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Jonathan Intriago Bio, Couple to Throuple, Height, Job, Age

One of the singles in Peacock’s Couple to Throuple is Jonathan Intriago. Seeking compatible partners, he joined the show with an open mind to polyamorous relationships. Allow us to provide you with information about his age, occupation, and other characteristics while you watch his adventure on the show.

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Jonathan Intriago On Couple to Throuple

Jonathan Intraigo appeared as one of the 14 singletons on Peacock’s Couple to Throuple. During the initial matching ceremony, Rehman and Ashmal decided to include Jonathan Intriago in their group after getting to know the other single contestants. However, after the two men kissed, things became a little more complex.

Rehman revealed the following day that Ashmal was simple to please and was probably enjoying himself more with Jonathan, which made things a little more tricky. Despite their best efforts to patch things up, things did not improve much between the three as time went on. Rehman and Ashmal appear to be seeking to switch partners when the time for the next throupling arrives.

Unless you’re unfamiliar with the show’s premise, after meeting a group of compatible singles, each of the four couples will experience dating various people. Each person must mingle before determining whether there is a place for three in their current relationship, which is set against the backdrop of an exotic tropical resort in Bermuda.

Four couples will meet fourteen singles, several of whom have lived in polyamory before. Following their introductions, couples will have to participate in a “Throupling Up Ceremony” to select a single person to go on dates and share a bed with. They will review each couple’s relationship every few days with a “Stay-or-Swap Ceremony,” in which they can choose to remain dating their third partner or replace them with a different single person.

Viewers met Corey and Wilder, Dylan and Lauren Blair, Ashmal Ali and Rehman Bhatti, and Brittne and Sea. Whereas, the 14 singles who will try to mingle with the couples are Sanu Stevens, Darrien Seqqoya, Jess Olsen, Denyse Davis, Peach (Dejha Blackmon), Becca Calb, Mia Pheonix, Sadie Clark, Lina Chang, Chris Fenlon, Jonathan Intriago, Francis Ford Jr., and Frank Edward.

On February 8, 2024, “Couple to Throuple” debuted exclusively on Peacock.

Jonathan Intriago Relationship Status

It appears Jonathan and the same-sex couple weren’t able to build a relationship in the show. While Jonathan Intriago’s relationship status remains vague, Rehman and Ashmal are still together and are pursuing to more polyamorous relationship in the future.

Jonathan Intriago Age

In October 1996, Jonathan turned 27 years old.

Jonathan Intriago Family

Jonathan is very private about his family but public record shows that he appears to be the son of Luis A Intriago and Monica Intriago. Born in 1996, Luis is now 58 and Monica turned 51 in July 2023.

Unfortunately, we were unable to unravel further details about the couple.

In January 2017, Jonathan posted a picture of his parents on his IG with the caption, “Beyond blessed.”

Jonathan has a younger brother named Jacob. In February 2017, he wished Jacob’s birthday via an IG post writing, “Happy birthday little bro, love you so much ❤.”

Jonathan Intriago Job

Jonathan Intriago is an actor and a real estate salesperson. You can find his actor profile on Backstage. As for his realtor profile, Jonathan was working in that role at Corcoran.

Jonathan graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and graduated in 2018. His interests are Triathlon, Volleyball, and Travel.

Jonathan Intriago Height

According to the Backstage profile of Jonathan, he stands tall at 5’11” / 180cm and weighs 160lbs / 73kg.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jonathan Intriago From?

Jonathan is a native of Ozone Park, New York. However, his family is originally from Ecuador.

  • When Is Jonathan Intriago Birthday?

Jonathan celebrates his birthday on 26 October.

  • Is Jonathan Intriago On Instagram?

Of course, Jonathan is available on Instagram (@jonintriago).

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