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Kiana Clemente Bio, Farmer Wants A Wife, Job, Age, Instagram

Will Kiana Clemente become farmer Mitchell Kolinsky’s wife in the show Farmer Wants A Wife? Fans are torn between her persona and her reason to be on the show. Who is she? What job does she do? How old is she now?

We got all the answers below.

Kiana Clemente On Farmer Wants A Wife

After seeing her social media, fans of Farmer Wants A Wife star Kiana Clemente are questioning if she is there for the right reasons. On the show, Kiana attempts to fall in love with Farmer Mitchell. Kiana Clemente first connected with Farmer Mitchell Kolinsky at the Farmer Wants A Wife premiere. He brought five girls back to live at his farm to test the waters and see if she was the one. Among them was her.

Kiana claimed she didn’t feel anxious while they spoke and found his self-assurance “sexy.” Despite stating that she lived in Los Angeles, she refused to characterize her way of life as LA. Kiana mentioned that she enjoys spending time in nature. If so, perhaps she would be happy living on a farm. In response, he mentioned that he had three labs that he hoped she would get to meet. She also told him that she trains dogs for a job.

Although Kiana did not mention modeling, reading on will reveal that modeling is a significant aspect of her life based on her social media accounts. She declared that nothing terrifies her and that she is ready for love.

“Honestly, nothing really scares me,” Kiana tells Mitchell on their speed date. “I’m kind of down for everything, especially if I’m in love.” She went on to confirm that she’s more than ready for romance. “I’ve never felt more confident and comfortable in myself, and where I’m at right now.”

She was among the top 5 choices of Mitchell and was to compete against Sydney from Sweetwater, New Jersey, Brittany a model from Thousand Oaks, California, Kait, another Californian who is a social media coordinator, and Melanie who works as a bottle service in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Meanwhile, Mitchell is the star of season 2 of Farmer Wants A Wife. Although he hailed from Knoxville, Tennessee, he is a first-generation farmer in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. Mitchell lives with his three dogs in a 19th-century cabin on a brand-new farm, but his ambition is to eventually extend his property into the neighboring forests.

According to his LinkedIn, Mitchell worked as a team leader and project manager at 4M Tree Service. He studied agricultural leadership at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His second LinkedIn states that Mitchell is the owner of Kolo Creations Outdoor Renovations.

Is Kiana Clemente On Instagram?

Kiana Clemente on Instagram goes by the handle (@kianamonique). She currently has 11.4K followers.

Kiana Clemente Age

Reportedly born in March 1993, Kiana Clemente turned 30 in 2023.

Kiana Clemente Job

Kiana Clemente has mentioned on social media that she works for multiple modeling agencies in different places.  It says, “@outlawartistmanagement LA @dragonflyagency OC @itmodelmanagement SF @starsmanagement DEN/TX/TN @theblockagency.”

According to her LinkedIn, Kiana is a black belt Head Instructor at Ernie Reyes WCWMA from 2011 to 2014. She also worked as a Patient Service Representative at Palo Alto Medical Foundation for one and a half years. She began her modeling journey in 2016 at MDT Agency, Inc.

Kiana also served as a promotional specialist at TEAM Enterprises. Since 2018, she has been an actress at the Daniel Hoff Agency.

Her IMDB page states she has worked as an actress in 7 projects including Red Paint, Enter the Fire, American Gangster: Trap Queenss, Zane at Dusk, and NoHo: A North Hollywood Story.

Kiana finished high school at Newark Memorial High School.

This resume certainly makes it hard to believe that she wishes to be a farmer’s wife.

Who Are Kiana Clemente Parents?

Unfortunately, Kiana Clemente is very private about her family details. She hasn’t shared much about her family whereas, there is no information regarding her family in the public records.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kiana Clemente From?

Kiana hailed from Fremont, California. However, according to her show bio, she is residing in Hermosa Beach, California.

  • When Is Kiana Clemente Birthday?

Kiana celebrates her birthday in March.

  • How Tall Is Kiana Clemente?

According to her IMDB bio, Kiana stands at the height of 5’7”.

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