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Jordan Emmett-Connelly Bio, Family, Height, MAFS UK 2022
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Jordan Emmett-Connelly Bio, Family, Height, MAFS UK 2022

Jordan Emmett-Connelly is one of the eligible-bachelor-turned-husband on Married At First Sigh UK 2022. He introduces himself as a “great catch” and boasts that he is “a fun, outgoing guy with a massive sense of adventure.” He is not willing to “settle down with someone and cruise through life for the sake of being comfortable.”

Jordan believes that he is “too particular” about what he wants which he believes is the reason why he is single. He came in looking for love and real connection. And, he is open about his emotions and feelings.

According to ITV, “In the past, it has been known for Jordan to overthink situations, and he is not someone to stick around if he believes someone isn’t right for him.”

So, the experts in the show have matched him with Chanita. They set off to a good start.

Learn about Jordan’s family, job, age, and family.

MAFS UK 2022: Are Chanita Stephenson And Jordan Emmett-Connelly Still Together?

Jordan Emmett-Connelly and Chanita Stephenson are one of the new couples on the show. The newlyweds appeared to become closer over their romantic honeymoon in Mauritius after the wedding. There was plenty of flirtation between Jordan and Chanita. They were dancing closely together and massaging each other while beaming from ear to ear.

They became the first couple in the show to have sex.

Later, the couple acknowledged they had finished their relationship. Jordan winked at the camera and said, “No I definitely didn’t consummate the marriage last night, no’.” They had more than just “a kiss and a cuddle” in bed, Chanita continued. In separate interviews, they comment on each other’s eyes and Jordan said: “She looks beautiful in the dress.”

When she was left alone with Jordan’s mother, who was curious about the lady her son had recently married, she experienced another anxious moment. Fortunately, she seemed to click with Chanita right immediately and informed Jordan that she felt at ease.

Jordan choked up during his statement as he mentioned his beloved nan, who had passed away. When Chanita noticed her husband was having trouble speaking, she stood up with him to offer Jordan a hug, to the delight of their loved ones. So there are many positive moments that suggest a future of romance for this couple.

While MAFS UK fans saw it all unfold, they were utterly gobsmacked over Jordan Emmett-Connelly’s cheeky nickname for Chanita Stephenson’s bum during a sensual massage, and called it “side panels”. Viewers of the show took to Twitter and wrote, “Jordan, calling a lass’s bum cheeks her ‘side panels’ isn’t recommended. #MASSUK #mafs P.s. they seem lovely.”

Another added: “Side panels [laughing emoji] #MAFSUK #MAFS,” as a third echoed: “Side panels [cry laughing] #MAFSUK #MAFS.”

While the relationship with Jordan seems well, she briefly clashed with fellow cast Thomas. However, Jordan did mention that he felt hurt when she told him that he might have ADHD. After Chanita stressed how sorry she was for how she made him feel, they both disclosed that they had decided to remain in the process, as they took their seats back on the sofas with the other pairings.

But as they settled in, an unexpected turn of events took place when Chanita received a warning from Kwame that there would be no more diagnoses. Don’t examine him once more.

“I’ve just been told by them. I’ve apologized to him so many times,” she emphasized, as Jordan, an account manager, sat silently by her side.

As Kwame continued to try to push his point of view, she then added: “Are you the fourth expert? Do you want to go take up a chair there? Just leave me alone. I don’t need that.” Tears began to fall down Chanita’s face, as Jordan took her by the hand as they both walked out of the room.

On the way to the venue, Chanita and Thomas both make it clear they’re not keen to see each other.

It prompts Chanita to say: “I think someone dislikes me.” After a brief back and forth, she says: “You’re apparently the one who’s been saying stuff.” Thomas responds: “If I have a problem I go to the source.” She replies: “I don’t know the problem.”

But fans are definitely rooting for this relationship to work, and this couple just might.

Jordan Emmett-Connelly Family

For Jodan Emmett-Connelly family is everything. He is very close to all of his family members, mostly his mother Andrea. In fact, he claims to FaceTiming with her every day, stating that she is the “original love of his life”. But, his recent TV show venture gave his mom a jaw-drop, literally.

In a clip, Jordan reveals to his mother that he signed up for the show and is marrying a stranger. “I do have something to tell you,” he began. “I’ve signed up for an experiment. Basically the experiment matches two people so I’ll be marrying a stranger”. Andrea’s jaw immediately dropped, and she admitted: ‘I’m so shocked, really shocked. But it’s completely classic Jordan’.

In his family, Jordan also has a sister. In September 2021, he posted a picture of himself and his sister and wrote, “First ever documented photo with my sis, featuring my curly wig.” Later, in November 2018, Jordan became Uncle Jordan.

Jordan Emmett-Connelly Height

Jordan Emmett-Connelly stands tall at a height above 5’11” inches. If one’s wondering how he is maintaining his physique, look no further than his Instagram. He is a runner and hiker. In 2017, he signed up for the Great North Run. He has been a member of All Trails since July 2021.

On his Strava profile, he stated, “Stupidly decided last minute to do the GNR, just realized how unfit I am… may the lord have mercy on my soul.”

Is Jordan Emmett-Connelly On Instagram?

Of course, he is. In fact, he is on various social media platforms such as Instagram (@jordanemmettconnelly), Facebook (@JJ33CC), and TikTok (@jordanemmettconnelly).

Jordan Emmett-Connelly Age

1993 is the year that marks the birth of Jordan Emmett-Connelly. He celebrated his 29th birthday in February 2022.

Jordan Emmett-Connelly Job

Jordan Emmett-Connelly currently has a job as an account manager at SaleCycle. He started his career at River Island working as a sales representative. After that, he started serving Ee as a collections representative. The job was followed by his next job at Smoothwall in the role of Corporate Sales Support Executive.

Later on, the company promoted him to the role of Corporate Business Development Executive. Moreover, he also worked as Business Development Manager at Visualsoft LTD.

Speaking of his academic qualifications, Jordan completed his GCSE at Hurworth Maths and Computing College. He then completed his A-levels from Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College. Moreover, he enrolled at Leeds Beckett University in 2011 and studied criminology. He graduated in 2014.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jordan Emmett-Connelly From?

Jordan Emmett-Connelly is currently based in Middlesbrough, England, United Kingdom. He calls Darlington, Co Durham his hometown.

  • When Is Jordan Emmett-Connelly Birthday?

Jordan Emmett-Connelly celebrates his birthday on 2 February.

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