positive about her time on the show. Guess, all the trials on Love Never Lies helped the pair understand each other on a deeper level and they’ve come out stronger than ever before.

Looking back, Sara and Guillem’s main motive to come on the show was to test their love and communicate better. However, during the very first “eye, detect” test, it was revealed that  Sara often flirted with other men on the internet while Guillem did not give his relationship any priority.

So, after they were separated for the trial, Sara was paired with Aitor, a person she met while working in a store during Christmas and found very attractive. The two then soon developed a connection. But Sara was apparently eager to meet incoming bachelors which didn’t sit well with Aitor.

On the other hand, Guillem found a friend in another lady named Sara. The two even went on shared a bed and gave each other massages.

Naturally, as these clips were shown to Sara, she assumed that her boyfriend had been physically intimate with someone else. Thus, she let go of her inhibitions and pursued her interest in Aitor. However, little did Sara know Guillem didn’t have s*x with the bachelorette.

So, call it revenge or an escape, Sara kissed Aitor at a party. And the next day, Guillem was shown the clips. Brokenhearted, Guillem believe that Sara had crossed the line for she was apparently enjoying her time without him.

Later, Guillem then also was set on finding a new bond with Daura, but the relationship soon fizzled out. Likewise, he also tried his luck with Paloma. But when Sara saw that Guillem was sharing a bed with Paloma, she requested to leave the house.

Fortunately, though Sara packed her suitcase and left, she soon returned to talk to Guillem. And even though this disqualified them from the show, the two cleared things out.

After exiting the competition, Sara confessed that her actions stemmed from her belief that he had cheated on her. But the “eye detect” test proved that Guillem was never intimate with anyone except her. So, all’s well that ends well.

Love Never Lies Sara Age

Love Never Lies Sara was 23 years of age when she appeared on the show in 2022.

She is 2 years younger than her boyfriend Guillem.

Also, Sara was one of the youngest participants that season.

What Is Love Never Lies Sara Last Name?

Love Never Lies Sara didn’t reveal her last name.

But we do know her lover’s last name. It’s Morell — Guille Morell.

Here’s his IG @morellguille_photo.

Love Never Lies Sara Job

Love Never Lies Sara didn’t talk about her job although she could be a model. Take a look at Sara’s IG, it’s filled with her raunchy pictures, none less than that of any IG model.

So far, she’s also worked with the photographer Pili Oliva and her boyfriend Guille Morell.

Yes, Guille’s a professional photographer and videographer if you didn’t know.

In case you’re wondering an average model in Spain made around €2.4 thousand per month.

Besides modeling, Sara is now also a reality star. She appeared in Love Never Lies season 2 with her boyfriend Guille Morell.

Love Never Lies is a show where six couples are subjected to an eye-scanning lie detector, Here, lies cost money, and truth and trust come with a juicy cash prize.

Excited to see herself on the show, Maria took it to her IG to share, “I CAN FINALLY SAY IT!!!! very soon in@netflixes #loveconfidence.”

Her co-stars that season, were Vicky and Inma, Asier and Irene, Maria and Javier, Lucia and Antonio, and Miguel and Alejandro.

In short, Vicky and Inma were together for over one year and ironically the pair only realized they loved each other when they broke up for two months.

Asier and Irene had major trust issues. They decided to come to the show in the hope of fixing their broken trust and finally becoming confident about their relationship.

Maria and Javier started the relationship started off on a bad note as Javier cheated on his boo. They came on the show to try and o strengthen their relationship only to break up with regrets.

Lucia and Antonio loved everything about each other. However,  Antonio feels that Lucia becomes controlling in the relationship and tends to think that she is always right. They were on the show just to fix a minor issue.

Miguel and Alejandro had a problem with protectiveness. While Alejandro loves that Miguel is protective, he was tired of his boo wanting to know everything he does once he steps out.

Love Never Lies Sara Height

Love Never Lies Sara stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm).

Her distinct features include — a triangular face, a fit body, and a tattoo on her a horse tattoo on her left thigh.

Also, many noticed that Sara appeared different online than on the Netflix show. Well, the star herself agrees that it was likely due to wearing make-up and being able to edit photos on Instagram.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Love Never Lies Sara From?

Love Never Lies Sara hails from Barcelona, Spain.

Her boyfriend, Guille is also from the same town.

  • Is Love Never Lies Sara On Instagram?

Find her on Instagram @saraprrrrr.

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